Jefferson County

Family Histories
Abstracted from Jefferson County Court records in Mt. Vernon, Illinois
ESTATE  ADMINISTRATOR or GUARDIAN        DATE   BOX                                     

TAYLOR, Abigail         Roper, David            1851    9*** copied
TAYLOR,Albion F.        Watson, Albert          1906    87
TAYLOR,Basil M. Taylor, R.Z.            1887    57 (will)
TAYLOR,Benjamin T.      Elkins, A.P.            1857    14*** copied
TAYLOR,Benjamin T.      Ferguson, James N.      1888    59
TAYLOR,Billington T.    Taylor, Jane            1846    5 (will)
TAYLOR,Cordelia Taylor, Eli F.          1929    148
TAYLOR,Cynthia A.       Bruce, James V.         1877    44*** copied
TAYLOR,David            Taylor, R.W.            1854    11
TAYLOR,Drury            Taylor, Mary            1870    28*** copied
TAYLOR,Drury            Taylor, Elizabeth       1846    5  *** copied
TAYLOR,Emma             Hicks, Vickie           327
TAYLOR,G.L.             Taylor, Cora S.         1938    168
TAYLOR,George W.        Taylor, Maggie          1928    143
TAYLOR,Green            Taylor, Jeremiah                865     22*** copied
TAYLOR,Harlow           Holcomb, Martha         1894    67 (will)
TAYLOR,Jeremiah         Ham, Orlando M.D.       1895    69 (will)
TAYLOR,Jeremiah N.      Taylor, Eldorado        1932    154
TAYLOR,John M.          Taylor, Julia A.        1900    79
TAYLOR,John L.          Taylor, William R.      1938    22
TAYLOR,John M.          Taylor, Jeremiah                1865    22*** copied
TAYLOR,John W.          Washington Quinn        1843    3  ** No pertinate info in folder
TAYLOR,Lula L.          Patton, Otto C.         1945    194
TAYLOR,Susan M.         Taylor, S.L.            1921    123
TAYLOR,Susan            Taylor, R.W.            1858    15
TAYLOR, Thomas Z.       Taylor, Reuben W.       1866    23*** copied
TAYLOR, William         Scott, William (card)   1843    4
TAYLOR, William H.      Taylor, Albion F.       1872    32*** copied
TAYLOR, William R.      Bruce, James V. et. al  173     33*** copied

** In my notes I have written (Drury Tailor-son of Adolphus Leander tailor. 
Willing to ride into town for my father. Then I have the name Samuel Qinn written.

More notes that I have sqruibbled:
Cynthia Taylor & Wm R. Taylor
        1. Emily Kelly (Emma & James Kelly)
        2. George B. taylor
        3. Ellen Taylor
        4. John L. Taylor
        5. Willie Ann Taylor

More notes:
1860 Susan & Ruben Taylor Jeff Co
George McMahon came to sale
George & Mary (Taylor) McMahon daughter of Susan Taylor

More notes**
In the Probate Record of Wm H. Taylor wife Rachal E. 1872 (1868)
Robert O. Taylor- Guardian Benjamin Smith minor heir of Benj Taylor
Albion Talor mentioned
Rachael E. Taylor Randolph Co., Il march 1878
Julia H. Courtney
Alva C. Courtney Jackson Co., IL
Norris H. taylor & Mattie Taylor Schuyler Co., Il
Elizabeth Smith pike Co., Il 
all of the above were summons to court

