Noah Carpenter
People of Bellingham were extremely sad Sunday when it was 
learned that Grandpa Carpenter had passed away at the home 
of his grandson, Wm. Carpenter. Altho 90 years of age, yet 
Mr. Carpenter was hale and hearty and was down town nearly 
every day. He hardly knew what it was to be sick and when he 
celebrated his ninetieth birthday last April he said he expected to
live to be a hundred.

Noah Lee Carpenter, was born April 29, 1833, on a farm near Nashville, 
Tennessee. His mother was a second cousin of General Robert E. Lee. While 
a boy he attended the country public school. He was married in Jefferson County, 
Ill, while still young to Elizabeth Clink, and to this union five children were born. 
His wife died in 1916 and a daughter at the age of sixteen. Mr. Carpenter is survived 
by two sons: Sam Carpenter of Park Rapids, Minn., and Lem Carpenter of St. John, 
N.D. Also two daughters: Mrs. Kjonaas of Park Rapids, Minn., and Mrs. Carcott of 
Rolla, N.D. He had seventeen grandchildren and twenty-six great grandchildren. 

He was a very religious man and was converted at the age of 14 years and joined the 
Methodist church. He was always active in church work and was licensed as a local 
preacher and served in this capacity when occasion offered. 

He came to Bellingham in 1917 and has since made his home with his grandson, Wm. 
He always attended the Evangelical church here and he preached his last sermon in that 
church on his 90th birthday last April. 

Mr. Carpenter took sick with pneumonia about a week ago and seemed to recover, but 
his heart gave out and he passed away last Sunday morning. The funeral services were held 
Tuesday from the Evangelical Church. 

Thus another of the old pioneers has left us to join the great array of those who have gone before. 

*****Note from Martina***** 
Many of Noah's family, (father, mother, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles) 
lived in Jefferson County for many years. In 1850 Noah and his brothers and 
sisters lived in Marion County, next door to his mother and stepfather, Elisha 
and Temperance Carpenter Harmon. The Bryan, Elkins, Maxfield, Fields, and 
Harmon families, among others were all related to his family. It's possible that 
an obituary was printed in Jefferson County for Noah but I haven't checked yet. 
I don't know if there was a local newspaper then. 

Submitted By: Martina Carpenter 
Oct 4, 1997 
Source: Bellingham Times Bellingham, Minnesota

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