Mt Vernon Paper  5-22-1956


Mr and Mrs. John ELDRIDGE of Opdyke announce the marriage of their 
youngest daughter, Ava to Paul FRAILEY,  son of Mr and Mrs Guy FRAILEY 
of Belle RIVE

The wedding took place last Thursday Aug 22 at 6 pm at the home of 
Rev. Paul HUGHEY, who preformed the ceremony.

Mrs ELDRIDGE  mother of the Bride and MRS FRAILEY mother of the Groom 
were their only attendents.

After the ceremony a supper was served at the home of the  grooms parents, 
to members of the immediate families and Rev. and Mrs. Paul HUGHEY and son.

The couple are residing at the home of the grooms parents for the present.

M. L. PAGE of Ewing and Mrs. Victoria RUEFFER of Mt Vernon were married at the parsinage of Rev. Rosier SPURLOCK near Spring Garden, Wednesday at 4 pm. They were accompanied by Mr and Mrs. John BLACKWELL of Ewing. THIS IS MATTHEW PAGE
INA PAPER October 1948 In a wedding ceremony at the home of Rev. Marsh HARPOOLE in Mt. Vernon, Rev. HARPOOLE was the officiating minister at 7:30 pm on Monday Evening when Melvin GLASCO took as his bride Miss Chesta EUBANKS Mrs. Glasco is the son of Mr and Mrs. Perry GLASCO of Ina. he is a Vet of the last war, having served in the US Navy Mrs GLASCO is the daughter of Oma EUBANKS of Bonnie and is a highly respect young lady of the community Mr and Mrs GLASCO are making their home with the grooms parents in Ina. (FATHER OF THE BRIDE IS CLYDE EUBANKS) Clyde s/o John Staton EUBANKS and Ethel COOK
INA PAPER May 21, 1948 Beautiful in it's simplicity was the marriage of Mrs Effie STAFFORD and Amos SPURLOCK which took place Friday evening at 7 o/clock at the home of the Bride in Ina, with Rev. Rosier SPURLOCK officiating The bride was lovely in a dress of aqua crepe. Spring flowers appointed the rooms and the table from which the bride's cake and punch were served. The bride's attendant was her neice Mrs. Byford BALTZELL and Miss Jean Ann MANNEN The groom's son was his only attendant Mr and Mrs SPURLOCK will be at home to their friends in Mt Vernon after June 1.
Mt. Vernon IL Register - October 8, 1884 Submitted By: Mary Zinzilieta Rome Items - Elias SMITH, a youth of 90 years, was united in holy matrimony with Mrs. Elizabeth KELLEY, a lady of only 70 years. The second evening after they were united, they danced to the music of bells, tin pans, and cow's horn, interspersed with the report of the shot-gun. (Jefferson County, IL Marriage Records by Justice give this marriage.) Elias SMITH b. 1800, married 4 times f. Louis SMITH m. Sarah LEE Mrs. Elizabeth KELLEY b. 1817, married 5 times f. Henry GORLY m. _________ OGLESBY
The Daily Register - Mt. Vernon, IL Saturday, August 31, 1907 Miss Stella McFATRIDGE, formerly a resident of this city, was married at the home of her aunt, Mrs. W. H. CARTER, in Fairfield Wednesday, August 28, to Harry P. WEBB, assistant cashier in the Ewing bank. The groom is a nephew of R. L. and A. D. WEBB of this city.
Mt. Vernon IL Register - November 26, 1884 Submitted By: Mary Zinzilieta Crystal Wedding Chimes - On Monday last the REGISTER man was accosted with "Are you going to the wedding to-night?" He looked confused and said "No, where?" Why at Abe Casey's out at Pleasant Grove, of course. "Hav'nt you ..." The balance except the particulars we'll tell you some other time, but the REGISTER man "took the cake" all 'ee same. About one hundred persons old and young were assembled at the old "Uncle Tommy" Mansion and the occasion was the Crystal Wedding of A. T. Casey and Laura E. Casey. The hospitable couple with their amiable daughters Effie and Winnie and son Eddie all about "grown-up," were honored with the presence of many of their friends and relatives, who until a late hour in the evening mingled together in a happy re-union of conversation, song and congratulations. An appropriate repast was served and "all went merry as