Peter Benjamin Casey
Peter B. Casey born in Jefferson County, Illinois Jan. 30, 1832 passed 
away from the scene of his earthly activity April 27, 1917.

He came to Reynolds County, Missouri in 1853 and was married to Ferby 
Ann Piles.  To this union 12 children were born 6 girls and 6 boys.  He 
had been a member of the Baptist Church for about 18 years.

Uncle Peter seemed to have possessed a self-confidence that rose 
superior to all fear and overcame all difficulties and yet a self confidence 
that was so far removed from egotism or self suthiency that he felt 
responsible to no man for his actions but to God only.  He was the first 
and only man at one election in this county that voted for Abraham 
Lincoln.  In political matters especially was his daring noticeable.  Deep 
down in his heart lay hid a deadly hatred for pride and monarchal rule.  
He was ever mindful of the poor and the lowly and would go miles to 
their relief.  In the passing out of Bro. Casey we lose an honest citizen.

At his funeral a large number marched almost as silent as death to the 
Price Cemetery where a sermon was delivered by the writer and I could 
almost hear upon the sorrowing winds the wait of those that wept when 
they had bade him adieu until the resurrection day.

J. C. O'Dell

Source: Ellington Press Newspaper, Reynolds County, Missouri
body = This information came from the State Historical Society out of 
the Ellington Press newspaper dated May 13, 1917.  (Newspaper on 

Submitted by Connie Stretch
Great-great Grandfather 

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