Cansada Ellen Roberson Clinton

Cansada Ellen ROBERSON CLINTON was born October 10, 1862, daughter of 
John J. and Susan HODGE ROBERSON, just a short distance from here.  
Loosing her mother when young she really learned the hardships of life 
on a farm as the father was left with five other children the girls had 
to be housekeeper and caretaker of their only baby brother, Elmance.  
Years later the father married again.  To this union were born four 
children that Cansada helped care for.

December 29, 1897, she was united in marriage to David Edgar CLINTON, 
who today grieves the loss of his faithful wife and love mate.  This 
being a childless union, she was always a great hand to love her nieces 
and nephews.  So good to them, she sat many and many hours piecing quilt 
tops for them.  They will think many times of Aunt Cansada in the years 
to come as they unfold the quilts she made for us.  She was a hard worker 
and a good manager about her humble little home.  So glad and happy when 
her folks and friends would come.  A real cook, she would make you so 
welcome you hated to leave.  To know her was to completely trust her.  
As honest as days are long.  Although her and Eddie had been pals over 39 
years she was true to the last.  Such wonderful thoughts.  How Edd should 
cherish her memory.

Cansada was a great sufferer for years that she could hardly get through 
the winter.  Did not matter how fretful she got from sickness she remained 
a true companion and true to her risen Lord.  Near the age of 20 years she 
professed faith in Christ.  Later years she united with Rescue Free Baptist 
Church and remained a faithful member until death.  Always giving to the 
upkeep of said church.  I feel the life of such an honest upright woman will 
live on and on.  To the nieces and nephews that are not at piece with God.  
Make Aunt Cansada's God your God.  Live so as to be ready when the last call 
shall come to shake glad hands with auntie on the golden streets of heaven.

A few days ago she was stricken with flu and having a weak heart she never 
rallied from the doctor's shots, and passed away February 20, 1937 at her 
home near Ina, age 74 years, 4 months and 1 day, leaving poor old Edd all alone.

She leaves one sister, Trecie FOWLER, Herrin; two half sisters Cora THOMPSON, 
Benton, and Essa DARR, Ewing; one brother, Elmance ROBERSON, Ewing; one half 
brother, Roy ROBERSON, Ewing and 44 nieces and nephews and many other relatives 
and friends.

This closes the life of this good quiet woman here on earth.  But opens the 
gates of heaven where there is fifty miles of elbow room.  So weep not dear 
ones as those who have no hope.  So wonderful her funeral is so near her old 
home.  Her grave by the faithful father who was father and mother to her.  
Here where she has roamed over earth, hill and valley in childhood days.  
Happy is the thought this can be.
Cansada, we hate to leave you In the cold grave's embrace, But your memory will be cherished Till we meet you face to face. And poor old Eddie as he turns Toward that sad and lonely home, There to wait and wait and wait Thinking surely you will come. God above is all that can comfort As he strolls about the place, Thinking you will surely call him Or come near and show your face. Farewell - Viola SHAW
Source: The Ina Observer Date: February 20, 1937 Submitted by: Mary Zinzilieta

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