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The following information for the Bumpus family is the work of many people who have come together as a team to try and sort this family and their connections. All data provided here should be used as a guide. This genealogy is not in any way intended to represent a completed Bumpus Family History It is "as it is known at this time, and subject to change" We glean much information from the published biography of William S. Bumpus Jr.and a marriage record of William S. Bumpus Sr. Source: The History of Jefferson County, Illinois by William Henry Perrin Published by Globe Pub. Co. in 1883 - Pg 88 William S. Bumpus Jr. ----------------------------------- William S. Bumpus Jr., farmer, P.O. Mount Vernon, was born May 22, 1837, in Hanover County, Va. His father, William S. Bumpus, Sr., was a native of Virginia. He was also a farmer, and had also served an apprenticeship at the house-carpenter trade, in Old Virginia. He moved to Kentucky in 1838, and there our subject was reared and schooled. He came to this county about fourteen years ago, and is yet living. His father, Evan Bumpus, was a native of Virginia. The mother of our subject, Charlotte Buckner, was a native of Virginia, and the mother of six children. Our subject was joined in matrimony, in Butler County, Ky., to Miss Elizabeth Sharer, born December 24, 1837, in Butler County, Ky. She was a daughter of John and Rosa Ann Sharer, both natives of Kentucky. This union resulted in seven children, now living, viz.: Charles H., born October 27, 1858; Eugenia C., born July 31, 1860; William, born September 25, 1864; Theodore, born December 28, 1869; Millard, born November 9, 1871; Edgard, born December 26, 1874; Alpheus, born October 21, 1877. Mr. Bumpus is a member of the A., F. & A.M., Mount Vernon Lodge, No. 31; and I.O.O.F. Williams Lodge, No 242; also a member of the Encampment. He has a farm of 240 acres, and came to this county in 1856. He has been Justice of the Peace four years; was re-elected and resigned. He then was Supervisor, being the first in the township; served three years; then was Collector three years, and is now Township Supervisor. In politics, he is identified with no particular party.
From this biography we know that William S. Bumpus Jr.'s father is William S. Bumpus Sr. his grandfather was Evan Bumpus of Virginia. William S. Bumpus Jr. was born in 1837 Hanover County, VA. the family moved to Kentucky in 1838. A Jefferson County, IL marriage record for William S. Bumpus Sr. Bumpus, Wm. S. Sr. 1809 f. Geo. Bumpus m. Patsey Ragler (this is likely Raglan.) Catherine E. George 1829 (2) f. Geo. George m. Becy Breen From the biography and marriage record we know that Evan and George Bumpus are the same person. We believe we now have enough data to provide evidence that Nathan W. Bumpus Sr. and William S. Bumpus, Sr. were brothers. We also believe there is another brother Evans George Bumpus that remained in Virginia, and that their parents are Evans George Bumpus or George Evans and Patsy Ragland. There are on-line files at Ancestry and RootsWeb (some are one-and-the-same) some of which show that the elder Nathan, born abt 1813 (+/-, the Census entries have him born between 1812 and 1818), who came to Illinois before 1860, was a son of George BUMP/BUMPASS. This George BUMP/BUMPASS is listed as having sons William, Nathan, and Evans George.
Hanover County, VA 
1810 Census

Ann Bumpass     
George Bumpass 
Nathan Bumpass 
Nathan Bumpass 
Samuela Bumpass   
Wm Bumpass

Hanover County, VA 
1820 Census

Coley Bumpass 
Garland Bumpass    
George Bumpass    
Samuel Bumpass   
Syddia Bumpass   
William D Bumpass 
Wm Bumpass

Hanover County, VA 
1830 Census

Edmund E Bumpass  
Garland L Bumpass  
Jesse T Bumpass  
Margaret Bumpass 
Thomas Bumpass   
William Bumpass 
Hanover County, VA 
1840 Census

Edmund E Bumpass  
Elizabeth Bumpass  
George Bumpass  
Jesse T Bumpass 
Margaret Bumpass  
Samuel Bumpass   
Thomas Bumpass  

