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Researched & Submitted by Linda Mick Short
MARTHA "Patsey" SHORT first appears in Illinois in the 1818 census for Washington County, 
with 6 children and no husband.  We are still trying to determine what happened to her 
husband but it is believed he did not come to Illinois with her. He was possibly killed 
in War of 1812. We believe she came from Wilson County, Tennessee, to Illinois along with 
other family members, but we do not know her maiden name so we have found no connection with 
family, as yet.

Patsey lived for a short time south of Carlyle, Clinton County, Illinois, in the "Ridge" area. 
She married a second time in 1821, Gibson County, Indiana, to Joshua Maddux. The Maddux family 
lived in the same area south of Carlyle as did Patsey. Apparently some of them were in Gibson 
county, Indiana, also. With her second husband, she had another child, a son. Note: "Patsey" 
is common nickname for Martha.

Martha "Patsey" Short

Born ca. 1780 North Carolina
Died after 1860 - Jefferson County or Clinton County, Illinois
	Husband #1: ________ Short  (It is believed his given name was Thomas as the name is 
    used repeatedly through the generations.)

Children of Patsey and ------- Short:
Bennett, born 1801 North Carolina
Priscilla, born ca. 1803 Tennessee
William Henry, born 1807 Wilson County, Tennessee
Thomas Jefferson, born 1807 Wilson County, Tennessee
Lydia, born 1810 Tennessee
Alfred, born Tennessee, died young, probably in Clinton County.

	Husband #2: Joshua Maddux, born ca. 1780, died 1835 Clinton County, Illinois,
    Married 01 December 1821 Gibson County, Indiana. 

	Child of Patsey and Joshua Maddux:
    John Wesley Maddux, born 1824 Indiana

Illinois Census trail for Patsey:
1818 - Washington County IL (Territorial census)
1820 - Washington County IL, Carlyle precinct
1830 - Clinton County IL - living with husband and son, John Wesley
1840 - Clinton County IL 
1850 - Jefferson County IL - living with son John Wesley Maddux
1860 - Jefferson County IL - living with daughter-in-law Nancy Short, widow of
Dr. William H. Short. 
1870 - Not located in census records

Patsy Maddux received 80 acres (land warrant) in Webber Township, Jefferson County, Illinois, 
in 1852, next to son Bennett’s property.
	SW ¼ SE ¼ & Se ¼ SW ¼ Section 32 township 2 south range 4 east

Born 1801 North Carolina
Died 20 September 1866, Clinton County, Illinois
Married Nancy Maddux before 1820 in Washington County, Illinois. Nancy was daughter
of Alexander and Temperance Maddux, who emigrated from Georgia to Illinois before 1818.
[Note: Clinton county was formed from Washington County in 1823.]
	Known children of Bennett and Nancy:
	Thomas, born 1824 Clinton County, Illinois.
    	        Simeon, born 1827 Clinton  County, Illinois; died June 1872 Clinton County; 
                married Louisa Bryant.
                Levi C., born 1832, Clinton County, Illinois; died 26 October 1854, buried
                in Atkinson Cemetery, Jefferson County, Illinois.
                Martha, born 1834 Clinton County, Illinois; married McKindree Watts.
                John Wesley, born 16 February 1839, Clinton County, Illinois; died 
                24 May 1927 Clinton County;  married Charity Elizabeth Watts 
                16 July 1865, Clinton County.
                Mary J., born 1842 Illinois; married Simeon Bryant.
                James F., born 1845 Illinois; died 15 April 1865, Union army hospital at
                Paducah, Kentucky.

Illinois Census trail for Bennett:
1818 - Washington County IL (Territorial)
1820 - Washington County IL
1825 - Clinton County IL, Gumridge Precinct
1830 - Clinton County IL
1840 - Clinton County IL
1850 -  Jefferson County IL
1860 -  Jefferson County IL, Webber Township
1870 -  not found in census records

Sometime after 1860 Bennett and his wife moved back to Clinton County, Illinois. Her exact 
date of death is unknown but was sometime after 1870. Nor do we know where Bennett and Nancy 
are buried.

