John L. Fergerson
Called From Labors To His Long Rest

John L. Fergerson Joins The Hosts on the Other Side After 
Two Years of Suffering Due to Tuberculosis - Is Survived by Widow and Five 
Children - Funeral Monday 

John L. Fergerson, aged 71 on the 23rd of last June, was called to 
his final rest Saturday evening at 10:15, having suffered for two years with 
tuberculosis. His illness had been of such a nature that day by day his 
sufferings were so deep that those about him could almost see his strength taken 
from him. 

During his long illness Mr. Fergerson had an abiding faith in Him 
who doeth all things well. He never complained over his lot, realizing that 
complaint would not help him, but during all of the hours of his sickness he 
prayed for strength to help him bear the burden. He was a deeply religious man 
and when a young boy was converted and joined the Methodist church. He belonged 
to the West Salem church and that organization has lost one of its oldest and 
most faithful members. He was a licensed exhorter in the Methodist church. 

In his hours of illness he was comforted by the faithful 
ministrations of his beloved wife. Hour by hour, day by day, week by week, she 
sat by her companion, never exhibiting the slightest sign of weariness. Mrs. 
Fergerson's attention brought a sweet relief and comfort to her afflicted 
husband and often he would express himself just how deeply he felt her kind 
ministrations. The only child at home, Miss Minnie, also showed a devotion that 
was unusual and anything she could do to brighten a dark hour or lessen the pain 
that racked the body of her father she unhesitatingly put herself at his 

Mr. Fergerson was a man of a quiet nature. He did not crave the 
activity of public life, preferring to live his way without ostentation on the 
farm where his interests were centered. His pretty country home, "Inwood Farm," 
was where he centered his efforts and this is one of the prettiest places in the 

When a boy of eight years he came to Jefferson county with his 
father from Sumner county, Tn., where he was born, and the family settled on a 
farm three and one-half miles north of Mt. Vernon on the Centralia road. In 1859 
his father moved to the place where Mr. Fergerson spent the remainder of his 
days and where he raised his family. His wife was Miss Rose Moss, to whom he was 
married March 29, 1869. He is survived by Mrs. Fergerson and five children, as 
follows: Charles Fergerson, Miss Minnie Fergerson, Mrs. Flora Price, Mt. Vernon; 
Homer Fergerson, Alton, and Harmon Fergerson, Centralia. Two brothers, James N. 
and F.L. Fergerson, and four half-sisters, Mrs. Leona Mahaffy, Mrs. Fannie 
Deeds, Mrs. Carrie Scott, and Mrs. Maude Stuckey, are also among the surviving 

The funeral service was conducted at 2:30 this afternoon at the 
West Salem church. The service was in charge of Rev. William J. Hopper, the 
pastor, and the sermon was preached by Rev. C.C. Hall. The body was laid to rest 
in the West Salem cemetery. 

Mt. Vernon Newspaper - July 12, 1915
Submitted by Mary Jane Ohms 

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