Marriages Jefferson County, Il

TAYLER, ELIZABETH A     FARMER, LEWIS N         06-21-1880
TAYLER, JOHN C          HUDLOW, DEMANDA         08-05-1834
TAYLER, MARY            CUNIO, LORENZO          06-12-1859
TAYLOR, ADAM            PARKS, AMANDA MRS       10-03-1892
TAYLOR, ADAM G          PLACE, ELIZA E          12-24-1890
TAYLOR, ADOLPHUS        REEDER, SARAH           12-25-1887
TAYLOR, ALBION F        HICKS, ELMIRA F A       03-19-1855
TAYLOR, ALICE E         COLE, CHARLES C         12-16-1885
TAYLOR, AMANDA          CORRELL, JAMES H        08-04-1876
TAYLOR, AMANDA J        FRENCH, ALBION T        12-24-1885
TAYLOR, ANDREW J        SIMON, EMMA A           10-20-18S7
TAYLOR, ANNA MRS        BUSHONG, ANDREW         12-10-1897
TAYLOR, ANNIE           HARPOOL, HENRY          09-29-1883
TAYLOR, ARMINTA         PASLEY, HENDERSON       03-09-1854
TAYLOR, BENJAMIN        SCOTT, CYNTHIA          01-03-1843
TAYLOR, BENJAMIN        BRUNER, ELIZA           07-24-1833
TAYLOR, BENJAMIN        SCOTT, CINTHA           01-03-1843
TAYLOR, BILLINGTON      TAYLOR, SELMA           05-05-1836
TAYLOR, BILLINGTON      TAYLOR, JINSY           02-22-1836
TAYLOR, CHESTER T       GOWLER, IDA F           03-02-1894
TAYLOR, CHESTER T       PAGE, OLLIE             03-11-1897
TAYLOR, CHLOE J         MCCORMICK, JOHN T       03-31-1846
TAYLOR, CHLOE           RAY, WILLIAM P          06-24-1866
TAYLOR, CYNTHIA         CREED, WILLIAM          12-02-1855
TAYLOR, DAMIE           HARPER, JOHN A          05-16-1894
TAYLOR, DARCUS          COTTON, SAMUEL C        11-03-1896
TAYLOR, DAVID B         RUSSELL, SIBLE F        11-03-1877
TAYLOR, DAVID B         ABLES, NANCY J          04-23-1876
TAYLOR, DAVID J         SCOTT, ELIZABETH        12-02-1850
TAYLOR, DOC             NEWTON, ELSIE I         11-15-1899
TAYLOR, DREWY M         THROGMORTON, MARY E     11-25-1859
TAYLOR, DRURY M         MCLAUGHLIN, MARTHA C    02-21-1867
TAYLOR, ELI F           GREEN, CORDELIA         01-11-1883
TAYLOR, ELIZA A C       BAUGH, ERASTUS D        12-31-1854
TAYLOR, ELIZA B         OARD, ELIAS N           11-01-1885
TAYLOR, ELIZABETH       WYATT, MARTIN           03-06-1849
TAYLOR, ELIZABETH J     ALLEN, JAMES A          12-31-1865
TAYLOR, ELIZABETH J     CAMERON, DUNCAN         11-27-1851
TAYLOR, ELLA E          CAMPBELL, IRA T         10-02-1880
TAYLOR, ELLIS W         MORGAN, ANNIE           06-28-1888
TAYLOR, EMILY J         SPRAGUS, WILLIAM R      04-22-1880
TAYLOR, EMILY JANE      KELLEY, JAMES M         12-14-1873
TAYLOR, EVELIN          BRACHMAN, LEWIS         04-13-1891
TAYLOR, GEORGE          GOOSLEY, SARAH          08-27-1860
TAYLOR, GEORGE W        STURGEON, MARY E        05-18-1857
TAYLOR, GRANT T         MOORE, CORA SADIE       07-25-1900
TAYLOR, HARRIET         GILBERT, PHILO          08-24-1845
TAYLOR, HERMAN M        GOWLER, JANIE           12-10-1893
TAYLOR, IDA F MRS       BROWN, HENRY W          06-26-1898
TAYLOR, ISAAC N         SLY, MARTHA J           03-16-1884
TAYLOR, JACOB A         CASH, SARAH             12-10-1871
TAYLOR, JAMES H         CARTER, SARAH J         01-27-1872
TAYLOR, JANE            MCCORMACK, JOHN B       10-20-1850
TAYLOR, JANE            PLACE, ISAAC JR         04-18-1866
TAYLOR. JASPER          DEESE, PRISCILLA        11-23-1860
TAYLOR, JENSY           TAYLOR, BILLINTON       02-22-1836
TAYLOR, JEREMIAH        HAM, FRANCES            08-28-1848
TAYLOR, JOHN B.         GROSE, KEZIAH           06-01-1853
TAYLOR, JOHN C.         LUDLOW, DEMANDA         08-05-1834
TAYLOR, JOHN J.         TATE, MARINDA           12-31-1865
TAYLOR, JOHN L          DEESE, MARY ANN E       11-23-1855
TAYLOR, JOHN L          DOWNES, SUSIE           06-03-1888
TAYLOR, JOHN L D        WELLS, NAREENNY P       12-11-1864
TAYLOR, JOHN M          WHITEHORN, NAOMI        11-14-1849
TAYLOR, JOHN M          LEE, JULIA A MRS        06-28-1890
TAYLOR, JOHN R          RUTHERFORD, ZELDA       06-06-1897
TAYLOR, JORDAN E        WARD, MARY L            09-13-1887
TAYLOR, JOSEPH          FLOROW, NANCY           03-28-1846
