Jefferson County

Jefferson County

Civil War Service Records


May 28, 1932

During the year including May 30, 1931 through May 30, 1932 the following Civil War Veterans 
passed away:

Wm. H. Beal who died on September 04, 1931 in the Soldier's home at Quincy.

Thomas Abram Redburn who died on December 16, 1931 of Bluford.

Lewis Jared who died on February 2, 1932 of Bluford.

James Monroe Miles who died on April 23, 1932 of Mt. Vernon.

In Jefferson County, fourteen other Civil War Veterans survive as follows:  

Thomas Williamson and John Leeck of Belle Rive; George W. Darnell and William T. Frazier of Ina; 
Chris M. Waring, Sr. of Old Spring Garden; John Norman of Bluford; L. K. Laird of Dix; 
Captain F. L. Ferguson, Syl Foster, E. M. Walker, George Libby, Robert Fuller, David N. Owen, and 
Abram T. Scott all of Mt. Vernon.

May 29, 1936

Captain F. L. Ferguson died on December 15, 1935 in his 93rd year.

May 29, 1937

The annual old soldiers' Illinois encampment was held in Decatur and the total number of veterans 
was thirty-five.

During this year Elbert M. Walker, W. K. Stiver, Thomas Williamson, Chris Waring, and George W. 
Darnell all passed away leaving only two Civil War Veterans surviving.

January 3, 1938

Confederate Veteran James William Glover died on January 3, 1938 and was 97 years of age.  He had 
served under General Morgan and General Price.  

He was born on August 18, 1840 in Hannibal, Missouri, married Jane Smith who preceded him in death, 
and was survived by two sons, Charles M. Glover and J. A. Glover.

May 28, 1938

Robert Fuller, whose home was at 812 North Fourth Street passed away on August 8, 1937 leaving 
only Sylvanus Foster as the last surviving Civil War Veteran.

Sylvanus V. Foster enlisted as a fifer at the age of 13 in the Union Army.  

As he sat in his porch swing he on May 27, 1938, he told of seeing Abraham Lincoln in the battle 
of Fort Stevens near Washington D.C. on July 11 and 12, 1864.  This battle lasted two days and two 

Mr. Foster was born on February 13, 1850 near Lima, Ohio, the son of David H. and Elizabeth Foster.

He served in the Company D of the 151st Infantry, Ohio Volunteers.  After serving three months, 
he came with his parents to Illinois in October 1864.  The family first settled near Grayville.  
Mr. Foster then married Matilda R. Davis and moved to Clay City.  After living there for 18 years, 
they then moved to Mt. Vernon on March 8, 1887.

Sylvanus married three more times to Eliza Haney, Nancy Caroline Terry, and Eva W. Williams.


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