Joseph H. Crosno
Joseph H. Crosno, son of Reuben and Mary Crosnoe was born in 
Wolf Prairie, Jefferson county, Illinois on Nov. 16th, 1832. Died at his 
home in Bonnie March 14th,1919. Aged 86 years, 3 months, 28 days. 

On June 29, 1854, he was married to Miss Lorinda Howard, daughter of 
Charles and Jane Howard, who came to this county from Tennessee 
when she was a small child. To this union were born eleven children who all 
lived to maturity, three having afterward died, namely Peoria, wife of Oscar 
Duncan; Florida, wife of Lucius Johnston and Rose, wife of Herbert Smith. 
The living are; P.K. Crosno, Arthur, Ill.; Mrs. Jennie Davis, Mt.Vernon, Ill.; 
Mrs. Willie Marlow, Elk Prairie; Charles R. Crosno, Albuquerque, N. M.; 
R. H. Crosno, Bakersfield, Cal.; S. J. Crosno, Chaffee, Mo.; A. O. Crosno, 
Arthur, Ill.;and W. H. Crosno, McClellan township. The sixty-five years of married 
life of "Uncle Joe" and "Aunt Lorinda" as they are lovingly known to their many friends, 
was one of happiness except for the loss of their three daughters and other dear ones. 

When a small boy our subject moved with his parents to Elk Prairie where he grew to 
manhood, afterward raising his family on the same farm. He always took an active interest 
in public affairs and up to within a few months of his death kept well informed as to current 
events. Although not a church member, his deeds of unselfishness are known to all and there 
are many living who are ready to attest acts of kindness and benevolence received at his hand. 
During his sickness of the last two months he was uncomplaining and he remarked to members 
of his family that he was willing to die. He was ready to die that he was not afraid. He leaves 
to mourn his loss, an aged wife, eight children, twenty-six grand children and many friends who 
loved him. 

Funeral services were conducted by Rev. Leslie and the body was laid to rest in Hickory 
Hill cemetery in McClellan township. 

Source: Bible clipping 
Submitted by: Cherie Sheaffer 
Oct 4, 1997 



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