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William S. Bumpus Jr.
May 22, 1837 - 1917

William S. Bumpus was born May 22, 1837 in Hanover County, VA, and died 1917.  
son of William Bumpus and Charlotte Buckner. He married Elizabeth Sharer in Butler 
County, Kentucky, daughter of John Sharer and Rosa Unknown. She was born 
December 24, 1837 in Butler County, KY, and died 1922 in Jefferson County, IL.

Elizabeth "Sharer/Shearer" Bumpus:
Burial: Hams Grove Cemetery, Jefferson County, IL
Children of William Bumpus and Elizabeth Sharer are:
	i.	Charles H. Bumpus, born October 27, 1858; died November 12, 1933.
	ii.	Eugenia C. Bumpus, born July 31, 1860.
	iii.    William T. Bumpus, born September 25, 1864.
	iv.	Theodore Bumpus, born December 28, 1869.
	v.	Millard F. Bumpus, born November 09, 1871 in Jefferson County, IL; 
                died March 28, 1915 in Herrin, IL.
	vi.	Edgar Bumpus, born December 26, 1874; died 1933.
	vii.    Alpheus K. Bumpus, born October 21, 1877.

William S. Bumpus Jr., farmer, P.O. Mount Vernon, was born
May 22, 1837, in Hanover County, Va. 

His father, William S. Bumpus, Sr., was a native of Virginia.  He was
also a farmer, and had also served an apprenticeship at the
house-carpenter trade, in Old Virginia.  He moved  to Kentucky in 1838,
and there our subject was reared and schooled.  He came to this county
about fourteen years ago, and is yet living. 

His father, Evan Bumpus, was a native of Virginia.  The mother of our
subject, Charlotte Buckner, was a native of Virginia, and the mother of
six children. 

Our subject was joined in matrimony, in Butler County,
Ky., to Miss Elizabeth Sharer, born December 24, 1837, in Butler
County, Ky.  She was a daughter of John and Rosa Ann Sharer, both
natives  of Kentucky. 

This union resulted in seven children, now living, viz.: 

Charles H., born October 27, 1858;
Eugenia C., born July 31, 1860;
William, born September 25, 1864;
Theodore, born December 28, 1869;
Millard, born November 9, 1871;
Edgard, born December 26, 1874;
Alpheus, born October 21, 1877. 

Mr. Bumpus is a member of the A., F. & A.M., Mount Vernon Lodge, No. 31;
and I.O.O.F. Williams Lodge, No 242; also a member of the Encampment. 
He has a farm of 240 acres, and came to this county in 1856. 

He has been Justice of the Peace four years; was re-elected and resigned. 
He then was Supervisor, being the first in the township; served three
years;  then was Collector three years, and is now Township Supervisor. 

In politics, he is identified with no particular party.

Source: The History of Jefferson County, Illinois
by William Henry Perrin
Published by Globe Pub. Co. in 1883)
Pg 88

After reading the above biography the newspaper article 
below leaves more questions than answers.

Mt. Vernon IL Register (Weekly) - September 7, 1887

DEATH AND DESTRUCTION - A Threshing Engine Blows Up Near Spring Garden - 
Killing two men and wounding two other, one of whom will die.

Early yesterday morning our citizens were horror stricken with the 
intelligence from Spring Garden of the explosion of a portable engine 
belonging to William BUMPUS, Frank JERALD and Thomas PIERCE, which dealt 
death and destruction among those engaged in the work of threshing on Dr. 
BERNARD's farm a short distance west of Spring Garden.

J. Henry MITCHELL had one leg torn off, and death resulted before 2 
o'clock that afternoon, from shock and hemorrhage. William BUMPUS, a son 
of William BUMPUS, Sr., had an arm broke and was struck with a flying 
piece of iron in the stomach which caused his bowels to protrude.  He died 
soon afterwords. Thomas J. WILLIAMS, well known as an ex-Representative 
from this county, was hit on the side of the head with a piece of iron and 
suffered a fracture of the skull which will result fatally, although he 
was reported resting easy yesterday evening.  Cooney BUMPUS was scalded 
badly, but is not in any danger. He will recover. Robert BERNARD, a 
brother of Dr. BERNARD suffered slight injuries, but will also recover.

A runner was sent to the city for medical assistance, and Drs. Walter 
died before their arrival, while MITCHELL was beyond reach of medical 
aid.  They did everything known to the science of medicine to alleviate 
the condition of the suffers and left them in good condition except they 
consider WILLIAMS likely to die.

William T. Bumpus son of William Bumpus Sr.
died in 1944 so who is this William Bumpus who died in September 1887. 

