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Revoluntionary War Pension Application

Following is the text of  the handwritten request by Peter Owen for a Pension for his 
service in the Rev. War. Dated: Dec 3, 1833 in Henry County, Tenn. Claim # R.7845. 

Request was denied since he didn't serve six months.
On this day of  Dec 3, 1833, personally appeared in open court, before the Circuit Court 
of Henry County now sitting, Peter Owen, a resident of Paris?, in the County of Henry State 
of Tenn., aged 68 years, what being first duly sworn according to law, does of his oath make 
the following declaration, in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress 
passed June 7, 1832.
That he entered the service of the United States under the following officers, and served as 
herein stated. In the month of May 1781 he became a substitute for Benjamin Taylor, of 
Lunenburg, Virginia, who was drafted to serve a two month tour in the militia - the Captain 
was named William Hays, the Lt. Richard Hays, and the Colonel's name was Nelson, but can not 
be certain. That he was immediately marched with the company to xxxxxx at Prince Edward Court 
House. After staying there some ten or twelve days, the Company marched along with a large 
number of troops to their quarters, but he cannot recollect at what place their quarters were. 
At Headquarters he recollects General Wayne with 600 riflemen and Mxxxx Lafayette and General 
Nelson and General Lxxxxxx who was the Militia General, who commanded the Brigade or Division 
to which he was attached. He recollects hearing among the men that the army, when collected 
at the --------------------------. 

He recollects the ------ often marched from Headquarters through Virginia in pursuit of 
Recollects this army crossing a river in boats - recollects that during the month of the 
4th of July, the troops were formed up in Brigades - in the first place, 14 pounders were 
fired as a signal for the men to prepare for the celebration of the day - the men were 
accordingly drawn up in Brigades as above stated - with a 40 pounder in the right and left 
of each Brigade, the firing commenced always on the right of each Brigade, the discharge 
of the 40 pounder on the right first took place - then the musquentry running from 
right to left and then the 40 pounder on the left and on. The Marquiet Lafayette rode 
through the ranks with his hat off during the celebration, accompanied by a few officers 
on horseback - 
recollects the Walnut trees in front that he occasionally retired to from the burning sun - 
Recollects that during the march two officers had a quarrel, which they settled by a duel 
with Pistols; and one of them was badly wounded in the breast. 
He recollects that towards the close of his two months it became that general talk in the 
army that there was more men embodied than there was any use for, that they was runing the 
government to an unnecessary expense - a few days perhaps a week before his term of two 
months expired, a proclamation was issued informing the men that any that chose to enlist 
in what was called the Virginia State Legion, had liberty to choose -  
the conditions of  service in which Legion were, that the men were considered as Minute Men and 
were permitted to go home ----- attend their officers at the nearest of ten Legions whenever 
orderd by their officers - the term for which they enlisted, in the corps was three years - 
and they were bound not to leave the state during that time. Capt. Hays, the Captain under whom 
he entered the service, became the officer in the State Legion, and implored as many of his men 
as thought proper, to enlist under him in the new corps. 
He (applicant) was one of the first that turned out and receive half of the bounty - 
seven dollars, and took a promise for the other seven, which was never paid. 

Recollects three of his --------- Virginia William Hinton, Mathew Hubbard and Rice Wuller - 
all from his own neighborhood in Lunenburg County (where the applicant should have sooner stated, 
that he was born and always lived --------- entering the Service) - a great many enlisted at the 
same time in the new corps and returned home - afterwards they were occasionally called out to 
exercise for 3 or 4 days at a time. Sometimes early  a week. This applicant was  reportedly called 
out to the rendevous in Lunenburg County and stayed until peace was proclaimed, after which the 
officers became more ------- and called the men more seldom to the rendevous to exercise. He was 
never discharged from the service. After the conclusion of  the peace some little time, Capt. 
Hays and his brother Lt. Hays ceased to call on the men of  the corps, or that company seemed 
to die away without any formal  -------------- or discharge. 

This applicant cannot recollect how long he belonged to the State Legion. He is sure however in 
saying that the belonged to it one year and a half commencing in July 1781. He was never in any 
engagement that he has no documentary evidence of his service and that the only person that he 
now knows whose testimony he can procure, who can testify to his service, is Mary Morgan, 
the widow of Peter Morgan deceased - who has lived during the Revolutionary War at the same house 
with this applicant and now lives in Hickman County, Tenn. and to whose evidence annexed hereto to 
be referred. 
He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuety except the present and 
declares that his name is not on the Pension role of any state. 
Sworn to and subscribed to in open court.
   James Jones    Peter Owen
We, Samuel Mcgregor?, a clergyman residing in the County of Henry, State of Tenn and Samuel 
Hawkins residing in the same county and state hereby certify that we are acquainted with 
Peter Owen who has subscribed and sworn to the above declaration; that we believe him to 
be sixty-eight years old; that he is refuted and believed in the neighborhood where he resides, 
to have been a soldier of the Revolution and that we concur with that opinion. 

Sworn to and subscribed to in open court. 
December 1833.
 James Jones   Samuel McGowich and Samuel Hawkins
1. When and in which year were you born?  Ans. In Lunenbough County, Virginia - and suppose 
   in 1765, as from the account I have kept, I am upwards of 68 years old.
2. Have you any record of your age, and if so, where is it?  Ans. I had a record, but left 
   it at Ben Taylors in Lunenburg County, Virginia.
3. Where were you living when called into service? Where have you lived since the 
   Revolutionary War and where do you now live?  Ans. In Lunenburg County, Virginia as above 
   stated. From there I moved to Orange County, NC and lived near Hillsborough 7 years 
   (NOTE: near Durham, NC). From there to Briscomb County ----on french broad river. From there 
   to Logan County, KY where I lived 10 or 11 years. From there to Illinois, on Cash River, 
   where I lived about 15 years. From there back to Logan County, KY (note: west of  Bowling Green). 
   Then to Williamson County, TN, where I stayed 2 years. Then to Maury County, TN 
   (note: west of Columbia) where I stayed 11 years. Then to Henry County, TN, (note: near Paris) 
   where I have resided for the last 10 years.
4. How were you called into service; were you drafted, did you volunteer, or were you a 
   substitute? And if a substitute, for whom? Ans. I was a substitute for Benjamin Taylor 
   as above stated, in the first instance and I then enlisted in the State Legion of Virginia.
5. State the names of some of the regiment officers who were with the troops where you 
   served; such Continental and Militia Regiments as you can recollect, and the general 
   circumstances of your service. Ans. Never knew the names or numbers of any of the Regiments 
   of the Regular Army that he was with. As above stated, he recollects well the Marq. Lafayette - 
   General Wayne of his ---- Riflemen - General Nelson and General Lawson. The general circumstances 
   of the service I have already detailed as far as I can recollect.
6. Did you ever receive a discharge from the service and if so, by whom was it given and 
   what has become of it? Ans. I did not, as above stated. 
7. State the names of persons to whom you are known in your present neighborhood and who 
   can testify as to character for --------- and their belief of your service as a soldier 
   of the Revolution. 
   Ans. I will name the home of -------, James Jones, -----Porter, John Dunlap, T. Cooney, 
   Samuel Mclyowin and in fact all the old settlers of this county.
Sworn and subscribed in open court 
3 Dec 1833. James Jones Clerk of Circuit Court of Henry County, TN.
   Peter Owens

Transcribed and Submitted By: Cliff Karch


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