TAYLOR, JOSEPH L        BELL, STELLA A          05-06-1894
TAYLOR, JOSHUA          VANRIPER, MARY ANN      11-05-1869
TAYLOR, JUNIA E         EBERTS, DANIEL          02-27-1886
TAYLOR, LEANDER         MITCHELL, FRANCES       01-28-1847
TAYLOR, LETHA           WILLIAMS, GEORGE D      11-20-1900
TAYLOR, LEVERETT        GREEN, SARAH L          01-05-1868
TAYLOR, LOUICA          MINSON, WILLIAM JR      08-05-1861
TAYLOR, LOUICA          BENEFIELD, H F          11-20-1859
TAYLOR, LYDIA           MCCORMICK, ISIAN D      09-07-1848
TAYLOR, LYDIA C         GREEN, ROBERT H         11-14-1855
TAYLOR, MAGGIE A        MOORE, DAVID H          04-19-1900
TAYLOR, MALINDA         POSTON, JOHN A B        05-02-1835
TAYLOR, MARTHA          RICKETS, JOHN W         05-11-1888
TAYLOR, MARTHA          BRUCE, HERVA            03-10-1830
TAYLOR, MARTHA          QUINN, SAMUEL           08-25-1848
TAYLOR, MARTHA          TINSLEY, WILLIAM        09-08-1836
TAYLOR, MARTHA          TINSLEY, WILLIAM        09-08-1835
TAYLOR, MARTHA A        MCMAHON, JAMES F        04-03-1864
TAYLOR, MARY            HICKS, WILLIAM          07-30-1844
TAYLOR, MARY A          LOWERY, EMERY D         03-27-1885
TAYLOR, MARY A          YEARWOOD, WILLIAM R     05-24-1873
TAYLOR, MARY A          YEARWOOD, HENRY R       11-08-1885
TAYLOR, MARY ANN        GIPSON, JESSE           03-01-1850
TAYLOR, MARY E          HACKETT, THOMAS H       10-17-1859
TAYLOR, MARY J          MAHON, GEORGE W         01-01-1861
TAYLOR, MARY S          MCLEAF, GEORGE E        05-14-1899
TAYLOR, MATTIE          HOLCOMB, CHARLES V      10-22-1885
TAYLOR, MATTIE J        HOPPER, JOHN A          04-07-1870
TAYLOR, MAUD            ZATTON, PAUL            02-27-1887
TAYLOR, MILDRED F       WEST, ALEXANDER L       11-28-1853
TAYLOR, MILLIE A        ROY, WEBSTER E          02-10-1895
TAYLOR, MOSES A         GERARD, MARY E          11-16-1879
TAYLOR, NANCY           TINSLEY, CORNELIUS      08-20-1836
TAYLOR, NEWTON          DEESE, LUCY JANE        08-08-1858
TAYLOR, OSCAR M         HANDERHIM, MARY         03-18-1895
TAYLOR, PODRACK I       WARREN, WINNIE E        02-07-1885
TAYLOR, QUINCY A        BROWN, ALLIE REECE      09-01-1891
TAYLOR, REUBEN          HOW, MINERVA J          12-04-1856
TAYLOR, REUBEN          PURCELL, MARY           12-18-1895
TAYLOR, REUBEN M        STIVERS, MARGARET       05-20-1887
TAYLOR, REUBEN W        BEAN, SALLIE            10-14-1869
TAYLOR, RHODA           CASEY, FRANKLIN S       10-06-1829
TAYLOR, RHODA           GOSSETT, T S            12-24-1865
TAYLOR, ROBERT          PEAVLER, AMANDA V       10-15-1876
TAYLOR, ROBERT          WELLS, MALINDA          04-08-1852
TAYLOR, ROBERT C        CRISEL, MARY J          09-22-1868
TAYLOR, ROBERT F        LAWSON, ADDIE M         07-24-1886
TAYLOR, ROSANNA         MORGAN, HENRY C         06-06-1847
TAYLOR, S G H           PATTON, LULU L          09-08-1881
TAYLOR, SALLY J         SCRIVNER, JOSEPH A      09-19-1872
TAYLOR, SARAH           ROBINSON, GEORGE        05-18-1876
TAYLOR, SARAH           GODDARD, SOLOMAN        03-26-1865
TAYLOR, SARAH A         GREENWALT, SAMUEL       09-03-1885
TAYLOR, SARAH C         HARRELL, W M            04-09-1839
TAYLOR, SARAH C         HARRELL, W M            04-01-1839
TAYLOR, SARAH E         ROYER, JOHN H           02-20-1873
TAYLOR, SARAH J         WELLS, JONATHAN M       03-21-1869
TAYLOR. SARAH JANE      MINSON, ABRAM           10-10-1850
TAYLOR, SARAH M         WATSON, JOEL F          01-02-1849
TAYLOR, SELMA           TAYLOR, BILLINGTON      05-05-1836
TAYLOR, SERENA M        THOMPSON, JAMES C       03-21-1880
TAYLOR, SUSAN A         PACE, CHARLES T         09-28-1848
TAYLOR, WILLIAM         SCOTT, MARY G           07-17-1837
TAYLOR, WILLIAM         REEVES, RACHAEL         12-08-1853
TAYLOR, WILLIAM         SCOTT, MARY G           07-17-1837
TAYLOR, WILLIAM A J     DARNELL, DANA           08-03-1886
TAYLOR, WILLIAM E       ALLEN, CANDACE          09-21-1865
TAYLOR, WILLIAM H       HOUSE, RACHAEL E        09-27-1857
TAYLOR, WILLIAM S       BIRD, REBECCA ANN       02-19-1857

