Charles Bryan
Charles BRYAN, 24, was drowned in the creek south of Mt. Vernon 
Sunday afternoon.  He was with his brother Jesse, their wives and 
another brother went to the creek bottoms to spend the day. 
About 4 o'clock in the afternoon the men decided to go into the water. 
A run was made for the creek and the men went in with their clothing on. 
They had been in but a few moments when Charles was heard to utter a 
cry and was seen to throw up his hands, then disappeared.  His brother 
Jesse went to his rescue, but could not get him out of the water.  The other 
brother also rendered assistance but could not get the drowning man from 
the water.  The ladies heard the noise and rushed to the scene. 
They screamed and jumped into the creek, and it was with the greatest effort 
that they were kept from drowning. 

The creek was bank full and was running fast.  The general opinion is that the 
drowned man took cramps and was helpless, while others are inclined to be- 
lieve he was caught in the brush.  The body was recovered about 5 o'clock 
and every effort known was made to bring him back.  Charles was a son of 
John Bryan who lives a short distance south of the city. 

May 25, 1908 Mt. Vernon Register News 
Submitted by: Sharlet Bigham LaBarbera
(Charley was my GG uncle & 3C3R) 

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