Evans G Bumpus Census Information 1850 Evans G Bumpus Buckingham VA District 1, Buckingham, VA Evans G Bumpus age 35 b. abt 1815 Occupation: Shoemaker Juliet M Bumpus age 24 b. abt 1826 (at first glance this name looks like Isabell but at closer look it is Juliet) William H Bumpus age 6 b. abt 1844 George D Bumpus age 4 b. abt 1846 Sarah F Bumpus age 2 b. abt 1848 BUCKINGHAM COUNTY, VA - CEMETERIES – Presbyterian Cemetery Sarah Francis Bumpass Daughter of E.C. and J.M. Bumpass Born March 14, 1848 Died July 5th, 1855 The E.C. is probably a transcription error it is easy to see a C when it is a G or vise versa. Only two names for this cemetery. 1860 Evans G Bumpus Buckingham VA District 1, Buckingham, VA Evans G Bumpus b. abt 1815 45 Farmer 200 225 VA Juliet b. abt 1826 34 VA William b. abt 1844 16 VA George b. abt 1846 14 VA Charles b. abt. 1851 9 VA 1870 Evans G Bumpus 15-July-1870 Evans G. Bumpass Slate River, Buckingham, VA Evans G Bumpass 54 Farmer 1000 400 Julia Bumpass 44 Keeping House William H Bumpass 25 Merchant married June 1870 Laura E. Bumpass 18 No Occupation b. abt abt 1852 VA Charles Bumpass 18 Farm Laborer 1880 Evans G Bumpus Buckingham VA Evans G. Bumpas W M 65 Farmer VA VA VA Julia M. Bumpas W F 54 Wife VA VA VA Charles R. Bumpas W M 29 Son School Teacher VA VA VA Leanna Harris B F 23 Servant Servant VA VA VA
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Jefferson County, Illinois Bumpus Marriages
BUMPAS, LEWIS N		             CHAFFIN, FRANCIS M		          02/12/1866 003/     00000065 JEFFERSON       
BUMPUS, ABSALAM P                    QUEQUAKE, JANE                       10/25/1863 002/0018 00000000 JEFFERSON           
BUMPUS, ALLEN                        SULLIVAN, NORA                       10/08/1899 012/              JEFFERSON           
BUMPUS, CHARLES H                    HAWKINS, NELLIE M                    05/19/1888 006/0012          JEFFERSON           
BUMPUS, DALLIS F                     CAMPBELL, BERTHA M                   03/25/1896 012/              JEFFERSON           
BUMPUS, EDGAR                        HUNTER, HELEN G                      02/19/1896 012/              JEFFERSON           
BUMPUS, HENRY A                      HARP, ORVAL A                        04/24/1898 012/              JEFFERSON           
BUMPUS, M F                          HINES, MOLLIE E                      01/27/1892 006/0014          JEFFERSON           
BUMPUS, MARION L                     RIGGS, EFFIE C                       09/10/1889 006/0013          JEFFERSON           
BUMPUS, NATHAN                       PAYE, LUCINDA                        04/02/1868 003/     00000058 JEFFERSON           
BUMPUS, NATHAN W                     FITZJERRELL, HENRIETTA               03/07/1877 006/0006 00000065 JEFFERSON           
BUMPUS, PETTUS R                     SPURLOCK, JULIA M                    12/23/1876 006/0006 00000217 JEFFERSON           
BUMPUS, RICHARD S                    HARVELL, ELIZA J                     09/10/1863 002/0018 00000000 JEFFERSON           
BUMPUS, ROBERT M                     PAGE, LOUISA E                       06/18/1863 002/0018 00000000 JEFFERSON           
BUMPUS, ROBERT M                     PIERCE, ELIZA J                      08/10/1887 006/0011          JEFFERSON           
BUMPUS, WILLIAM S SR                 GEORGE, CATHARINE E                  07/15/1879 006/0007 00000107 JEFFERSON  

