Wm. H. Crosnoe

Popular Young Farmer Died At His Home Today 

Wm. H. Crosnoe died this morning at 9:30 o'clock 
at his home in McClellan township. 

He was stricken seriously Wednesday night and had been 
unconscious ever since. He had suffered an attack of 
summer influenza a short time ago , and had not regained 
his strength, and this is believed to have been in part, 
at least, the cause of his death, although he had been up 
and about, working as usual on his farm Wednesday all day. 

Mr. Crosnoe was 23 years old and is survived by his widow, 
who before his marriage was Miss Hilda Bodine, and a little 
son 10 months old; and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Crosnoe, 
and by a brother Lee Crosnoe of Decatur, a sister, Mrs. Lee 
Tannehill, of Chester, and a brother, Howard and sister, Helen, 
at home. 

He was a grandson of the late Joseph H. Crosnoe, in his day one 
of the best known and most highly respected farmers and businessmen 
in Jefferson county. 

He was graduated from the Mt. Vernon Township High School in the 
class of 1929 and later attended the Illinois State University 
some time. 

Deepest and universal regret is expressed at his death at such an 
early age, and many tributes are paid to his worth as a man, husband, 
and father and citizen. He was of the best type of man, conscientious, 
ambitious, industrious and progressive, and his loss is most deeply 
deplored. He left nothing undone to promote the happiness and welfare 
of his loved ones, and left the impression on the time in which he lived. 
Posessed of unusual natural ability, further increased by study and 
observation, had he lived, it is predicted he would have accomplished 
much of practical good to any locality in which he might live. 

Funeral services will be held at South Hickory Hill Sunday afternoon 
at 2:30 o'clock and burial will follow in the cemetery adjoining the church. 

July 15, 1933 
Mt. Vernon Register News 
Submitted by:Cherie Sheaffer 
March 2001


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