Jacob Page Crooker

Jacob Page Crooker, Maj.
Union Army
July 3, 1841 - June 13, 1928
Taken in 1865

Unit:12 Tennessee Cavalry.
Rank - Induction: 1 Lieutenant
Rank - Discharge: Captain
Allegiance: Union

News of Death of Former
Well Known Citizen and
Old Veteran Received Here Today

A telegram was received today from O.C. Smith in charge of the
Old Soldier's Home at Quincy announcing that Major J. P. Crooker of Mt.
Vernon, had died there last night. 

This message stated that the body would arrive in Mt. Vernon
at 11.20 this evening and that the funeral would be held Saturday afternoon. 

The message request that the local G.A. R. post be informed of
the major's death. 

Major Crooker was for many years active in Masonic affairs. 
He held many Masonic offices in the different orders in Mt. Vernon
and was considered at one time as one of the leading authorities of the
state in some branches of the Masonic work. 

He was especially active for many years in the work of the R.A.M.
and the commandery. In the former order he was as well versed in some phases
of the Masonic ritual that his services were in great demand not only in
the local chapter, but throughout the state. 

Major Crooker in his day was one of the best know traveling men
in Southern Illinois: in fact his acquaintance covered much of the state
of Illinois. He represented large shoe houses in his day, and was a familiar
figure in Mt. Vernon in the many years he lived here. 

He was very outspoken in his views, was a man of strong prejudices
and of pronounced likes and dislikes. 

As a traveling salesman he was very successful, and will be remembered
by thousands of people in Southern Illinois. 

He was one of the best-known veterans of the Civil War in this
area and in his active life took great interest in everything pertaining
to the Grand Army of the Welfare of old soldiers and their dependents. 

He had a distinguished war record and loved to recall incidents
of the days of his active life as a soldier. 

Major Crooker often told of his capture of the late Senator Joe
C. Blackburn, a prominent Confederate leader. The capture was a matter
of much importance and Major Crooker was considerable fame as a result. 

General Blackburn following the achieved great prominence in
his native state, Kentucky, serving many years as congressman, and as United
States senator. Senator Blackburn was of the fire eating type, the type
common in the old south. 

Source: Funeral Card and Obituary
Submitted by: Deanna Higgs

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