William S. Bumpus, a public-spirited citizen who has ably occupied various important positions of local trust, and is widely known throughout Jefferson County, has long been one of the leading and successful agriculturists of Dodd's Township. He is a man of sterling integrity, and commands the high regard of the entire community in which his busy life has been passed. In the spring of 1893 he removed with his family to the farm on section 34, where they are now living. Our subject was born in Hanover County, VA, May 22, 1836, and is the eldest of the six children born to W.S. and Charlotte Bumpus. His brothers and sisters are, Marta, R.M., L.N., Sarah M. and P.R. They are all living in Spring Garden Township, this county, with the exception of L.N., who makes his home in Texas. The father of our subject was likewise born and reared in Virginia, and there made his home until about 1838, when, having married, he removed with his family to Butler County, KY., and engaged in farm pursuits. He made his home in the Blue Grass state until 1860, when he came to Illinois and located in Spring Garden Township, where he passed the remainder of his life, dying at the age of seventy-six years. The maiden name of our subject's mother was Charlotte Buckner; she was likewise a native of Virginia, and departed this life in 1888. Grandfather Evan Bumpus was a Virginia by birth, and spent his entire life in that state. Our subject was quite young when his parents removed to Kentucky, where he was given a good education and remained until reaching his majority. Then having come to Illinois, he made a start in life for himself, and began working in a grist and saw mill on Moore's Prairie. He was thus employed at that place for two years, when he went to Spring Garden Township, where he found employment in a sawmill. In the meantime having saved his earnings he invested his money in land in that township, and for several years combined the occupations of a farmer and laborer in a a sawmill. Later he established a mill of his own, and for a number of years carried on the most extensive business in that line in the county. Mr. Bumpus made his home in Spring Garden Township for eighteen years, and in 1879 located in Dodd's Township, which place has since been his home. Here his first purchase of land consisted of eighty acres, to which he subsequently added until he owned a large estate of three hundred acres. This he has reduced, however, by giving his two eldest sons a small farm when they were ready to start out in life. While residing on that farm our subject erected a handsome and commodious residence, in which the family made their home until the spring of 1892, when he disposed of his farm and removed to another tract of land which he owned near by. On this he has erected a comfortable dwelling, in which he hopes to pass his declining years. While residing in Kentucky, Mr. Bumpus was married, January 11, 1858, to Miss Elizabeth T. Sharrer, who was born in that state December 28, 1836. She was the daughter of John and Rose Ann Sharrer, who reared a family of four children, only three of whom are living, namely: Mary A., Mrs. John Fitzgerald, residing in Kentucky, where also Antha, Mrs. James Sharrer, makes her home, and Mrs. Bumpus. Thomas Sharrer, the brother was a soldier during the late Civil War, and died soon after peace was declared, from the effects of exposure and hardships which he endured while in the service. The six children comprising the family of our subject and his wife are, Charles, a farmer of Dodd's Township; Eugenia, Mrs. William Wallace, of Spring Garden Township; William T., residing in Kansas City, Mo.; Millard F., making his home in this township; Edgar and Alpheus R., at home. Mr. Bumpus has been inseparably associated with the political affairs of his township and county for a number of years, and has filled many of the important positions within the gift of his fellow citizens. He was a Democrat in politics until the formation of the Greenback party, but of later years he has joined the ranks of the People's party. He was elected Justice of the Peace prior tot he organization of the township, and after serving several years in the capacity resigned. Later he filled the office of Supervisor, and after removing to Dodd's Township was elected Township Collector, Supervisor and Township Clerk. Mr. Bumpus, in 1883, was appointed Postmaster of Bumpus Post office, and after serving for nine years offered his resignation. He has also rendered efficient service as School Treasurer, having filled the office since 1886. He is recognized by all as one of the representative and honored citizens of the county, and has accomplished much good in his life. Socially, he is a member of the masonic order, affiliating with Mt. Vernon Lodge No. 31 since 1869. In 1865 he became a member of Spring Garden Lodge No. 242, I.O.O.F., with which he is still connected. Source: "Portrait and Biographical Record Clinton, Washington, Marion and Jefferson Counties, Illinois" Chapman Publishing Co, Chicago, 1894
Children of William and Elizabeth Bumpus
In the 1900 Census Elizabeth states she has had 12 children with 6 living:

Charles H Bumpus
Eugenia C. Bumpus
William Bumpus
Theodore Bumpus died between 1883-1900
Millard Bumpus
Edgar Bumpus
Alpheus Bumpus

Charles H. Bumpus

Charles H. Bumpus was born October 27, 1858, and died November 12, 1933. He married Nellie May Hawkins May 19, 1888 in Jefferson County, Illinois. She was born 1866, and died January 28, 1920.
Charles H. Bumpus & Nellie M. Hawkins: Burial: Oakwood Cemetery, Jefferson County, IL
Children of Charles Bumpus and Nellie Hawkins are: + i. Harry Edgar Bumpus, born 1891; died April 09, 1960. ii. Lora E. Bumpus, born 1893; died 1941. iii. Sarah E Bumpus, born Abt. 1894. iv. Fred R Bumpus, born Abt. 1897. + v. Curran L. Bumpus, born February 27, 1901; died April 01, 1986.
Harry Edgar Bumpus & Viola Veneta Hale: Burial: Oakwood Cemetery, Jefferson County, IL
Harry Edgar Bumpus was born 1891, and died April 09, 1960. He married Viola Veneta Hale January 01, 1916 in Jefferson County, Illinois. She was born 1893, and died June 13, 1948. Children of Harry Bumpus and Viola Hale are: i. Wilbert N. Bumpus, born Abt. 1920. ii. Delbert N. Bumpus, born October 25, 1919; died August 26, 1990. He married Lorene Inez Rector. iii. Mary Elizabeth Bumpus, born Abt. 1925. She married Charles Leroy Crider. iv. Lemen Dwight Bumpus, born April 21, 1928; died October 22, 1979.
Delbert N. Bumpus Lemen Dwight Bumpus Burial: Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Burial: Memorial Gardens Cemetery, Jefferson County, IL Jefferson County, IL Curran L. Bumpus & Sarah Mae Unknown Lora E. Bumpus Burial: Oakwood Cemetery, Burial: Oakwood Cemetery, Jefferson County, IL Jefferson County, IL

