Jefferson County IL 
Family Histories
The Johnsons
Like the Caseys and Maxeys, the Johnsons one and all have been prominent from the earliest settlement of the county. 
Benjamin Johnson, the ancestor of our Jefferson county Johnsons. was a Marylander. John, a son of his, was the father 
of our pioneers. Lewis, the son of this John Johnson, was among our very first settlers. He had nine children-Milly, Anna, 
Lucy, married L.Foster and they lost their house by fire and their infant son was cremated; James E. Johnson was the 
eldest son of Lewis. He was quite a preacher and improved the farm where John T. Johnson raised his family. John T., 
the next oldest brother of James, was licensed to preach when but twenty years old. He joined the conference and took 
regular work. Nicholas lived in Grand Prairie and died there. Elizabeth married G. B. Afflack, of Richview. Nancy married 
James Barnes, of Richview. Susan married A. Witherspoon, and went to Kentucky. James Johnson. second son of John, 
married Clarissa Maxey in Tennessee, and came here in 1818. His eldest son, John, married Sarah Hobbs and they were 
the parents of our present Dr. A. Curt, James D. and John N. Johnson, Mrs. Henry T. Waters and Mrs. David H. Summers. 
He was an enterprising man, a physician, but chose rather to do other business. He merchandised and built several houses in 
Mount Vernon, among them the Johnson House, the big brick near the Methodist Episcopal church, in 1854. He died, much 
missed and lamented, in 1858. 

John, the youngest brother of Lewis and James, came later, in 1834, and located in Mount Vernon. He died here in 1858. 
His children were Doctor T. B., who died in Kentucky in 1870; the wife of Blackford Casey; J. Fletcher; Washington; 
G. Wesley, J. Benson, a girl and boy who died in childhood, and Adam Clark, the faithful historian of the pioneers of 
Jefferson county. John Johnson, "Uncle Jacky," as we knew him in our boyhood days, was ho-n in Virginia, in 1783-born 
in poverty and left an orphan. By the help of a slave he learned the alphabet, and after he was converted in his teens, he 
could not read intelligently. But by the light of pine knots he studied the Bible at night, after hard days' work, and on Sunday, 
at some cabin on the hillside he would proclaim the Gospel with a pathos and power that always carried the hearts of his rustic 
hearers by storm.  He had a voice of unusual power and could he beard two miles away. His discourses were brief, but always 
plain, practical and convincing. Yet with all his rugged vigor his heart was as tender as a woman's, with a sympathy that extended 
even to the insect at his feet. He was to all intents and purposes, a pioneer preacher of the Cartwright order, except that he had 
none of the great preacher's belligerency. He traveled the country from Ohio to Natchez, in Mississippi, and preached at every 
opportunity. His allotted work led him through much uninhabited country, among Indians, wild animals and equally wild men, 
but always trusting in the Lord. He was certainly a great preacher and a very remarkable man. Over sixty years ago we heard 
him preach from the text "What shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?" and we have never forgotten 
the text, the sermon, nor the man. His widow died here in 1895, and his sons are all gone, except Washington S. The descendants 
of J. Fletcher and G. Wesley are still in our midst. and rank among our very best people. His death was peaceful, and triumphant. 
Many of his descendants are valued citizens of Mount Vernon. 

"So fades a summer cloud away, 
So sinks the gale when storms are over; 
So gently shuts the eye of day. 
So dies a wave along the shore." 

SOURCE: Walls History of Jefferson County 1909 
SUBMITTED BY: Misty Flannigan 

Descendants of Benjamine Johnson

Generation No. 1

1.  BENJAMINE1 JOHNSON was born in Maryland.
2.      i.      JOHN2 JOHNSON, d. Abt. 1803.

Generation No. 2

2.  JOHN2 JOHNSON (BENJAMINE1) died Abt. 1803.  He married (1) BETSEY TYLER.  
He married (2) HANAH MEDLOCK.
Children of JOHN JOHNSON and BETSEY TYLER are:
3.      i.      LEWIS3 JOHNSON, d. January 1857.
4.      ii.     JAMES JOHNSON, b. 1778, Louisa Co., Va; d. 1860.
        iii.    BETSEY JOHNSON.
5.      iv.     JOHN JOHNSON, d. 1858.