Jefferson County Guardianship Records Abstacted from 
Jefferson County Clerk Office Mt. Vernon, Il

Taylor, A.F.
Box #10 Eva M. Phillips (24 January 1864) minor heir of Polly Curlee, 
grandmother 5 Aug 1873 Daniel philips (father); James D. johnson, James E. Fergerson and A. F. Taylor

Taylor, A.J.
Box #15 William H. Newcum (2 Dec 1871), John A. Newcum (6 August 1877), 
Annie M. Newcum (10 Nov 1873) minor heirs of William Newcum 19 July 1881 
Mary A. newcum (mother); Thomas S. Casey and george Haynes. 29 Dec 1881 
George M. Haynes; William Garrison, James D. Kniffins and A.J. Taylor 
Guardian appointed at mothers request. Minors now reside in Mo.

Taylor, A.T.
Box #14 George Albright minor heir of Jacob K. Albright 21 Oct 1878 
John Baugh; A.T. Taylor and J.B. Goodrich

Taylor, Albion
Box #3 Mary F. Dodridge (also referred to as Francis) (ca1850) minor heir 
of Benjamin F. Dodridge, father and deceased soldier 16 October 1866 
John W. Miller; Albion Taylor

Taylor, Albion F.
Box #16 Albert Gutherie (28 July 1866) Daisy Gutherie (26 May 1872) 
minor heirs of Robert D. Gutherie, father and deceased soldier 23 Feb 1881 
John W. Baugh; Newton C. pace, Stephen T. Strattan, Albion F. Taylor and 
Rynd L. Strattan.  Petitioner: James Gutherie Uncle

Taylor, Cynthia A.
Box #13 John L. Taylor (ca 1867), Willie Ann Taylor (ca 1873) minor heir of 
William R. Taylor and Cynthia A. Taylor, faher and mother 16 April 1877 
Jesse R. Huggins (uncle); J.V. Bruce and W.R. Champ

Taylor, G.W.
Caleb McKinny (ca 1889), Etta McKinny (1891) minor heirs of Eliza Baker, 
maternal grandmother 2 May 1906 Hattie McKinney (grandmother); G.W. Taylor 
and Lula Mitchell. Monors entitled to money from Metropolitian Life Insurance Co. 
Petition states that the children have no living father; were born in the 
guardian's house and have always resided with her.

Taylor, H.F.
Eunice A. Westbrook (31 Mar 1871) Mary Z. Westbrook (18 Aug 1873) minor 
heirs of Cynthia M. Westbrook, mother 15 Dec 1886 S.W. Westbrook (father); 
S.T. Strattan, H.F. Taylor and J.R. Allen

Taylor, Jeremiah
William Thomas Elkins minor heir of Richard Elkins 6 Feb 1854 Joseph S. 
Williams; Francis Daily 
Sarah W. Elkins Andrew J. Elkins minor heirs of Richard Elkins 3 Apr 1854 
Andrew P. Elkins; Jeremiah Taylor

Box #3 John D. Rentchler, James W. Rentchler, Willliam D. Rentchler, 
Etta E. Rentchler, Clara N. Rentchler minor heirs of John Rentchler 
19 Feb 1866 Willis A. Keller; John McConnell, James M. Dare, John W. Wilbanks, 
William Wells, John R. Allen and H.R. Dare
18 Mar 1872 Jeremiah Taylor; Christopher Ham and C.M. Ham File contained a 
letter dated 13 Mar 1870 written by J.D. Rentchler from Belleville, Il

Box #3 Laura A. Goodner, Finley C. Goodner minor heirs of daniel Vann 
28 Aug 1865 Elijah Goodner; Jeremiah Taylor

Box #6 Eliza Jane Frizell (30 June 1861) 17 July 1867 Jeremiah Taylor; 
Christopher Ham and O.M. D. Ham

Box #12  William N. Riggsby (4 May 1866) minor heir of John R. Riggsby 
13 Mar 1876 Amos B. Barnett; Christopher Ham and Jeremiah Taylor

Box #13  William E. Grant, Mary A. Grant minor heirs of William M. Grant 
18 Jan 1877  O.M.D. Ham; Jeremiah Taylor and C.D. Ham

Box #19 Daisy Smith (7 Jul 1873), Mel Smith (2 Dec 1876), 
Hallie Smith (20 July 1882), Homer Smith (4 Aug 1879) 
Edith Chaffin (4 May 1886) minor heirs of Lewis T. Smith, 
brother 9 Nov 1889 Thomas G. Holland (grandfather); 
Jeremiah Taylor, and Isaac F. Hamlin

Taylor, John L.
Box #13 John L. Taylor (ca 1867), Willie Ann Taylor (ca 1873) 
minor heir of William R. Taylor and Cynthia A. Taylor, faher and 
mother 16 April 1877 Jesse R. Huggins (uncle); J.V. Bruce and W.R. Champ

Box #33 John L. Taylor (30 May 1891), Lucy Taylor (7 Jan 1895), 
William J. Bryant Taylor (9 Jan 1897) minor heirs of John M. Taylor 
4 Nov 1909 Julia Taylor (mother) ; W.H. Green and F.T. Farmer minors 
are entitled to recieve a pension from U.S.

Box #33 John L. Taylor (30 May 1891), Lucy Taylor (7 Jan 1895), 
William J. Bryant Taylor (9 Jan 1897) minor heirs of John M. Taylor 
4 Nov 1909 Julia Taylor (mother) ; W.H. Green and F.T. Farmer minors 
are entitled to recieve a pension from U.S.

Taylor, Julia A.
Box #33 John L. Taylor (30 May 1891), Lucy Taylor (7 Jan 1895), 
William J. Bryant Taylor (9 Jan 1897) minor heirs of John M. Taylor 
4 Nov 1909 Julia Taylor (mother) ; W.H. Green and F.T. Farmer minors 
are entitled to recieve a pension from U.S.

