Highly Respected Old Citizen,
Who as a Youth Was Noted
for His Patriotism--
Funeral Tomorrow

William M. Beauford, one of Mt. Vernon's oldest and most highly 
respected citizens died at 3:45 o'clock yesterday afternoon at his home 
115 Casey Avenue.
  Funeral Services will be held at the home at 2 o'clock tomorrow 
afternoon conducted by the Rev. Cyrus Maulding and burial will follow at 
Mr. Beauford well known to the older and middleaged residents of Mt. Vernon 
and to many of the younger people.
He had for the past tweleve years been employed as night watchman for 
the Brooks Tomato Products company and notwithstanding his years was a 
faithful and efficent employee.
  He was of social dispostition and easily made and retained friends.  
He was a good citizen and recognized as such by all who knew him.  He 
loved his friends and always gave them a cherry greeting.
In the years of his active life he did much work as a plasterer and was 
employed in this capacity on many private residences and public 
buildings of Mt. Vernon.  He was a skilled workman conscientious and faithful 
and ever looked carefully to the interests of those who employed him.  
Perhaps no man in the history of Mt. Vernon did more in his line of 
work than he in the years in which he devoted to his trade.
  Mr. Beauford was also a butcher and worked sometimes at this trade.  
The same devotion to the interests of others that characterized his 
work as a plasterer was noted in his work as a butcher.
He was an honest and straightfoward in all his dealings and in the 
business world.  His word was as good as his bond and the many kind words 
heard regarding him attest the love in which he was held by those who 
knew him best.
  Mrs. Beauford who preceded him in death and who died April 13, 1928 
was long an invalid having been confined to her bed four years before 
his death.  And in the long years of her invalidism he gave her every 
care and attention possible.
  Mr. Beauford is survived by the following childern;  George Beauford 
of West Frankfort, Ralph Beauford of Mt. Vernon; Noah Beauford Villa 
Grove, and Mr.Wm. Rainey Benton.  A number of grandchildern and great 
grandchildern survive.
Mr. Beauford was a man of pronounced views and his youth when little 
more than a mere boy although a resident of a southern state, where he 
was born and surrounded by all the traditions of the south he opposed the 
seperation of the states and refused to join the Confederate army.  He 
was but 15 years old and while old enough to enlist in the Confederate 
army.  He was not old enough to enlist in the Union army, so he 
attached himself to Sherman's forces to avoid service with the Confederacy he 
marched to sea with Sherman.  He was a man of strong convictions of 
right and wrong.
  The Register-News of November 29, 1927 contained the following 
regarding the long married life of Mr. and Mrs. Beauford.  Mr. and Mrs. Wm. 
Beauford 115 Casey Ave. are among the old married couples of Jefferson 
County worthy of special mention.  If they live untill December 10 of 
this year they will complete fifty six years as husband and wife.
They were married in Dahlgren, Dec 10,1871 and prior to her marriage 
Mrs. Beauford was Miss Frances Caroline Harris.  Mr. Beauford remembers 
only one person now living who was present at their wedding.  Mrs. 
Hardie Karns of Dahlgren.
  Mr. Beauford was born near Salem, Alabama May 24, 1845 and Mrs. 
Beauford was born in Davidson County, Ten.  October 11, 1853.  With the 
exception of four years lived in Georgia they have lived in Mt. Vernon ever 
since 1865.
Mr. Beauford is of French parentage and his forefathers were born in 
  Although of Southern birth, Mr. Beauford did not favor the Union and 
while too young to join the Northern Army, but young enough to join the 
Confederate army he allied himself with the Union forces and marched 
from Rome, Georgia with the Union army under Sherman in the famous March 
to the Sea.  He was but 15 years old at the time.  He could not enlist 
in the Union army enlistment age being 18 but he was permitted to 
attach himself to the army.

October 29, 1928
Source: Mt. Vernon Register News  
Submitted by: Angela Wright
Relationship: gr-gr-gr-gr-grandfather

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