Jefferson County, Illinois Bumpus Marriages
GODDARD, CASS D                      BUMPUS, AMANDA                       06/07/1888 006/0043          JEFFERSON           
MARTZ, ALEXANDER                     BUMPUS, CATHERINE E                  03/12/1891 006/0080          JEFFERSON           
GODDARD, ALBERT F                    BUMPUS, CORA                         11/18/1894 012/              JEFFERSON           
BOOK, HOLLICE                        BUMPUS, ETHEL                        08/19/1900 012/              JEFFERSON           
VAUGHN, STEPHEN                      BUMPUS, ETNA                         03/31/1889 006/0125          JEFFERSON           
WALLACE, WILLIAM H                   BUMPUS, EUGINIA P                    09/26/1886 006/0131          JEFFERSON           
RICHARDS, WILLIAM H                  BUMPUS, HESTER ANN                   03/21/1900 012/              JEFFERSON           
USHER, WILLIAM C                     BUMPUS, JANE                         02/22/1868 003/     00000033 JEFFERSON           
WHISENHUNT, GEORGE W                 BUMPUS, JEANNA E                     10/14/1886 006/0131          JEFFERSON           
ESTES, JOHN C                        BUMPUS, LAURA                        12/01/1895 012/              JEFFERSON           
HALE, EDWARD W                       BUMPUS, LOUISA                       10/13/1889 006/0052          JEFFERSON           
PHILLIPS, ABNER L                    BUMPUS, LOUISA E                     12/29/1867 003/     00000212 JEFFERSON           
SULLIVAN, GEORGE R                   BUMPUS, LUCINDA S                    11/27/1898 012/              JEFFERSON           
SNYDER, JOHN E                       BUMPUS, MARTHA ANN                   07/11/1880 006/0114 00000138 JEFFERSON           
FITZGERRELL, WILLIAM F               BUMPUS, MARTHA L                     01/30/1862 002/0085 00000000 JEFFERSON           
ADAMS, JOSEPH E                      BUMPUS, NANCY M                      06/09/1886 006/0002          JEFFERSON           
ATCHISON, THOMAS J                   BUMPUS, ROSA M                       07/02/1890 006/0003          JEFFERSON           
PIERCE, THOMAS E                     BUMPUS, SARAH ANN                    04/09/1868 003/     00000061 JEFFERSON           
ADAMS, BENJAMIN G                    BUMPUS, SARAH J                      12/16/1880 006/0001 00000261 JEFFERSON           
RICHARDS, CHARLES M                  BUMPUS, SARILDA S                    03/20/1900 012/              JEFFERSON           
SHAFER, WILLIAM                      BUMPUS, VIOLA                        09/03/1899 012/              JEFFERSON  

Jefferson County, Illinois Land Deeds
Petis R. Bumpus Executor to John W. Sullivan 02-jun-1890 Bk45 page 262
JCI Mentions will of Wm S. Bumpus Sr.

R.M. Bumpus (Louisa) to James R. RAGLAND 24-nov-1877 
BK P page 63 

Earliest Bumpus Deed JCI
Wm S. Bumpus from John & Francis Farlow  Bk L Page 32  24-Oct-1859

Several Deed and Mortgage Transactions between Judith H. Baughan and

13-mar-1873 Bk 4 page 346 (must be Mortgage book)