Taylor, Martha A.
Box #2 Martha Taylor 20 Dec 1861 John W. Hagle Martha Taylor married 
James F. McMahon by July 1864 
** note TAYLOR, MARTHA A     MCMAHON, JAMES F  04-03-1864

Taylor, Mrs. J. H.
Box #25 Sarah Ann Darnell (May 1890) minor heir of Robert and 
Martha A. Darnell 16 Dec 1897 W.L. Cates (friend); W.H. Young 
and S.G. Ross Petitioners: Sarah Jane Gammons. 
Also mentions Aunt, Mrs. J. H. Taylor, a sister Maud 14 years 
of age and a half brother Blatcher

Taylor, Robert O.
Box #7 Robert O. Taylor 7 Jan 1869 (earliest date) B.F. Smith

Taylor, T.D.
Box #2 Elander McCormack, sarah E. Mccormack, James M. (30 Sept 1858) 
minor heirs of Isaiah D. McCormack 19 Oct 1863 William R. Taylor; T.D. Taylor
James M. McCormack 15 Sept 1873 James V. Bruce; Samuel G. Bruce and 
Samuel G. Frost Minor petitioned the court to appoint Bruce his guardian.

Taylor,Thomas Z.
Box #2 Thomas Z. Taylor (date unknown) Cyrus Gilbert Gilbert resigned as 
guardian 24 Apr 1864

Taylor, William
Box #33 John L. Taylor (30 May 1891), Lucy Taylor (7 Jan 1895), 
William J. Bryant Taylor (9 Jan 1897) minor heirs of John M. Taylor 
4 Nov 1909 Julia Taylor (mother) ; W.H. Green and F.T. Farmer minors 
are entitled to recieve a pension from U.S.

Taylor, William J. Bryant
Box #33 John L. Taylor (30 May 1891), Lucy Taylor (7 Jan 1895), 
William J. Bryant Taylor (9 Jan 1897) minor heirs of John M. Taylor 
4 Nov 1909 Julia Taylor (mother) ; W.H. Green and F.T. Farmer minors 
are entitled to recieve a pension from U.S.

 Taylor, William R.
Box #1 Martha C. Leonard, John W. Leonard, Ann E. Leonard, 
Sarah J. Leonard, Martha Anne Leonard, James H. Leonard minor 
heirs of Hiram Leonard and Susan leonard 29 Mar 1849 
James G. Bruce; Ignatius Bruce and William R. Taylor

Box #2 Elander McCormack, sarah E. Mccormack, James M. (30 Sept 1858) 
minor heirs of Isaiah D. McCormack 19 Oct 1863 William R. Taylor; T.D. Taylor
James M. McCormack 15 Sept 1873 James V. Bruce; Samuel G. Bruce and 
Samuel G. Frost Minor petitioned the court to appoint Bruce his guardian.

Taylor, Willie Ann
Box #13 John L. Taylor (ca 1867), Willie Ann Taylor (ca 1873) minor 
heir of William R. Taylor and Cynthia A. Taylor, faher and mother 
16 April 1877 Jesse R. Huggins (uncle); J.V. Bruce and W.R. Champ

Jefferson County Illinois Index for Will Book A TAYLOR
Basil M. Taylor
Harlow Taylor
Jeremiah Taylor

Will Book Index B TAYLOR
Albion F. Taylor

Billington Taylor (See Wills)

Jefferson County Illinois Deeds TAYLOR Book 1
GRANTOR                 GRANTEE                 Date            BOOK
Billington              Matthew Tylor           4 Apr 1836      Book A 193
Billington              Matthew Taylor          25 July 1838    A 302
Benjamin                John Taylor             15 Dec 1838     A 322
Billington Sr.          Cloe Taylor             27 Feb 1839     A 333
Matthew M.              William McDonald        27 Feb 1839     A 345
Russell (Tylor)         Michael Bond            28 Jan 1840     A 448
Billington J. Jr.       Isaac Badgley           8 Aug 1840      A 533
Billington J. Jr.       Jacob Reynolds          15 Dec 1840     A 588
Benjamin S. Taylor      James Welch             20 Sept 1841    A 713
James H.                Abraham Buffington      3 Apr 1840      B 59
Chloe                   John Neff               19 mar 1842     B 64
R.J. Taylor             M. Bond                 2 Feb 1843      B 287
Matthew M.              Amos Gale               1 Nov 1843      B 325
Chloe Taylor            Joseph Frost            17 June 1843    C 15
Billington Taylor Sr.   John troutt             27 oct 1841     C 118
Billington Taylor Sr.   Billington Jr           2 May 1844      C 125
Dreury Taylor           Jacob Taylor            9 Oct 1844      B 423
D.B. Taylor             H.A.G. Davenport        3 Oct 1845      B 423
Jacob Taylor            Drury Taylor            19 Oct 1844     D 64
Jereamiah Taylor& 
Francis T. Haun& R.F. Wimgate & Trust         28 Sept 1848    D 198
Benjamin Taylor         John S. Best            1 Nov 1850       E 247
Heirs of John Taylor Dec.       Sheron Taylor et al     20 Dec 1850      E 265
Sheron R. Taylor        Thomas D. Taylor        10 Jun 1851     F 55

GRANTEE                 GRANTOR                 DATE            BOOK
John                    Nelson Fergerison       15 Nov 1824     A 38
Matthew                 Billington Taylor       4 Apr 1836      A 193
Matthew m.              Lenvil McDonald         25 Jul 1838     A 300
Matthew                 Billington Taylor       25 jul 1838     A 302
Matthew M.              John mcDonald           25 jul  1838    A 303

These were abstracted by Misty Flannigan from original records but are not complete.

