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Susan Polly Gilbert

Mt. Vernon, IL Register News - 
Saturday, February 28, 1900
Submitted By: Mary Zinzilieta

Mrs. George W. ALEXANDER, 5945 South Flower Street,  Los Angeles, 
California, has written a brief story of the life of her mother,  the late Mrs. Susan 
A. ADAMS, formerly of Jefferson County.  Portions of  the story follow:

Susan Polly GILBERT was born April 10th, 1836 in  Washington County, Ohio; 
died June 3, 1919.  Her parents were Eli  GILBERT, Jr., born in Waterbury, 
Chitadon County, Vermont; and Lucy  (FAIRCHILDS) GILBERT, born in Preston 
Henanko County, New York.  Her  parents both passed away on the same day, 
January 20th, 1878; the mother  survived the father by seven hours, and they were 
both laid to rest in the  same grave in the Gilbert Cemetery near 
Waltonville, Illinois.  Several  brothers and numerous other relatives have been laid 
to rest in the same  cemetery; her husband, John ADAMS, also three sons, 
Charley, James, Wilson and  Eli Mathew, and a daughter, Lucy Elvira BRAVARD.

Mother was the fourth  child born in a family of eight, and survived the 
entire family for a number  of years; she attained the greatest age of any of 
them, being eighty-three  years and fifty-four days at her death.

At the age of two years, and  when her next younger brother, Eli Wilson, 
was an infant, her parents moved  from Washington County, Ohio, to Jefferson 
County, Illinois, where they  resided until death, and where many of their 
descendants still  reside.

July 22nd, 1852, she was married to John ADAMS, who was born  May 4th, 
1827, in Kentucky; nine children were born to them, four of whom are  still 

John ADAMS, Jr., of Jaqua, Kansas
William Ira ADAMS,  of Egnar, Colorado
Hannah Elizabeth ALEXANDER, of Los Angeles,  California
Amy Celestia HILL of Des Moines, New Mexico

After  mother's children were all grown she took an orphan daughter of 
Elvira's,  Susan Elizabeth BRAVARD and raised her to womanhood, now Mrs. Wesley 
HUBBARD  of Los Angeles, and always considered her as a daughter, and this 
grand  daughter is the mother of the only twins born in the family, Marjory 
and  Madaline, now two years old.

Beside the four children, there are now  living 26 grand children, 58 
(great) grand children, and two great great grand  children, making a total of 90 
direct living descendants.  Two grand  children and seven great grand 
children have died, and with the five children  make a total of 14 descendants 
that have passed away, bringing the entire  number born to 104.  She was 
buried in Los Angeles,  California


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