Sarah Jane Arnett

Mrs. Geo. Arnett
Died Early Today;
Be Buried Sunday

Mrs. Sarah Jane Arnett, wife of George E. Arnett of Field township died at the 
family home this morning at 8:40 o'clock after a lingering illness. Mrs. Arnett 
was 40 years old.

Mrs. Arnett is survived by her husband and four sons' as follows: Phil, Sanford, 
Junior and Harry.

Her parents Mrs. and Mrs. Tom Hayes and three half sisters and two brothers survive. 
The half sisters are Mrs. Cora Conners, Mrs. Maude Allen, Mt. Vernon; and 
Mrs. George White, Chicago; and the brothers are Fred and Carrell Hayes, Mt. Vernon.

She was a member of the Hopewell church and a true Christian and had many friends, 
all of whom held her in the highest respect and esteem. Funeral services will be 
held Sunday at Hopewell Church at 2 O'clock pm and burial will follow in the cemetery nearby.

Date: 3-19-1933
Source: Mount Vernon Register News 
Submitted by: Kiowana Hayes Ferguson

Sarah Jane Arnett is buried at Pleasant Grove Cemetery.  
She is listed under the name of Trulia Jane Arnett.  
When Martha Foster was working on her information several 
years ago, she was talking to Don Dalby and he located the 
unmarked grave for her. She questioned his information and 
he told her that he had helped dig the grave. (Ken Richardson)

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