a marriage bell." It is a long time since we had the pleasure of mingling with so many persons of such widely divergent characteristics, ages and history. Jollie "Uncle Jick" Maxey, now over 70, with his impulsive good humor, and old time hunting and other stories --- his good wife "Aunt Polly," with her smiling face, have lived to see Jefferson county grow up from a wilderness where the pioneer would climb to the roof of his cabin and drop corn to the good old sow below to keep her near by, while bruin crouched in the brush only a few rods away waiting for an opportunity to pounce upon her, and another member of the family run to a neighbor's for a trusty rifle to bring protection and relief, to a bright land of numerous happy homes, and of churches, school houses, railroads and all the modern improvements. How queer it seems that only a few years ago "Unlce Tommy" and Aunt Harriet Casey, both now gone to the long resting place, should have scraped the snow away on a spot only a few rods from the house where their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren with their friends are now so happily enjoying the good things of life, and built their rude hut of rails, plastered and carpeted with dry prairie grass, and over the hole cut in one side hung the dried deer-skin for a door, than which none in the land has been more hospitable. And here, in these later days their children and their children's children keep step with the march of Time, and all who come in or go out are impressed with the fact that in the training of those who grew up around them, those sturdy pioneers did their work well. We had the pleasure of meeting, among many others, Mr. Joseph MOSSER, the venerable father of the hostess, who has lived to see built the first railroad in Pennsylvania and in Illinois, who made political speeches in the former state away back in the thirties, when the Anti-Masonic ticket was run in the Presidential race. Also, his genial son, J. Ritner MOSSER, for twenty years the successful publisher of the Decatur Republican. Of course, he is a warm Republican and claims to have done his full share in electing "Uncle Dick."Esq. Clint CASEY with his good wife, who has a kindly smile for all, were present; also our Esquire CASEY, wife and daughter, Birdie; and Mrs. O. O. PETTIT and J. B. WARREN , of Mt. Vernon; Miss Addie MOSS, of Shiloh, who is teaching school at Pleasant Grove, and who, by the way, seemed to be about the most popular young lady in the assemblage. The presents to the happy couple Mr. and Mrs. CASEY were numerous and practical as well as very pretty. We believe the following represents the list, with the donors: Pair bread plates, Mr. and Mrs. Mart ARMOUR; molasses pitcher, Miss Hattie BUCK; shaving mug, C. M. CASEY; molasses pitcher, Miss Emma PETTIT and Mrs. E. Weir; pickle and preserve dish, Mrs. G. W. SMITH; pitcher ewer mug, 1/2 dozen butter plates, soup dish and pair of scissors, Joseph MOSSER, accompanied by a short poem; cake stand, Mrs. Jane ARMOUR; china cup and saucer, Mrs. Ella GALBRAITH; pair vases, Mr. and Mrs. W. Barg CASEY; butter dish, John FYKE; vase, Miss Birdie CASEY; pair vases, Mrs. John WILLIS; pair handkerchiefs and collar, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. M. CASEY; glass fruit dish, W. J. HICKS; pair vases, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. PETTIT and Miss Addie MOSS; dress pattern, Mrs. Jick MAXEY; handkerchief basket, Mrs. J. N. PETTIT; bouquet natural flowers, Mrs. Clint CASEY; breakfast, dinner and tea set, 124 pieces, J. R. MOSSER, Mr. and Mrs. A. S. ROBINSON, and Master Artie Mosser ROBINSON; cup, J. N. PETTIE; pkg. popcorn, Master Charlie PETTIT; Mrs. CASEY's S. S. Class presented a silver castor and also contributed hansomely to the delicious supper; Eddie CASEY presented a handsome hanging lamp.