Generation No. 3

3.  LEWIS3 JOHNSON (JOHN2, BENJAMINE1) died January 1857.  He married STONE.
Children of LEWIS JOHNSON and STONE are:
        i.      MILLY4 JOHNSON, m. ASAHEL BATEMAN, TN.
        ii.     ANNA JOHNSON, m. RANSOM MOSS, 1821.
        iv.     JAMES E. JOHNSON.
        v.      JOHN T. JOHNSON.
        vii.    ELIZABETH JOHNSON, m. T.B. AFFLACK.
        viii.   NANCY JOHNSON, m. JAMES BARNES.
        ix.     SUSAN JOHNSON, m. W. G. WITHERSPOON.

4.  JAMES3 JOHNSON (JOHN2, BENJAMINE1) was born 1778 in Louisa Co., Va, and died 1860.  
He married (1) MRS. LIVINGSTON.  He married (2) CLARRISSA MAXEY August 28, 1810 in TN, 

! 16 childen born to this couple. Five were born in TN. SOURCE: Fcts and 
Folks Jeff Co., Il 1978

Burial: Old Union Cem. , Jefferson Co., Illinois
6.      i.      JOHN N.4 JOHNSON, d. 1858, Jefferson Co., IL.
7.      ii.     WILLIAM FLETCHER JOHNSON, b. November 17, 1817; d. December 08, 1902.
8.      iii.    LEWIS JOHNSON, b. March 11, 1811, Sumner Co., TN.
        iv.     ABRAHAM C JOHNSON, b. January 19, 1836, Mt. Vernon , 
Jefferson Co, Illinois; 
d. December 17, 1917, St. Louis , St. Louis Co, Missouri.

Burial: December 18, 1917, Mt. Vernon , Jefferson, Illinois

        v.      JANE JOHNSON.
        vi.     HERBERT JOHNSON.
        vii.    HENRY JOHNSON.
9.      viii.   THOMAS CASEY JOHNSON, b. June 14, 1827, Jefferson Co., Il; 
d. September 19, 1898, Jefferson Co., Il.
        ix.     MADONNA L. JOHNSON.
        x.      EMILY JOHNSON.
        xi.     BETSY JOHNSON.
        xii.    MALINDA JOHNSON.
        xiii.   KATY JOHNSON.
        xiv.    SALLY JOHNSON.
        xv.     CLARRISSA JOHNSON.
        xvi.    GEORGE JOHNSON, b. December 12, 1828, Jefferson Co., Il; d. June 22, 1843.

5.  JOHN3 JOHNSON (JOHN2, BENJAMINE1) died 1858.
Children of JOHN JOHNSON are:
        i.      T. B.4 JOHNSON, d. 1870, KY.
        ii.     DAUGHTER JOHNSON.
        iii.    J. FLETCHER JOHNSON.
        iv.     WASHINGTON S. JOHNSON.
        v.      G. WESLEY JOHNSON.
        vi.     J. BENSON JOHNSON.
        vii.    DAU JOHNSON.
        viii.   SON JOHNSON.
        ix.     ADAM C. JOHNSON.

Generation No. 4

6.  JOHN N.4 JOHNSON (JAMES3, JOHN2, BENJAMINE1) died 1858 in 
Jefferson Co., IL.  He married SARAH HOBBS December 04, 1834.

Notes for JOHN N. JOHNSON:
!1850 Jefferson Co census
1306/1306 JOHNSON, John N 38 TN Physician
 Sarah F    35 TN
James D 12 IL
Mary J 9 IL
 Chloe T 6 IL
 Alba C 3 IL (male)

1860 Jefferson Co census John Johnson gone by 1860 d. 1855-1860
44/46 JOHNSON, Sarah T. 45 F Tenn 
James D. 22 M IL merchant clerk 
Cloe C. 16 F IL 
Alva C. 12 M IL 
Sarah E. 8 F IL 
John N. 5 M IL

Census: 1850, Jefferson Co., IL 
Children of JOHN JOHNSON and SARAH HOBBS are:
        i.      JAMES D5 JOHNSON, b. 1838.
        ii.     MARY JOHNSON, b. 1841.
        iii.    CHLOE JOHNSON, b. 1844.
        iv.     ALBA CURTIS JOHNSON, b. 1847.

