Ignatius Atchison
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BORN ON HISTORICAL FARM, DIES FRIDAY......Belle Rive, IL, August 27 - 
Ignatius ATCHISON, born and raised in Jefferson County, died shortly after 
noon yesterday at the home of his brother Gaston ATCHISON, near here of 
tuberculosis, with which he had been a sufferer sometime.  He had been at 
the home of his brother about 3 months, his condition being regarded as 
serious during this time.  Mr. ATCHISON had just completed his 63rd year, 
his birthday having occurred the day before his death.  For some years he 
had spent considerable time at Mill Creek.  Mr. ATCHISON was a member of 
the Odd Fellows and Masons, holding membership in the lodges of there 
orders here.  Funeral services and burial had at Ham's Grove this 
afternoon.  Funeral services were conducted by the Rev. Byrd GREEN.

Mr. ATCHISON is survived by his wife and one brother Gaston ATCHISON.  He 
was born and raised on a historical spot in Jefferson County. The farm of 
his father Ignatius ATCHISON was the place where the two little HARVEY 
children landed in __________ balloon they boarded at the __________ their 
parents near Dix.  The _____________ landed in a big tree near 
M___________ son's barn, and after remaining __________ balloon all night 
they were t__________ __________ ly from their perilous position 
__________ the next morning.  The balloon __________ been making 
exhibition ascen_____ ____ state fair, held that year at __________.  The 
children were unharmed __________ though naturally much __________ their 
unexpected trip through __________ .  They were returned to their 
__________ at once.  The tree where the __________ died, or was out 
__________ ago, but it is said __________ still stands and __________ spot 
__________ is not much __________ more than __________.  This __________!
Jefferson __________.

Source: Mt. Vernon, IL Register News
Date: Saturday, August 27, 1921
Submitted by: Mary Zinzilieta 

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