ALLEN Obituaries in the file at Brehm Library, Jefferson Co., IL Submitted By: Mary Zinzilieta

Albert ALLEN, d. 21 Sep 1951, age 66; f. John Rhodam ALLEN; m. Sarah Maxey

C. J. ALLEN, died 16 Apr 1931, age 76

Charles B. ALLEN, Jr., died 06 Jul 1972; sp. Emma; f. Bert ALLEN 

Charles O. ALLEN, died 25 Mar 1957; f. William P. ALLEN; m. Elnora MAYFIELD 

Clara ALLEN, died 30 Apr 1981; f. Richard ALLEN; m. Ann KELLER

Dora ALLEN, died 04 Aug 1939; sp. W. L. ALLEN; f. L. S. ALLEN; m. Catherine JOHNSON

Fred E. ALLEN, died 17 Dec 1961; f. Thomas ALLEN; m. Isabelle HARPER

George ALLEN, died 20 Aug 1962; f. Thomas ALLEN; m. Missouri HARPER

Harry Franklin ALLEN, died 04 Mar 1952; f. William P. ALLEN; m. Elnora MAYFIELD

Henry Stanton ALLEN, died 26 Nov 1963; f. James ALLEN; m. Mary MARTIN

Isabel ALLEN, died 30 Nov 1961; sp. Eli W. ALLEN

Isabelle ALLEN, died 12 Sep 1932; sp. John ALLEN

J. H. ALLEN, died 04 Apr 1939; f. RJDW ALLEN (Robert Joel Dryden Wilson ALLEN)

J. W. ALLEN, died 09 Mar 1888; sp. (1) Lucinda (2) Sarah OWENS

John F. ALLEN, died 29 Jun 1954; f. RJDW ALLEN; m. Elzirah SMITH

Lymon P. ALLEN, born 13 Aug 1867; died 01 Dec 1955; sp. Nora GUTHRIE; 
f. Lerner B. ALLEN; m. Elizabeth PACE

Mary C. ALLEN, died 09 Jan 1941; sp. William S. ALLEN

Richard ALLEN, born 11 Mar 1870; died 05 Jan 1956; f. Charles Richard ALLEN; m. Margaret Jane KIRK

Samuel J. ALLEN, died 31 Dec 1970; f. Robert Nelson ALLEN; m. Sarah DRENNAN

Sarah Elizabeth ALLEN, died 08 May 1951; sp. A. W. (Ard) ALLEN; f. __________ Pierce 

(This is not an all inclusive list.)

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