Louis Edwards
Local Boy Killed By Train At Browns, Ill.

Members of the family here were shocked this morning to learn that 
Louis Edwards, 14 year old son of Wm. Edwards, had been killed by 
a train at Browns, Ill., about 5 o’clock.
The boy yesterday afternoon obtained consent of his aunt, 
Miss Cora Edwards, to accompany the driver of a bread truck to 
Alblon (?).  School  had closed for the day, and today being Saturday, 
the request of the boy was granted.
Details had not been learned of the death, the simple announcement 
being made that he had been killed by a train at Browns.
The boy is 14 years old, and a manly, bright little fellow, who had 
many friends, and for whom only kind words are spoken, coupled with 
deepest regrets for his untimely death.
The boy’s mother has been dead some time.
Arrangements were being made to have the body returned to Mt. Vernon 
as soon as possible.
Funeral services will be held Monday afternoon at 2 o’clock at the 
home, Green flats, on Main Street .

Source: Mt. Vernon Register News
Date: Sept 5, 1925
Submitted by Brenda Hereford and Nancy E. Davis 

Lewis Edwards Buried Sunday In Oakwood Cemetery Lewis Edwards, son of Wm. Edwards, who was accidentally killed at Browns Saturday morning, was buried at Oakwood Monday afternoon. Services were held at 2 o’clock at the Edwards home in the Green flats on Main street . It is stated that Lewis and Rex Gowler, were at Browns waiting for a train, and lay down near the track and went to sleep. Lewis was very near the track, and when the morning Southern passenger passed the noise of the train awoke him and he sat up, the boxing of a car striking and killing him. Source: Mt. Vernon Register News Date: Sept 8, 1925 Submitted by Brenda Hereford and Nancy E. Davis

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