Taylor, Albion       July 25, 1861      Mount Vernon      Qtr. Master    HQ 40th Inf
Taylor, Jasper       October 19, 1861   Jefferson County  Pvt            Co K 49th Inf
Taylor, John         August 01, 1861    Mount Vernon      Pvt            Co I 44th Inf
Taylor, Leverett     October 17, 1864   Jefferson County  Pvt            Co K 32nd Inf
Taylor, Morris H.    August 01, 1861    Mount Vernon      Pvt            Co I 44th Inf
Taylor, Newton       October 19, 1861   Jefferson County  Pvt            Co K 49th Inf
Taylor, Robert       January 27, 1864   Mount Vernon      Pvt            Co K 13th Cav  Con
Taylor, William      October 19, 1861   Jefferson County  Pvt            Co K 49th Inf
Taylor, William E.   November 21, 1862  Jefferson County  Pvt            Co I 60th Inf



1840 Jefferson County Census
Page 294 John W. TILOR B. Taylor Jr.
Jordan TILOR

1850 Jefferson County, IL census

      TAYLOR, Pharen R.28 MFarmerIL                                        
      Jane 23 F Il
      Ryley 3 F IL
      Clara J.   11/12 F       IL              

139/ McCORMICK, Joab T28MIL                                             
 Chloe J. 24F IL
 Martha E.  3F IL
 Mary C. 2/12  IL
 TAYLOR, Cloe  70F NC

143/ TAYLOR, Millinton  30M TN
 Helena 29F KY
 Isaiah  8M  IL
 Joseph  6M  IL
 Isaac  2M  IL

146/146 TAYLOR, Jane  30F NC
 William R. 12M  IL
 147/147 TAYLOR, Thomas  26M  IL
 Maria  25F IL
 John J.  5M  IL
 Rhoda J.  1F IL

319/319 WEBB, Bennett 58M  NC
 Martha  45F  TN
 Williamson 17M  TN
 Wilson B 16MTN
 Martha P 13F TN
 Darthula A 10F TN
 Mary S  6F TN
 William Taylor 3M IL

429/429 FRY, Henry 40M NC
 Sarah  36F NC
 Mary E. 8F IN
 John 6M  IL
 Zachary Taylor  2M IL
 Junetta 8/12F IL

515/515 TAYLOR, Benjamin T  43 NC
 Cynthia 36 TN
 David 17 IL
 Alaminta 11  IL
 Mary W 10  IL
 William J  7  IL
 John M 5  IL
 Thomas H 3  IL
 Green  2  IL
 Esther 90 Unknown (black pauper)

542/542 BOSWELL, Felix  32 TN
 Elizabeth 30 IL
 Andrew 10  IL
 Elizabeth A D  8 IL
 Reuben S  5  IL
 Mahala  3  IL
 Felix M 1  IL
 TAYLOR, Duane 17  TN

644/644 TAYLOR, Jeremiah  33  KY
 Frances 33 IL   (maiden name Crisel, father Henry Crisel)
 HAM, Devalcot 11 IL
 Orlando  9 IL
 SACKETT, Ebenezer  18 IL
 WARREN, Elizabeth  12 IL
 TURMAN, Garrett  35 TN

648/648 JUDD, Jackson 35  KY
 Mary  22  TN
 Acenneth  5 TN (female)
 Ann 3 TN
 Zachary Taylor 1 Ark.

759/759 HARLIN, John  32  KY
 Elizabeth  25 KY
 Mary R.4 IL
 Florence Taylor Scott  3  IL  (female)
 Eliza  6/12 IL
 FRIEND, William 22  KY
 HARLIN, Mary  75  NC
 Clarissa 35 KY

850/850 TAYLOR, John 23 Ohio
 Naoma  24  IL
 Sarah C. 3 IL
 George J. 1  IL

857/857 TAYLOR, Elizabeth  54  SC
 Matthew 20  TN
 Duain H. 18 TN
 Sarah J.  16  TN
 Drury M.  12  TN
 John  9  IL
 Elizabeth J. 11 IL

866/866 TAYLOR, Leander 32 TN
 Frances 21 IL
 Albert B. 1 IL

887/887 TAYLOR, David B. 47 NJ
 Susannah H. 46 VA
 Reuben W. 17 Ohio
 Mary J. 16 Ohio
 David B. 13 Ohio
 Louisa P. 10  Ohio
 Thomas J. 8 Ohio
 Martha 5  IL

1125/1125 ROTRAMMEL, Walter J35  KY
 Lucinda  24  TN
 Frances E.  9  IL
 Mary E. 6  IL
Walter J.  2  IL
 Z. Taylor  2/12  IL

303/1303 TAYLOR, William H  51 Vermont
 Elizabeth 44  KY
Albion F 17 IL
 Prudence M  14 IL
 Norris G  9 IL
 Elizabeth F  4  IL
 Julia W H  1 IL
 VanHINING, Prudence  79  NH

1860 Jefferson County, Ill census

1860 census
54/56 TAYLOR, A.F. 28 M IL merchant
E.A. 26 F IL
Stephen H. 1 M IL

77/82 WHITE, William B. 26 M Ohio wagon manufacturer
Mary J. 24 F MO
Mary E. 1 F IL
TAYLOR, Norris H 20 M IL wagon maker apprentice
CASE, Edward F. 19 M IL blacksmith

