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Envelope addressed to Mr. W. C. Herron Mt.Vernon, Ills. Route 6
envelope has no stamps with a particial postmark of Curran, Ill June 15 1914 4 PM
Submitted by: David Herron 

letter starts
Curran, Ills
Mr W. C. Herron:

Dear Brother,
Will now try and ans your most welcome letter which I rec'd yestererday.
Was sure glad to hear from you all & that you were all well.  I am all O. K.
hope you are all the same.  We have been having some hot weather for the last
few days.  We had a pretty good shower here yesterday.  Tom and I and the Boss
went to Springfield yesterday and came pretty near getting wet before we got home.
I got me a new suit.  That was the first day that I haven't worked since I have been
up here except Sun's and I have to work more on Sun's than I like.  Well how does your
corn look by this time. The corn here looks pretty good considering the dry weather we
have had.  There is a good many Army worms and chinch bugs up here. Lots of the farms
are having to plant their corn over on account of them.  Say have you been going to
any ice cream suppers this summer.  Tom and I & another fellow went to one last Thurs
night and as we came home the fellows horse got scared at an auto and came pretty near
leaving us to walk home.  The horse run into a bank and turned the buggy over and we
rolled out of there like beans pouring out of a sack.  Ha! We never got hurt any, only
got a few bruises.  Well as I have written all the news guess I will close hoping to
hear from you all soon or sooner.  I remain your Bro. C. H. Herron (over)
P. S. I went to the place where Roy B. is boarding but he wasn't there and wouldnt
be there till 7 o'clock that night.  The lady of the house told me that he got married
about a week ago.  He is still at the same place that he was before.
H. H. Love to all Tell all Hello.

Envelope is addressed to  Mr. C. H. Herron c/o L. F. Maxey R#11 Curran, Ill. envelope has two 1 cent stamps with a Mount Vernon, Ill April 1? 5:30 P.M. 1914 postmark Mt. Vernon, Ill. Submitted by: David Herron Apr: 17, '14 Mr. Homer Herron: Dear Brother-- Will try to ans. your most welcome letter we rec'd a few days ago and was sure glad to hear from you. How are you enjoing life by now? I am feeling better than I did the first of the week. I jumped some sun. and have been real sore since.  What are you doing now? Are you done sowing oats yet? We have sowed about 2 1/2 acres.  Want to sow as much as 8 or 10 acres tho. We are having some fine weather down here now. It hasn't rained to amount to anything for nearly a week. That is about the limit as if has been so wet. Homer, Burrel Phillips took appendecitis last saturday and was taken to the hospital & operated on monday. He is gettin along O.K. tho. Dick Storments wife was buried yesterday. (thurs) Well Homer I will soon be 23 and never have voted yet. There wasn't but one ballot in Fields Township.  The Democrats were the only ones on the ticket. Jefferson County went republican, and also Mt. Vernon township did.  Freddie was running for town clerk but got defeated.(I think he is talking about Fred Jarrell, his cousin) Say Homer do they read the register up there? If they don't take it we could send you one once and a while.  You was surely sick Easter. I eat four eggs-- but that was all I wanted. The roads are getting real good again.  If it don't rain before sun, think I shall use the new buggy. It will be nearly sure to rain before then tho.  I saw Claude a few days ago and he said he got a card from you bu t hadn't answered yet No, it don't seem like it has been so long since you left.  But time flies when a fellow is at work, I got a letter from Roy B. mon.  He is at Springfield. (419 1/2 E. Jefferson St.) As I am to go north and husk corn next fall I think I might come up for the Fair a day or two, and then go farther north than you are to shuck corn. Well Homer I must colse for this time, hoping to hear from you real soon. With love from one & all, Your brother, W. C. Herron


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