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Letter written in Toledo Oregon by C. B. Crosno to his brother Joseph H.
Crosno in Jefferson County, Illinois, December 21, 1915
Submitted By: Suzanne Paxton 

Dear Brother and family,
Your good letter received and to say I was glad to get it don't express
it, leaves all well except wife who has attack of Sciatic Rheumatism.
Perhaps as an introduction better give history of family, we have three
children living, two dead.  Our oldest daughter Effie lives in Paisley,
has three children, her husband name S. S. Thayer is a doctor has large
practice in Lake County are doing well.  My only son is married lives
here in Toledo has no children, is agent for line of boats from San
Francisco also two lines from Portland.  Also he and I are conducting a
real estate and Abstract office also insurance.  Our youngest Tilla is
married has a fine boy 14 months old lives with us, her husband name
Carl Gildersleeve is Deputy County Clerk.

Fifty years ago the fourth day of last April I left our old home in Elk
Prairie and all friends and school mates, have so often wished I could
return but circumstances have always been against it.  Was appointed two
years ago to go to Chicago and represent Oregon at the show but at the
time my wife and self were on a visit in Lake Co. so could not meet it,
was so sorry.  When I left home was a boy 20, now was 70 March 14.  Must
say time has passed so fast, when I look back can't tell where or how it
has gone.  I first worked three years in Washington.  Then in October
1868 went to Philomath College then taught school three years, then went
through Portland Business College, married, then ran a store for 11
years.  Sold out, farmed 2 years then was 3 and a half years in the
Indian Service as Agent of Siletz Agency, like all.  April 1, 1887 moved
to Toledo and have been here since, in 1888 was elected to Legislature,
served the session of 1889.  Elected to the Senate 1890, served the
sessions of 1891 and 93.  Introduced bill and made Lincoln County from
Benton County, my old home, made Toledo temporary County Seat.  In 95
and 97 was Sargeant of Arms of State Senate then quit, in 1898 was
appointed Collector of Customs for district of Yaquina served 11 years,
served on our school 19 years.  We have a good town, good school with 7
teachers.  We are having an awful stor, wind and rain, we hardly ever
see any now and freeze.  Let me assure you I wish it was so I could come
and see you all, Mt. Vernon, Wolf Prairie, Wlk Prairie and the few old
time friends and relatives that are left.  Let me tell you we never
enjoyed a visit more than we did Sam and Cora Wells, and we all feel
sure they did the same.  All went to the ocean and let them look across
and see how big it was.  It did them good so it did all of us and
especiaally Tilla our youngest she now feels Sam is her brother.  We
were so glad to get your letter and hope you will repeat it and I assure
you I will.  Hoping to hear from you soon we all join in sending our
love to you all.

C.B. Crosno


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