R. L. Yearwood and Miss Mary Bruns Joined in Matrimony- Principals Are Well Known

At 8 o'clock Saturday evening Ralph L. Yearwood and Miss Mary Bruns were married by Squire W. W. Price at his office. They were accompanied by only a small cotreie of friends who witnessed the performance. The young folks have been telling their aquaintances for some time past that they expected to get married soon, but it was generally considered that they were just joking, but they made good their talk and are now in the midst of the responsibilities of married life. Mr. Yearwood is in the employ of the Register and has charge of the typesetting machine. He has been one of the force for a good many years and is looked upon as one of the fixtures. Mrs. Yearwood is the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Andy Bruns. For several years she has resided in the city, at the home of her uncle, John Collins. The young folks start on their life journey with the good wishes of their numerous friends and aquaintances. Mt. Vernon Register January 30, 1911 Submitted by: Sharlet Bigham LaBarbera Sept 18, 1997

Marriage licenses were issused Wednesday afternoon to Joel H. Ham and Susan A. Emmons, both of Dodds township; Percy A. Harris, of Venedy and Lillian Stonemetz, of Opdyke; 
Thos. A. Clark, of Farrington and Dora Smith of Shiloh.

December 1, 1899 Mt. Vernon Register News Submitted by: Sharlet Bigham LaBarbera Oct 22, 1997 

A marriage license was issued yesterday to afternoon to Lincoln H. Hapner of Ossawattomie, Kan. and Mrs. Martha J. Maxedon, of Sullivan, Ill. They were married last evening by Rev. J. F. Harmon and will become residents of Mt. Vernon.

October 18, 1898 Mt. Vernon Register News Submitted by: Sharlet Bigham LaBarbera June 4, 1998 

Charles Nigh and Miss Edna Pearl Rutherford were quietly married by Pastor J. F. Harmon in the study of the First M. E. church at 9:45 last night in the presence of a few intimate friends. The groom is the Adams Express messenger on the Jacksonville & St. Louis between this city and Jacksonville, and is a young gentleman of high charcater and of great personal popularity among his associates. His home is in Newton,Ill., but having been a resident of Mt. Vernon for several years this city has a stronger claim upon him than the place of birth. The bride is the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Rutherford and is a very handsome and attractive young lady. Devoid of ostentation as their wedding was, no less was their manner of going to housekeeping, and immediately after their marriage, they repaired to their home, in the Tabb property at 207 West Broadway, which had been nicely furnished for their reception. The REGISTER presents its congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Nigh and wishes them a long life of prosperity and happiness.