Bennett purchased land in Webber township:

	N2SE, Section 7, township 2 south, Range 4 east, 80 acres 9 April 1853
	SESE, Section 7, township 2 south,  Range 4 east, 40 acres 9 April 1853
	SENW, Section 6, township 2 south, Range 4 east, 39 acres, 6 February 1854
	NENW, Section 6, township 2 south, Range 4 east, 39 acres, 1 March 1854


Born ca. 1803 Tennessee
Date/place of death unknown
Married John Miller 04 March 1823 in Gibson County, Indiana. 
Known children of Priscilla and John:
		Bennet Short Miller, born 29 October 1827 in Kentucky.
		female, born between 1825 and 1830
		female, born between 1825 and 1830

Illinois Census Trail for Priscilla:
1830 Clinton County, Illinois	John and Priscilla living next door to Priscilla’s brother, 
William H. Short. No further census records have been found for them.
Bennet Short Miller, born 29 October 1827 in Kentucky, died  May 1877 and is buried in 
Old Union Cemetery, Jefferson County, Illinois. He married #1 Maria Atwood on 28 February 1847.  
She died shortly after their marriage; Bennet married #2 Amelia Watson on 02 October 1851, 
Jefferson county, Illinois. Amelia was a daughter of Dr. John H. and Elizabeth [Rankin] Watson. 
She was born 1836 in Illinois. 
Known children of Bennet and Amelia:
		William H. Miller, born 1856, died 1935, married Sarah Jane Yearwood 1878.
		Samuel Hartford, born 1858, died 1878, buried Old Union Cemetery.
		Lizza A., born 1861, married William Robert Hutchison 1880
		Homer P., born 1864, married Mamie F. Burnett 1885
		Franklin C., born 1867

            Morris, born 1869
Possibly:	Thomas E., born 1871
	    	Millie May, born 1875, married Allen Cross 1899

Illinois Census Trail for Bennett Short Miller:
1850 Jefferson County IL - living with uncle William H. Short
1860 Jefferson County IL - not found
1870 Jefferson County IL - married, living in Mt. Vernon township
1880 Jefferson County IL - widow Amelia living with her children


	Born 14 February 1807 in Tennessee
	Died 14 August 1859 in Jefferson County, Illinois, buried in Old Union Cemetery
	Married Nancy Gillespie 19 October 1826 in Bond County IL
	Was a physician.

	Nancy was born 09 June 1810 in Madison county IL; died 13 March 1892 in                 
    Pocahontas, Bond County IL and buried in Suggs Cemetery at Pocahontas. She                 
    was a daughter of Robert and Sarah [McDonald] Gillespie.

	Known children of William H. and Nancy :
                Sarah Ann, born 1829 Illinois; died 1870 Jefferson County, Illinois, and
                buried Old Union Cemetery; married #1George Pace, #2 Jabes J. Anderson in
                Jefferson County.
                Martha Jane, born 1831, died 1831, buried Old Union Cemetery.
                Temperance Elizabeth, born 1832 Illinois, died 1916 Germany, married
                Rodney Gore Perley.
                William Fletcher, born 1834, died 1858, buried Old Union Cemetery.
                Priscilla L., born 1837, married George Anglin.
                Robert Wesley, born 1838 Illinois; died 1877 Macoupin County, Illinois;
                married Martha Peter 1868 Macoupin County.
                Zadock Casey, born 1842 Jefferson County, Illinois; died 1873 St.
                Genevieve County, Missouri; married Margaret Bonner 1860 Hamilton county,
                George Thomas, born 1844 Illinois; died 1872 Pocahontas, Bond County,
                Illinois; married Catharine Bilyeu 1864 Bond County.
                Charles Edward, born 1846 Jefferson county, Illinois; died 1879
                Pocahontas, Illinois; married Eliza F. Hails 1867 Jefferson County, Illinois.

William H. was  a founder and charter member of Mt. Vernon A.F.&A.M. Lodge #31 (1845). He 
lived in Lynchburg, an early Jefferson County village no longer in existence.

Daughter Temperance erected the cemetery stone at Old Union sometime before 1900. Tempe also 
authored a book in 1889 titled "From Timber to Town" which is told in the dialect of that time 
and takes place in the southern Illinois area around Jefferson County.
Illinois Census Trail for William H.:
1818 Washington County IL
1820 Washington County IL
1830 Clinton County, Illinois
1840 Jefferson County, Illinois
1850 Jefferson County, Illinois
1860 Jefferson County, Illinois - widow Nancy, living with her is mother-in-law Patsy
Short, daughter Sarah and her son William H.; also, Nancy’s sons George and Charles.