Eugenia C. Bumpus

Eugenia C. Bumpus & William H. Wallace
Burial: Kirk Cemetery
Jefferson County, IL

Eugenia C. Bumpus was born July 31, 1860, and died Mar.15,1941. She married William H. Wallace September 26, 1886 in Jefferson County, Illinois. He was born Oct.26,1862, and died April 04,1941. Children of Eugenia Bumpus and William Wallace are: 58 i. Ira L Wallace, born May 6,1881, died April 02,1941 59 ii. Orval T Wallace, born Abt. 1888. 60 iii. Ferne O Wallace, born Abt. 1900.
William T. Bumpus

William T. Bumpus, born September 25, 1864, and died November 07, 1944 in Kansas City, MO. He married Margaret A. Flarity, she was born February 05, 1891 in Horton, Kansas, and died October 23, 1941 in Kansas City, MO she is buried in Calvary Cemetery, Kansas City, MO In 1920 & 1930 he is living in Kansas City Ward 13, Jackson, Missouri 1920 William T Bumpus 47 Margaret A Bumpus 28 Margaret A Gaffney 23 Margaret A. Bumpus is listed as being born in Kansas and her parents both born in Ireland, however her death certificate states that her parents were born in NY. Margaret A. Gaffney is listed as a cousin to the head of house she was born in NY and her parents are listed as born in NY
Theodore Bumpus

Theodore Bumpus, born December 28, 1869 died between 1883-1900 he is not found on the 1900 census in 1915 as he is not listed as a survivor in brother Millard's obituary. No further information
Millard F. Bumpus

Millard F. Bumpus was born November 09, 1871 in Jefferson County, IL, and died March 28, 1915 in Herrin, IL. He married Mary "Mollie" E. Hines January 27, 1892 in Jefferson County, Illinois. She was born Abt. 1874 in Indiana. April 7, 1915 Mt.Vernon Register Millard F. BUMPAS was born on November 9th, 1871 near Spring Garden, Ill. and died March 28th,1915, in Herrin, Ill., aged 43 years 4 months and 9 days. He was united in marriage to Mary E. HINES, January 27, 1892. To this union were born 3 children, Rado, Elizabeth Grace and Gale Hines Bumpus. Mr. Bumpus leaves to mourn his death an aged father, a sorrowing wife and 3 children, 4 brothers and one sister, W.S. Bumpus and C.H. Bumpus, both of Opdyke, Ill., W.T. Bumpus of Kansas City, Mo., Edgar Bumpus of Brandentown, Fla., A.K. Bumpus of Amarilla, Texas, and Mrs. W. H. WALLACE of Bonnie, Ill. Funeral services were held at the home, 616 North 14th St., March 30, 1915, conducted by the pastor of the Baptist church. April 7, 1915 Mt.Vernon Register Children of Millard Bumpus and Mary Hines are: i. Rado E. Bumpus, born Abt. 1894. ii. Elizabeth Grace Bumpus, born Abt. 1898. iii. Gale Hines Bumpus, born Abt. 1904.
Edgar Bumpus

Edgar Bumpus was born December 26, 1874, in Jefferson County, IL, and died October 09, 1949 in Humboldt County, California. He 1st married Helen G. Hunter February 19, 1896 in Jefferson County, IL. She was born Abt. 1875 and died unknown. She was the daughter of David S. Hunter and Alice Finley. Edgar and Helen divorced 1903 in Jefferson County, IL. He married 2nd to Sarah E. Lynch they married Abt. 1903. She was born October 12, 1885 in Jefferson County, IL and died December 02, 1944 in Humboldt County, California. She was the daughter of John W. Lynch and Mary J. Hayes Children of Edgar Bumpus and Helen Hunter are: i. William Eugene Bumpus, born February 07, 1897 and died April 29, 1971 in El Dorado, California. Children of Edgar Bumpus and Sarah E. Lynch are: i. Mabel Bumpus, born June 13, 1904 and died June 15, 1994 in Sonoma, California ii. Theodore V Bumpus, born Abt. 1908. iii. Mary Bumpus, born Abt. 1912. iv. Martha R. Bumpus, born Abt. 1922. v. Millard G. Bumpus, born Abt. 1925. vi. Noreen Bumpus, born Abt. 1928.
Alpheus K. Bumpus

Alpheus K. Bumpus, born October 21, 1877 At the time of his brother Millard's death in 1915 he was living in Amarilla, Texas per Millard's obituary. No further information
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