George Johnson

George Johnson died at home at Keens today from the effects of 
a dose of poison administered by Dr. Branson of that village by 
mistake. Johnson had been sick for some time and went to Dr. Branson 
to get some medicine. The latter gave him a liberal dose of a colored 
fluid from a bottle which stood in his office, but the result was very 
different from what he expected and the patient instead of getting better 
grew rapidly worse and died a few hours later from the effects of the potion 
he had taken. The particulars of the unfortunate affair could not be learned. 
We are under obligations to Capt. F. W. Havill for the facts which we have related. 

February 15, 1898 Mt. Vernon Register News 
submitted by: Sharlet Bigham LaBarbera 
Jan 28, 1997  

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