John R. Crosno
Accidental Gun Wound Fatal To John R. Crosno 

John R. Crosno, a native of Jefferson county, died Saturday 
at 9:15 p.m. at Salem Memorial Hospital, the victim of an
accidental gunshot wound. 

Mr. Crosno was the son of T. K. Crosno (P.K. Crosno) and 
Ann Dial Crosno, and was born September 21, 1886 in McClellan township. 
He was a retired C & EI trainman and a veteran of World War I. 

Mr. Crosno is survived by his wife, Artie, an adopted son, Bob of 
Terre Haute, Ind.; three stepsons; two brothers, Dial Crosno of 
Mt. Vernon and J.E. Crosno of Yucaipa, Calif.; two sisters, Miss 
Lora Crosno and Mrs. W. I. Coger of Hollywood, Calif., and numerous 
relatives and friends here. 

Funeral services will be conducted Tuesday at 10:00 a.m. at the 
McMackin Funeral Home in Salem, with burial at Tower Hill, Ill. 

The coroner's jury verdict was unanimous that death was caused by 
the discharge of his gun by a pet dog jumping on him as he was 
preparing to fire to drive birds away from the flowers at his Salem home. 

July 15, 1957 
Mt. Vernon Register News 
Submitted by Cherie Sheaffer 



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