697/658 ROGERS, John 56 M TN farmer
Eliza A 26 F TN
George 20 M IL
Charles L 17 M IL
Mary F 14 F IL
Sarah E 13 F IL
Martha E 8 F IL
Ernest 8 M IL
John Jr. 6/12 M IL
TAYLOR, Jno. 15 M IL 

78/733 BURROWS, Marcus 34 M Ohio farmer
Jane 31 F Ohio 
TAYLOR, Martha 7 F IL 

971/914 HOLLAND, Thomas G. 45 M SC farmer
Armilda 40 F KY
Calinder 14 F IL
Mary 12 F IL
Priscilla 10 F IL
Thos 9 M IL
John G 4 M IL
Minnesota 1 F IL
TAYLOR, Ezekiel 16 M IL

1008/948 TAYLOR, Jeremiah 44 M KY farmer
Frances T. 44 F IL                                                 
The daughter of Henry Crisel of Hamilton Co., IL. 
Orlando is her son from 1st. mar.
HAM, Orlander 20 M IL 
TAYLOR, Green 12 M IL
Robert 10 M IL

1336/1267 SMITH, Anderson 45 M TN farmer
Elizabeth C. 49 F TN
George M. D. 13 M IL
Elizabeth C. 10 F IL
Nebraska P 7 F IL
TAYLOR, Thos. 14 M IL 

1893/1834 TAYLOR, Wm. R. 22 M IL farmer
Cynthia A 21 F KY
Emely J 1 F IL

1924/1868 TAYLOR, Thomas D 35 M IL
Anis M 34 F IL
John J 14 M IL
Rhoda E 12 F IL
Cloe T 9 F IL
William R 6 M IL
Martha E 3 F IL
BADGLEY, Isaac R 16 M IL
TAYLOR, Cloe 75 F VA 

2064/2009 HOW, Thomas 46 M TN farmer
Isabeth 43 F TN
James S 20 M IL
Sarah E 18 F IL
Mary A 16 F IL
Nancy M 13 F IL
Eliza E 11 F IL
Eli S 9 M IL
Jno. N 6 M IL
Charles W 4 M IL
TAYLOR, David 22 M Ohio farm laborer 

2033/1978 TAYLOR, Susannah 45 F VA
Martha 14 F IL
Thos. A. 17 M IL
PATE, W. H. 50 M NY 

2037/1982 TAYLOR, Newton 18 M IL farmer
Lucretia J 15 F IL
DEEZE, Minte E 46 F TN

2041/1986 TAYLOR, George 50 M NC
Elizabeth 30 F TN
Joshua 24 M TN
pg. 283 Mary A 16 F IL
Winney 14 F IL
James 12 M IL
Louisa 9 F IL
Rhoda E 5 F IL 

This family settled very early in the Roame Twp area.
Children of Thomas Taylor and Eleanor Dodson are: 
                     Billington TaylorSr., born Abt. 1771 in Chatham County, North Carolina;
                     died February 24, 1845 in Mt. Vernon, Jefferson County, Illinois; married
                     (2) Mary Elizabeth Modglin Abt. 1792 in North Carolina; married (3) Jane
                     "Jinsy" Taylor February 19, 1836 in Jefferson County, Illinois.
                     Thomas TaylorJr., born May 1782 in Chatham County, North Carolina;
                     died February 12, 1837 in Mt. Vernon, Jefferson County, Illinois; married
                     (1) Chloe Irene Taylor; married (2) Chloe J. Modglin Abt. 1808

