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Jefferson County
Topic: Jefferson County, Illinois. 
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This list is moderated with flexibility and a light touch, for the most part
there needs to be a fair amount of latitude for the occasional, unavoidable, 
slip of the fingers or lapse of memory.

There are a few exceptions to my "light touch" approach.


1.) Virus alerts, scam alerts, and all such are forbidden.
    If you have just discovered proof of the virus which 
    will end the Internet -- tell ME, off list. 
    Let the other list members get some genealogy done 
    in the last few days left to us.

2.) No profane Language allowed.

3.) No flaming of any list member will be tolerated.
    (Flaming means making comments on the list about
    one another in a negative light.)

4.) No discussion (on the list) of How the list is run.
    I welcome suggestions for improvement.
    Your comments are welcome via private email anytime!

5.) Be Nice and think about every post before you
    hit the send button!



1.) Please do not send file attachments (messages with files appended) to the list. 
    (They are not allowed and your message will not come through the list)
    Only send using plain text. Turn off HTML and MIME. 
    If you have a file you would like to share with the members, announce what 
    you have to offer, then send the file only to those who request it, via private email. 

2.) When replying to a digest message, DO NOT just hit Reply 
    (which will send the entire digest back to the list).  
    Remove all text (the rest of the digest) leaving only the specific message 
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3.) Also IMPORTANT, remember to change the subject of your reply if necessary so that it 
    coincides with the message subject to which you are replying. Some people get lots 
    of mail, and only scan the subject lines. Make it good and accurate!

4.) When replying to the list try to quote some portions of the previous message so 
    that other readers are reminded what the "thread" is about. Make clear what is 
    quoted material and what you are adding.

5.) When posting your query try to give as much information as you know, such as dates 
    and places of all vital events if known, along with enough other family members so 
    that the reader can positively identify if they are researching the same family. 

6.) Accuracy is important and sources are vital. 
    All information need not be accompanied by source citations, but it would be helpful 
    that posts either include sources, or a note stating that they are available on request. 
    If information is speculation, then that would be good to know as well.

7.) Please send genealogy replies to the list, not just to the original poster. Other members 
    may benefit from the data that you provide. 

8.) Please keep private information such as information on living people, your address or phone 
    number off the list -- always send it privately.

9.) An intolerance for irrelevancies and an inability to filter out unneeded information are 
    not positive traits in genealogists. Please accept slightly off-topic messages, the opinions 
    of others, expressive signature blocks, and the like, with good grace.

And Last, but not least!!

10.) Newbies are our friends. A newbie we haven't met may have the key to that elusive ancestor 
     we have agonized over for decades.