John Robinson Allen
John Robinson ALLEN, aged 66 years, died suddenly at his home five miles north 
of this city a few moments before 11 o'clock Monday morning, and the cause of 
death was given as cerebral hemorrage.  

Mr. ALLEN had been out to the new reservoir to row a boat across, and completing 
the task, had gone into the house to rest. He had just seated himself by the fire 
and remarked "it was had work pulling the boat across the pond", and just as he 
finished talking, he fell from his chair unconscious. Medical attention was called 
but he was beyond the power of all earthly skill and soon after the attack, expired.

Mr. ALLEN, who was commonly called "Jack", was one of Jefferson County's best men, and 
his standing among his fellowmen was the best, as it was his policy to treat all men as 
he would want to be treated. He was one of the brave soldiers of the Civil War and was 
a member of the 110th Illinois.  His health has not been good of late and he had experienced 
two light paralytic strokes. The funeral arrangements have not yet been made.

(There are some who say his name is John Robert Allen, but the death register and this 
obituary has John Robinson Allen.)

Source: Mt. Vernon, IL The Daily Register
Date: Monday, January 21, 1907
Submitted by: Mary Zinzilieta

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