Albert Allen
ALBERT ALLEN of Mt. Vernon Dies in Italy

An Associated Press dispatch from Milan, Italy, today reported the death of Albert ALLEN 
of Mt. Vernon, in a Milan Hotel room yesterday. He was 66 years of age.  
Mr. ALLEN, member of a pioneer Jefferson County family, sailed from New York on August 11 
on the French liner Isle DeFrance for a tour of Europe. He had been in failing health for 
some time and his friends and physicians advised against the trip. Death was due to a heart 
attack, the AP  reported. Mr. ALLEN had been in Europe several times and had made two trips 
around the world.

At 11 a.m. today, his nearest surviving relative, a nephew, Charles W. HALL, Jr., of DuQuoin 
had not been notified of his uncle's death. However, on the basis of the Associated Press report, 
he ordered steps started to bring the body back to Mt. Vernon.

Mr. ALLEN spent much of his time in traveling and lived in Florida during the winters. He 
maintained a home in Mt. Vernon at 423 North Tenth Street. Last year he sold the Allen family 
homestead at 12th and Broadway and the 75 year old brick building there was wrecked and a parking 
lot now is on the site.

Mr. ALLEN was born in Mt. Vernon, the son of John Rhodam and Sarah (MAXEY) ALLEN. Both his father 
and mother were descendants of some of the county's earliest settlers. Two older brothers, 
Herbert and George H., and a sister, Mrs. Alice HALL, wife of the late Dr. Charles W. HALL of 
Mt. Vernon, preceded him in death.   

His father fought with the Northern Army during the Civil War, marching with Sherman to the sea.  
At the close of the war he returned to Mt. Vernon and entered business. He had interests in four 
milling, the Mt. Vernon Car Manufacturing Company, banking and headed the town's first ice company.  
The ALLENs first came to Jefferson County in 1819 when Rhodam Allen imigrated from Tennessee.  
He was the great-great-grandfather of Albert ALLEN.

For many years Albert ALLEN was active in business in Mt. Vernon. At the time of his death he 
was a director of the Mt. Vernon Loan and Building Association.

Source: Mt. Vernon Register-News
Date: Saturday, September 22, 1951
Submitted by: Mary Zinzilieta

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