April 27, 1898 Mt. Vernon Register News

Marriage Licenses P. W. Pilson, 26 Snow Flake, IL Julia Bumpus, 21 Spring Garden E. A. Merriman, 23 McClellan Edna Taylor, 18 Elk Prairie W. L. Gay, 21 Belle Rive Lillian G. Clark, 19 Mt. Vernon Raymond P. Hay, 21 Mt. Vernon Lena Hall, 21 Dahlgren Geo. Missinger, 40 Buffalo, N. Y. Martha Mosley, 33 Buffalo, N. Y. Xavier Hertenstein, 30 Mt. Vernon Oleana L. Shellbase, 30 Mt. Vernon Arthur Highsmith, 21 Mt. Vernon Linnie Collins, 18 Pendleton January 31, 1912 Mt. Vernon Register News Submitted by: Sharlet Bigham LaBarbera Oct 15, 1997
A marriage license was issued today to James A. Bingham, of Goodland, Ind. and Mary K. Redburn, of Casner township. The wedding will take place at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Linders, two miles north of Woodlawn, this evening, Squire Spangler tying the nupital knot. February 13, 1899 Mt. Vernon Register News Submitted by: Sharlet Bigham LaBarbera Oct 15, 1997
MARRIAGE RECORDS James Monroe Cash and Chloe Ridgeway Nov. 7, 1838 William Francis Malone and Jemima Ann Robinson Dec. 3, 1850 William Wells Jr. and Lucy Farthing Feb.14, 1838 submitted by: Mark Terry Dec 1, 1997 
BROOKS & CHANDLER MARRIAGES Jefferson Co. IL NAME NAME DATE VOL. PG. Brooks, A.C.            Gillhous, Ora A.        10-22-1897      12 236 Brooks, Alfred          Woods, Rebecca          Nov. 22, 1897 Brooks, Catherine       Grant, James            Oct. 10, 1867 Brooks, Clara K         Harper, Charles H       June 22, 1878 Brooks, Edith           Maulding, Ramon         Nov. 30, 1881 Brooks, Elbridge G      Rotrammel, Missouri     June 1, 1868 Brooks, Elizabeth       Wade, Alfred            May 1, 1881 Brooks, Emma            Pace, Alonzo J          Dec. 8, 1891 Brooks, George W        Cram, Effie             June 8, 1882 Brooks, George W        Reed, Emily             Nov. 24, 1862 Brooks, Howell M        Davenport, Alice A      Oct. 14, 1880 Brooks, Isaac B         Troxtel, M. E.          Dec. 7, 1881 Brooks, James H         Woodworth, Almira       Sept. 1, 1867 Brooks, Jeremiah V      Rotrand, Frances A      Oct. 10, 1861 Brooks, Jeremiah V      Ellis, Marjorie         Sept. 18, 1877 Brooks, John            Woodworth, Ann          Aug. 5, 1866 Brooks, L.A.            Belt, Asa G             Nov. 6, 1882 Brooks, Leroy           Dodson, Eliza L         Nov. 7, 1896 Brooks, Louisa          Payne, Jesse G          Sept. 3, 1857 Brooks, Martha M        Ward, Addison           Feb. 19, 1860 Brooks, Mary C          Downs, John W           June 3, 1870 Brooks, Melvina         Hutson, William         Sept. 5, 1872 Brooks, Nancy J         Bull, Pleasant          July 8, 1872 Brooks, Nathan T        Bateman, Mary           Aug. 5, 1863 Brooks, Nellie          Shackleford, Allen      March 12, 1877 Brooks, Rebecca         Cates, Isaiah           Dec. 27, 1866 Brooks, Robert M        Mayhew, Sarahbell M     Jan. 28, 1863 Brooks, Samantha        Malott, Abraham         May 31, 1881 Brooks, Sarah E         Jordan, Lulsas C        Dec. 30, 1883 Brooks, Thomas J        Bryant, Mary A.         Nov. 2, 1871 Brooks, William H       Jones, Mary A           Nov. 3, 1895 Chandler, Alvira        Cook, Robert P          April 28, 1864 Chandler, Eli           Walters, Sarah          June 12, 1831 Chandler, Elizabeth     Baltzell, Thomas J      Nov. 30, 1856 Chandler, Lucinda       Lisenby, John H         Jan. 1, 1868 Chandler, Mary          Gatewood, Ignation R    Aug. 10, 1831 Chandler, Mary          Galewood, Ignation R    Aug. 10, 1831
MARRIAGE RECORD Ransom Wilkerson & Susan E. Lynch 02 Aug 1843. Submitted by: Melany GRANVILLE Dec 1, 1997

Lewis Johnson   married         Martha Hobbs            29 Jan 1831
Wm. F. Johnson  married         Lucretia H. Hobbs       13 Dec 1836
Thomas Hobbs    married         Malinda Holtsclaw       10 Feb 1844
Thomas H. Hobbs married         Eliza E. Gutherie       9 Aug 1854
William M.Hobbs married         Sarah J. Mount          8 Sept 1867
James H. Hobbs  married         Amanda J. Wright        2 Feb 1873
Mary J. Hobbs   married         William W. Bennett      3 Apr 1845
Nancy H. Hobbs  married         Geo. W. Summers         10 Jan 1849
Sabrina Hobbs   married         Wesley Yost             9 Oct 1851
Nancy E. Hobbs  married         Clark L. Fancher        22 Sept 1872
Loueza A. Hobbs married         Robert L. Meader
( All of Hobbs 1819-1874)
Submitted by: Misty Flannigan
Feb 1, 1997

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