November 17, 1817, and died December 08, 1902.  He married LUCRETIA H HOBBS December 13, 1836.
Obituary William Fletcher JOHNSON 
William Fletcher JOHNSON, was born of very pious parents, 
James and Clarissa MAXEY JOHNSON, in Sumner Co. Tennessee 
where the present city of Gallatin, now stands, on the 17th 
day of November 1817. 
It is a pleasurable duty to write the obituary of such a man as this. 
When an infant his parents brought him to this county, settling in 
what is now Moore's Prairie township, near Lowery's Hill. In the 
fall of 1818, his parents moved from Moore's prairie and settled on 
the farm where the only surviving brother, Abraham T JOHNSON has ever lived. 
Here the subject of this obituary grew to manhood. He was the third son of 
a family of sixteen children. Eight sons and eight daughters, all of whom 
are dead but two, Mrs. Jane ARMOUR and Abraham T JOHNSON. He was married 
to Lucretia H HOBBS, December 13, 1836, and in the following spring settled 
on the farm where he ever afterwards lived. Here their children were born. 
John F. who died when about one year old, Martha E, Permelia C., James T., 
Druscilla J., William Henry, George D., and Mary C. In early life he professed 
religion. As a class leader he was careful and admonishing, as an exhorter 
he was especially fervent, instructive and upbuilding. He loved to sing the 
old Methodist hymns. As a Sunday school teacher and officer, he was ever at 
his post. As a citizen, he was loyal and true, a neighbor, kind and obliging; 
as a husband loving and kind. He loved his family and home. When he and Aunt 
Cretia moved into their humble pole cabin sixty-six years ago, they dedicated 
it in solemn prayer to Almighty God. As their children, eight in number, were 
born they dedicated them to God in Holy Baptism. As a steward of the church 
he was diligent and kind, often paying to the support of the ministry beyond 
his means, yet God blessed him and he was happy. His house was ever the home 
of the weary itinerant minister. He sweetly fell asleep in Jesus, at one 
thirty o'clock, December 8, 1902, aged eighty-five years and twenty one days. 
A good man has fallen, Peace to his blessed memory. Aunt Cretia, the wife of 
his youth, preceded him to the better land, May 4 1894. They were the last of 
the founders of Hopewell church. Virginia R. Black 

OBITUARYJohnson, Lucretia Hobbs 
Mrs. Lucretia H. Johnson, whose death was mentioned yesterday, 
was born May 7, 1812, in Sumner county, Tenn.  
At the age of 14 years she accompanied her parents to this county.  
While a very young girl she professed faith in her Savior and ever after 
lived a thoroughly consecrated Christian life.  In 1837 she was 
united in marriage with W.F. Johnson, who still survives her.  
Eight children, seven of whom are still living, blessed this union, 
viz. John F., who died at one year of age, Mrs. Martha Burger, Mrs. P. C. Bates, 
J. T. Johnson, Mrs. D. J. Mcvey, W. H. Johnson, Geo. D. Johnson and Mary C. Johnson.
  With the exception of Mrs. Mcvey who resides near Lamar, Colorado, 
all of the children reside in this county. The deceased was a sister of 
Mr. Thos. H. Hobbs of this city.  Her death resulted from the effects 
of a fall last August in which her hip was broken, and from the effects of 
which it was impossible to recover.  She was a good woman, loved and 
esteemed by a wide circle of acquaintances and had lived to the good ripe 
age of 82 years.  
The funeral occurred this forenoon at 11 o'clock, Elder J.D. Flint 
conducting the services with interment at Hopewell Cemetery.
Mt. Vernon Register NewsSubmitted by: Misty FlanniganAug 8, 1998
Children of WILLIAM JOHNSON and LUCRETIA HOBBS are:         
JOHN F. JOHNSON.         
Notes for DRUSCILLA J JOHNSON: At the time of her mothers obit she was residing in Lamur, CO.         

