Marriage Notes for MARGARET POWELL and JOHN KIRK:

The People of the State of Illinois to all to whom these
presents shall come,  Greeting:   Know ye,  that license and permission is hereby given to any
person authorized by law to solemnize the rites of Matrimony, to join together as husband and
wife,  Mr. John T. Kirk and Miss Margarett Powell according to
the usual custom and the laws of the State of  Illinois; and; for so doing, this shall be
his sufficient warrant,  the parties being of lawful age
Given under my hand at Mt. Vernon, on the 1st    day of   November A.D. 1850
 J. F. Watson  Clerk;

State Of Illinois, Jefferson County.
I do here by cyrtify that I solamizd the rites of matrimony betw the too with in namd John T Kirk 
& Miss Margarett Powel the 3 day of November 1850
M. B. Lynch JP

Register  Nov 20, 1850
Mr. J. T. Kirk
Miss M. Powell

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