INFORMATION RECEIVED FROM: Doris F. Williams  Generation No. 1 1. Thomas6 Taylor, Jr. (THOMAS5, ROBERT4, ROBERT3, RICHARD2, RICHARD1) was born Bet. 1766 - 1782 in Chatham Co, NC?1, and died Bef. 3 October 1842 in Monroe Co. IL?. He married Chloe (Taylor). Notes for Thomas Taylor, Jr.: 1820 Illinois Census , Monroe Co, Ill: 1 male 21+, all others 6. 1818 Illinois Census: All free whites, 8. He moved to St. Clair Co, IL, then to Monroe Co, IL. He is listed with Thomas Taylor, Jr. as a taxpayer of Monroe Co--1816. Child of Thomas Taylor and Chloe (Taylor) is: + 2 i. Thomas Dodson7 Taylor, born 23 September 1823 in Monroe, IL; died 21 April 1886. Generation No. 2 2. Thomas Dodson7 Taylor (Thomas6, THOMAS5, ROBERT4, ROBERT3, RICHARD2, RICHARD1) was born 23 September 1823 in Monroe, IL2,3, and died 21 April 18863. He married Anis MARIA Bird 23 January 1845 in Nashville, Washington, IL3, daughter of John Bird and Tabitha Taylor. Children of Thomas Taylor and Anis Bird are: 3 i. John J.8 Taylor, born 13 December 1846 in Jefferson, IL4; died 1 October 1907 in Bertram, TX5. He married Miranda Jane Tate 31 December 1865 in Jefferson Co, IL5. Notes for John J. Taylor: Children of J.J.L.W.TAYLOR and MIRANDA TATE are: i. SARAH ANN MARIAH ADLINE13 TAYLOR, b. 2/24/1867; d. 11/12/1885; m. JEFFERSON PROUSE. ii. JOHN TOM TAYLOR, b. 7/09/1869, IL.; d. 5/09/1894, Williamson Tx.; m. (1) LILLIE WILSON; m. (2) EMMA WILLIAMS, 5/09/1894, Williamson Tx.. 59. iii. WILLIAM HENRY TAYLOR, b. 3/29/1872; d. 6/19/1926, Shields Tx.. iv. FANNIE MAUDE TAYLOR, b. 7/25/1874, Williamson Co.,Tx; d. 7/27/1947, Burnet Tx.; m. LAFAETT BLACKSTON C. HIGGINS. v. ROBERT TATE TAYLOR, b. 1/13/1879; m. LILLIE DIXON. vi. R.D. TAYLOR, b. 11/25/1880; d. 10/17/1881. vii. LOUIS B. TAYLOR, b. 7/07/1884; d. 3/15/1950; m. MAE CARPENTER. viii. INFANT GIRL TAYLOR, b. 1/04/1888, Tx; d. Unknown, very young Tx.. ix. POLLY ANN TAYLOR, b. 7/21/1890, Tx; d. 1/02/1992, Roanoak Ark; m. CHARLES FLYNT, 10/24/1917. x. JAMES A. GRAHAM TAYLOR, b. 4/12/1893; m. LIZZIE DAY. Ref: Taylor Cousins 4 ii. Rhoda Jane Taylor, born 3 February 1849 in Jefferson Co, IL5; died 2 May 1938 in Coryell Co, TX5. She married (1) Charles F. Wolf. She married (2) T.S.Gossett 1865 in Jefferson Co, IL. 5 iii. Cloe T. Taylor, born 9 January 1852 in Jefferson Co, IL5; died 1888 in Bertram, Burnet Co, TX. She married W. Peter Ray 1866 in Jefferson Co, IL5. 6 iv. William Rine Albert Taylor, born 25 March 1856 in Jefferson Co, IL5; died 4 March 1936 in Gatesville, TX. 7 v. Martha E. M. Taylor, born 9 January 1858 in Jefferson Co, IL5; died 4 March 1920 in Georgetown, TX. She married (1) Thomas Standifer. She married (2) Allen Roberts 24 July 1873 in Georgetown, TX5. 8 vi. Columbus Alexander Taylor, born 16 January 1860 in Jefferson Co, IL5; died 23 July 1936 in Bertram ,Burnet Co, TX5. 9 vii. Mary R. M. C. Taylor, born 9 July 1863. She married Marion Taylor. 10 viii. Thomas Bird Taylor, born 20 March 1865 in TX5; died 24 March 1939 in Oatmeal, Burnet Co, TX5. Endnotes 1. NC, Chatham County Wills, Inventories, Sales of Estates and Deeds,1790-1799, page 53, folio 4. 2. 1860 Census, Jefferson Co, IL, 266, House 1924/1868. 3. EMAIL: Jimmy Taylor <[email protected]>. 4. 1860 Census, Jefferson Co, IL, p 266. 5. EMAIL: Jimmy Taylor <[email protected]>.
Billington Taylor Sr   s/o  Thomas Taylor and Eleanor Dodson b.  1771  Chatam, N.C. d.  2-24-1845  ( will wa dted that date, so he died after that)  married;  1792   #1   Elizabeth Modglin  b.  1775   Chatam, N. C.    d.   1832  Jef. Co. Il                         #2    Jinseey/Jane Taylor  (m.  1836 in Jef. Co. Il    Children;   1.  Tabitha  Taylor   b.10-1-1795 N.C. d. 3-2-1870 Union, Il  married;  4-14-1812  Williamson Tn. to John Bird    2.  Mary Taylor   3.  Mathew Modglin  Taylor  b. 1-25-1802 Williamson Tn  d. 8-25-1898  Gillespie Tx   (Went to Tx about  1855)married  10-1-1823 Hannah Smith Oxley    4.  Amanda Jane Taylor b. 1-1-1804  Williamson Tn d. 6-2-1872    married; 10-3-1820  Edmond Nelson   5.  Rhoda Winters Taylor b. 3-11-1808 Williamson Tn. d. 2-10-1844    married;  10-6-1829  Franklin S. Casey   6.  Billington J. Taylor  b. 12-111809 Williamson Tn  d. 3-2-1870   married;  4-10-1831  #1 Sarah Lemon   #2 Mary J. Witherspoon   7.  Martha Taylor  b.   d. 1831  married  3-10-1830   Harold Bruce   8.  Nancy      b.  1819   married Thurman   9.  Thomas Dodson Taylor  b. 9-23-1823 Il d. 4-21-1886   married  1-23-1845  Nashville, Il   Annis Mariah Bird   10.  Charlotte (Chloe) Taylor  b. 1825  d.  married  1846   Joah T. McCormach   11.  William Riley Taylor   b. 1837  Il  d. 1873    married  11-8-1857  Cynthia Ann Huggins  in Union, Il   buried  Ebenezer Cem, Rome Twp, Jef. Co. Il.   All this information came from  Corrine Afton   P. O Box 103   Benton, Kansas  67017  (dated  9-10-1986)   I do not know if she still lives there.   She was working on Smith-Taylor-Coons/Conce-Bird-Williams-Bliss-Huggins-Wiggs  and I was working on  Taylor-Bliss and Williams and she has seen a quirey that  I had out and wrote to me. Hope this information helps you.     3.  Mathew Modglin Taylor SUBMITTED BY: Betty Sink


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