	Born 1807 in Lebanon, Wilson County, Tennessee
	Died 17 July 1870 Jefferson County, Illinois, buried Atkinson Cemetery
	Married Martha Elizabeth Maddux 02 February 1825 in Washington County, Illinois.
	Martha "Patsy" Maddux was born 13 November 1807 in Georgia and died 28 February 1902         
    in Jefferson County, Illinois.  She was a daughter of Alexander and Temperance Maddux 
    and sister to Nancy, wife of Bennett Short.

	Known children of Thomas J. and Martha:
	Alfred, born 1826 Clinton county, Illinois; died 1904 Jefferson county,
	Illinois, and buried at Atkinson Cemetery; married #1 Nancy Crowder, #2  
	Amanda Browning in Jefferson county.
        	Sarah A., born 1828 Clinton county; died 1843. First burial in Atkinson
        	Joshua, born 1830 Clinton county; died 1902 East Prairie MO; married #1
        	Abigail Williams in Washington county, Illinois and #2 Lucinda Turner in                 
        	Jefferson County.
        	Priscilla, born 1832 Clinton County; died 1883 Jefferson county IL;
        	married James Marlow in Jefferson County.
        	Nancy, born 1837; died 1863; married William Duffer in Jefferson county.
        	Lydia M., born 1841 Jefferson County, Illinois; died before 1920; married
        	George Owens in Jefferson County.
        	Martha Elizabeth, born 1843 Jefferson County; married 1861 John Denton
        	in Jefferson county.
        	William A., born 1846 Jefferson County; died 1860, buried Atkinson
        	Thomas Bennett, born 1849 Jefferson County IL; died 1898 and buried
        	Atkinson Cemetery; married Louisa Jane Garrison 01 September 1868 in                 
        	Jefferson County. She was a daughter of Fountain and Mary P. [Hawker] Garrison.
        	James Winfield, born 1853 Jefferson County; died 1931 Iowa;
        	married Ninnie Allen 09 November 1883 Marion County, Illinois.

Thomas J. served in the Civil War though he was too old. He purchased land in 
Mt. Vernon Township, Jefferson County, in 1850 and 1854. 

Illinois Census Trail for Thomas J.:
1818 Washington County IL
1820 Washington County IL
1830 Clinton County IL
1840 Clinton County IL
1850 Jefferson County IL
1860 Jefferson County IL
1870 Jefferson County IL
1880 Jefferson County IL - widowed Martha  living with son James.


	Born 1810 in Tennessee
	Died 1840 in Clinton County, Illinois
	Married Levi Sharp 29 November 1827, Clinton County.  Levi was born 1804 in         
	Pennsylvania and died 1875 in Clinton County. He was a son of Henry and Hannah Sharp.

	Known children of Lydia and Levi:
		Elizabeth, born 1828, Clinton County IL
		Ellen,     born 1830, Clinton County IL
		William H.,born 1833
		Samuel A., born 1839 Clinton County IL


Died young, probably in Clinton county, Illinois.

Illinois Census Trail for Alfred:
1818 Washington County IL
1820 Washington County IL


	Born 1824 in Indiana
	Died probably in Montana
	Married #1 Martha Susan Marlow 20 November 1845 Jefferson County IL, a
   	daughter of James and Mary Marlow
	Married #2 Clarissa Virgin 17 May 1857 St. Clair County IL

Known children of John and Martha:
		William H., born 1847 Illinois
		Joshua A., born 1848 Illinois
		Zadock, born 1850 Illinois
		Josiah G., born 1853 Illinois

Known children of John and Clarissa:
		Martha Elizabeth, born 1858 Illinois
		Jane, born 1861 Illinois

Census Trail for John Wesley Maddux:
1830 Clinton County I
1840 Probably Clinton County IL, living with mother 
1850 Jefferson County IL
1860 Jefferson County IL
1870 Andrew County MO
1880 Deer Lodge County, Montana - sons William H., Joshua, Josiah & Zadock also
living in Montana


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