James Bond
James Bond’s Death Was Most Unexpected
Had Just Fired Shot Gun Into Flock of Wild Ducks 
When Son Saw Him Fall Dead When Assistance Reached Him

James Bond died Sunday about three o’clock just after he had fired his 
shot gun twice into a flock of wild ducks that had alighted on a pond 
on the farm where he lived about four miles northeast of the city. 

Mr. Bond has been indisposed and under the care of a physician for the 
past several months and his trouble was due to an affection of the 
heart.	(NOTE: as written).

He was told of the presence of the flock of ducks on the pond and 
going to the house, he procured his shot gun and carefully worked his way 
to the pond, dragging along on his stomach for some distance. When 
arrived in shooting distance, he fired a shot into the flock, killing a 
duck, and as the birds arose from the water, he fired the second shot, 
killing another.

At the crack of the second shot, a son who was a short distance away, 
saw his father fall over and he hastily rushed to his assistance, but 
when he reached his father, life was extinct.

The shock of the explosion may have so shaken him that his heart was 
too weak to stand it and gave way under the strain. Mr. Bond was born 
and raised in Farrington township and was one of the best men of that 
section of the county. He was a man whose word was never doubted and the 
community will suffer a loss by his untimely end.

Monday, November 16, 1914
Mt. Vernon Daily Register 
Submitted by  Lori Lisenby Leonard 
Relationship: GG Granddaughter

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