LEWIS JOHNSON  was born March 11, 1811 in Sumner Co., TN.  
He married MARTHA HOBBS.
Lewis JOHNSON, one of the pioneers of Jefferson county, died at his home, 
two miles north of the city at 5 o'clock this morning of uremic poisoning 
after an illness of less than a weeks duration. 
Deceased was born in Sumner county, Tenn., near the present city of 
Gallatin, March 11th, 1811, consequently his age was 
87 years, 9 months and 27 days at the time of his death. 
He came to this state with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. JOHNSON, in 1818, 
the year of the admission of Illinois into the Union. In December 1831 he 
was married to Miss Martha H. HOBBS who died April 23, 1883. Of this union 
six children were born of whom Serena H. YOST, Lucretia HOLTSCLAW, 
Charlotte GOODALE and Emory FROST are the surviving members. Chloie 
died when about 10 years of age and Charlie died while in the service 
of his country as a soldier during the war of the Rebellion. Mrs. YOST 
resides at Bosque, Brazos county, Tex., the other members of the family 
live in the county. Nov. 23, 1887 Mr. Johnson ws married to Minerva Lee 
who survives to mourn his loss. Deceased man was of strong religious 
convictions and united with the in 1822. He was ordained as 
a minister of the gospel by Bishop SIMPSON in 1850 and labored for many 
years as a local preacher in this and adjoining counties. Deceased was 
the oldest member of the family of which Abram C. JOHNSON, 
William Fletcher JOHNSON, Mrs. John R. SATTERFIELD and Mrs. Jane ARMOUR 
are the surviving members. 
The funeral services will be held at Union school house at 10 o'clock 
tomorrow morning and will be conducted by Rev. J.F. Harmon. The interment 
will be at Old Union cemetery. Friends of family invited to the obsequies. 

December 1, 1898 Mt. Vernon Register News 
submitted by: Sharlet Bigham LaBarbera 
Jan 22, 1998  

        i.      SERENA H.5 JOHNSON.
        ii.     LUCRETIA JOHNSON.
        iii.    CHARLOTTE JOHNSON.
        iv.     EMORY JOHNSON.
        v.      CLOHIE JOHNSON.
        vi.     CHARLIE JOHNSON.

9.  THOMAS CASEY4 JOHNSON (JAMES3, JOHN2, BENJAMINE1) was born June 14, 1827 
in Jefferson Co., Il, and died September 19, 1898 in Jefferson Co., Il.  
He married SARAH FROST January 14, 1847 in Jefferson Co., Il, daughter of JOSEPH FROST.

Thomas Casey Johnson died at his home, two and a half miles north of town, at 7:30 
last night of a complication of disease after an illness of two or three months duration. 
Deceased ws born on the homestead where he died, June 14, 1827, and was the next to the 
youngest of a large family of which the surviving members are Lewis, William, and 
Abe Johnson, Mrs. Betsy Satterfield and Mrs. Jane Armour. January 14, 1847 he was 
married to Miss Sarah Frost from which union eight children were born, all of whom 
are living except one son who died in infancy. Mr. Johnson was one of the pioneers 
of the county and was widely known and respected. The children of the deceased are 
Mrs. Emma Byard, Mrs. Eliza Petit, Mrs. Laura Beal, Mrs. Alice Cherry, Mrs. Lucy Hershey, 
Mrs. Ella Rine and John A. Johnson. 
The funeral was held at the family residence at 3 o'clock this afternoon under the 
direction of Rev. J. C. Kinnison and the pastor of the M. E. church at Woodlawn. 
Interment was at Old Union cemetery.

September 19, 1898 Mt. Vernon Register News   
submitted by: Sharlet Bigham LaBarbera 
Oct 27, 1997    
        i.      EMMA5 JOHNSON.
        ii.     ELIZA JOHNSON.
        iii.    LAURA JOHNSON.
        iv.     ALICA JOHNSON.
        v.      LUCY JOHNSON.
        vi.     ELLA JOHNSON.
        vii.    JOHN A. JOHNSON.

The above family information was compiled by Misty Flannigan (no relation to family) and was taken from Biographies, obituaries , LDS etc

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