Pettis R. Bumpus Judith H. Baughan 13-nov-1877 Bk 37 page 128

Several early BUMPUS deeds land bought from Lovica/Lavica PAGE

Jefferson County, Illinois Births
BUMPES, Steven Anderson     M	15 Aug 1881			R. L. BUMPES 		Mandy Jane PUCKET 
BUMPUS, Carrie Alice	    F	26 Apr 1879			R. L. BUMPUS 		Amanda Jane BUMPUS 	
BUMPUS, Albert Lee	    M	09 Mar 1880	Spring Garden	Nathaniel BUMPUS 	Henrietta FIZJERRELL 	
BUMPUS, Stephen Anderson    M	Aug 1881	Dodds 		R. L. BUMPUS 		Mandy Jane PUCKET 	
BUMPAS, William Henderson   M	26 Jan 1881	Pendleton 	Absolom P. BUMPAS 	Partha Jane FUQUAY 	
BUMPUS, Charley	            M	22 Feb 1883			Absolom BUMPUS 		Martha J. PUCKET 	
BUMPUS, 		    M	28 Aug 1884	Dodds 		R. L. BUMPUS 		Amandy PACKETT 	
BUMPUS, 		    F	09 Mar 1886	Dodds 		Nathan Wyatt BUMPUS 	Henrietta FITZGERRELL 	
BUMPUS, Mauda Estella	    F	22 Aug 1886	Dodds 		Richard BUMPUS 		Manda J. PACKETT 	
BUMPUS, 		    F	26 Sep 1888	Dodds 		Nathan W. BUMPUS 	Henrietta FITZGERALD 
ADAMS,    		    F  	09 Nov 1883   			Benjamin ADAMS   	Sarah Ellen BUMPUS
ADAMS,   		    M   19 May 1885  	Dodds   	Benjamin T. ADAMS  	S. E. BUMPUS
ADAMS, Etta Mabel  	    F  	16 Mar 1888 	Dodds  		Thomas Edmund ADAMS   	Nancy Matilda BUMPUS
PASLEY, 		    M   22 Oct 1883			Thomas PASLEY 		Sarah BUMPUS 
PIERCE, 		    M   06 Dec 1888	Spring Garden	Thomas E. PIERCE 	Sarah BUMPUS 
SNIDER, Joseph Abslom	    M	24 Jun 1881	Spring Garden	John Henderson SNIDER 	Martha A. BUMPUS 
WALLACE, Orval Theodore	    M	25 Mar 1888	Dodds 		William Henry WALLACE	Eugenia Z. BUMPUS

Jefferson County, Illinois Deaths
BUMPUS        ALEXANDER                M/W  UNK  0410068 1929-02-10 JEFFERSON   MT VERNON           29-02-11
BUMPUS        ALONZO                   M/W  Y-72 0050466 1950-12-15 JEFFERSON                       50-12-15
BUMPUS        AMANDA     J             F/W  UNK  0410275 1926-04-30 JEFFERSON   SPRING GARDEN TWP   26-05-02
BUMPUS        BLANCHE    OPHELIA       F/W  UNK  0410065 1923-02-12 JEFFERSON   MT VERNON           23-02-13
BUMPUS        CHARLES    H             M/W  UNK  2410133 1933-11-12 JEFFERSON   MT VERNON           33-11-13
BUMPUS        ELIZABETH                F/W  UNK  0410136 1922-06-08 JEFFERSON   SPRING GARDEN TWP   22-06-09
BUMPUS        GRACE      BALDONA       F/W  Y-42 0023749 1935-06-21 JEFFERSON   SPRING GARDEN         -  -  
BUMPUS        HENRETTA                 F/W  UNK  0410352 1924-12-18 JEFFERSON   DODDS TWP           24-12-19
BUMPUS        HENRY      ASBURY        M/W  Y-81 0006023 1949-02-04 JEFFERSON                       49-02-04
BUMPUS        LORA       E             F/W  Y-47 0000052 1941-03-23 JEFFERSON   MT VERNON             -  -  
BUMPUS        NANCY      E             F/W  UNK  0033356 1947-08-21 JEFFERSON   SPRING GARDEN TWP     -  -  
BUMPUS        NATHAN     W             M/W  UNK  0410105 1931-09-04 JEFFERSON   DODDS TWP           31-09-05
BUMPUS        NELLEY     MAY           F/W  UNK  0004421 1920-01-28 JEFFERSON   MT VERNON           20-01-28
BUMPUS        NELSON     HERALD        M/W  UNK  0039504 1921-12-09 JEFFERSON   SPRING GARDEN TWP   22-01-12
BUMPUS        PETTIS     R             M/W  UNK  0000060 1940-04-18 JEFFERSON   SPRING GARDEN TWP     -  -  
BUMPUS        VIOLA      V             F/W  UNK  0023957 1948-06-13 JEFFERSON   DODDS TWP             -  -  
BUMPUS        WANDA      LEE           F/W  UNK  0410091 1923-03-14 JEFFERSON   MT VERNON           23-03-23
BUMPUS        WILLIAM    S         JR  M/W  UNK  0016837 1917-03-01 JEFFERSON   SPRING GARDEN TWP   17-03-02

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