Jefferson County

Mount Vernon, Illinois Enterprises
Submitted By: Mary Zinzilieta

LOUISVILLE and NASHVILLE RAILROAD - here several hundred men are employed and 
the monthly pay-roll foots up $20,000.  The finest cars are built and repaired here. 
Through the courtesy of Mr. Fred ATWOOD I was shown through, and here met Messrs. 
YULE, GOWENLOCK, YOUNG and BRUNING.  The shops are in charge of Superintendent WALSH, 
a skilled mechanic.  The offices of the freight and passsenger department of the road 
are under the efficient care of Mr. Will TAYLOR.

THE JEFFERSON MILLING COMPANY - is an old-established industry of the city and 
commands a trade far and near for their staple goods.  They have a large capacity 
by the roller process, and in connection with the mill have a large elevator.  
Colonel George W. EVANS and John R. ALLEN are the proprietors.

THE MT. VERNON MILLING COMPANY - is one of the staid institutions of Mt. Vernon.  
Captain S. H. WATSON is the treasurer and Fred WATSON the young and handsome secretary.  
The mill has the full roller process with a capacity of 150 barrels a day.  
Their different brands have won a favorable reputuation.

BANKING - G. W. EVANS is one of the staunch financial concerns of the town and is 
found engaged in the business of a first class bank; T. E. PATTON cashier and county 
treasurer.  The Mt. Vernon Bank is another of the sold houses; Noah JOHNSTON, president; 
C. D. HAM, cashier.

ABSTRACTOR - H. A. RUTHERFORD is a prominent abstractor and was formerly deputy county 
treasurer.  Hank is an adept at that which he undertakes and business entrusted to his 
care is sure to receive prompt attention.

COUNTY CLERK - Allan C. TANNER is the best County Clerk Jefferson County ever had and 
the most economical one also.  He has saved hundreds of dollars to the county during 
his term of six years in office, and the people showed their appreciation by electing 
him last fall for a new term.  He is prompt in the dispatch of his duties and few county 
clerks in the state can show a better lot of records than can Mr. TANNER.  He is a great 
lover of sport and many large deer stories are traced to his door.  He recently spent a 
few days in Southeast Missouri and sent home some excellent proof of his tales in the 
shape of some fine venison.

EDUCATOR - William T. SUMNER is a promising young educator and couty superintendent of 
schools.  He had a close call last fall, but, like all the other Democrats, got there 
all the same.  His office is in the courthouse and he performs his duties with credit 
to himself and honor to all.

ATTORNEY - William H. GREEN is a rising young Roman of the Jefferson County bar.  He is 
a good lawyer and one of the best prosecuting attorneys in the state.  When a person is 
indicted in this county he had as well plead guilty and have the trouble over with for 
his chances of acquittal are as one to nothiing.  Mr. GREEN has made a reputation that 
the people are proud of and the duties of his office are never neglected.  He is the son 
of Dr. GREEN and learned the principles of Democracy from his father and the 
"Missouri Republican".

AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS - J. S. GREER is a new comer in Mt. Vernon, but a number one 
business man having for many years transacted a large and profitable business as a 
merchant of several towns in this state.  He has recently purchased the agricultural 
implement business formerly run by Senator STRATTAN.  His store on the south side of 
the square speaks well for itself, and shows business talent for its owner.

STORE - The store on the south side of the square with the sign "Robert E. RYAN" is one 
of the standard dry good houses of the city.  The best line of goods are always on hand 
and Bob is always found ready and able to please.  Mr. RYAN was formerly of Evansville, 
Indiana and during the nine years of business life here he has made many friends and 
considerable money fully deserving the success he has met with.

REAL ESTATE - William T. WILLIAMS is a real estate agent and does business on the south 
side of the square.

ATTORNEY - R. A. PERRY is a genial whole-souled gentleman wherever found and can practice 
law and play chess with the best of them.  He has a pleasant office on the southwest 
corner and his clients always find him at home and ready to attend to business.

UNDERTAKER - J. J. FLY & Sons firm will always prosper while people die and they are 
undertakers.  They also have the finest furniture store in Mt. Vernon.  They are on of 
the old reliable firms of the city.

APPELLATE COURT - John W. BURTON is clerk of the Appellate Court of the Fourth District.  
Mr. BURTON is a young man being but 32 years of age, and is one of the live Democrats of 
Southern Illinois.  He is universally popular at the bar and is recognized by all as one 
of the best and most accommodating clerks in the state.  He is perfectly familiar with 
all the duties of his office and is ever prompt and faithful in their discharge.  He is 
a graduate of the Indiana State University, being honor man of the class of 1876.  
He is a typical Egyptian, having spent all his life, within a few years, in Southern Illinois.  
Physically he is a handsome specimen of manhood. He practiced law at Carbondale and Marion 
before his election and made a favorable reputation as an able practitioner. He is acquainted 
with more men than any man of his age in the district and takes an active part in every campaign, 
being recognized as one of the best political orators in the ranks of the Egyptian !

POSTMASTER - R. F. PACE is the newly appointed Postmaster. He was at the time of his appointment secretary of the Mt. Vernon Milling Company. BUSINESS MAN - John J. MANION is an enterprising business man of the city and enjoys the friendship of all who have the pleasure of his acquaintance. He is an honored member of the Knights of Pythias, which is one of the prominent societies of the city. ATTORNEY - Albert WATSON, Esquire is among the legal fraternity of Mt. Vernon and in the profession of his choice he has won by his distinguishing ability an honorable and flattering position. His clients know him for his fidelity to them in matters entrusted to him, and his brother members rejoice in being associated with him at the bar. He read law with C. H. PATTON, Esquire and is making for himself a lucrative practice. SAWMILL - Honorable George H. VARNELL has ever been a leader in the enterprises of Mt. Vernon. He owns several large sawmills throughout the county and is one of the largest tie contractors in the country. He has erected quite a number of houses in the city and has represented this district in the legislature. For several terms he was mayor of the city. CLERK - It does one good to take the hand of Jake CHANCE, the ever popular clerk of the Supreme Court. During the greater part of the last ten years Mr. CHANCE has ably filled this postion. The newspaper men of Mt. Vernon have cause to accredit to J. O. CHANCE man acts of courtesy. The people of the third grand division could not place a more faithful officer in an office of so much importance. REPRESENTATIVE - General William B. ANDERSON is one of the men that Jefferson County delights to honor. He was the Representative of this Congressional District in Congress and has ably represented his constituents. He has been County Judge of the county, and is at present the Internal Revenue Collector, with is office at Cairo, but was born in this county, and Mt. Vernon is his home. No man in Jefferson County has more friends and admirers. ATTORNEY - C. H. BURTON, Esquire, is a rising young lawyer, and is the resident correspondent of the "Missouri Republican". It is always a pleasure to speak well of the deserving, and the subject of this notice comes properly in that category. Mr. BURTON is an honored member of the Jefferson County BAR, an able counselor and a credit to the profession which he has chosen and to which he is so admirably adapted. As a correspondent he wields a facile pen, and it frequently devolves upon him to send some very important decisions of the Supreme Court, in which work he is peculiarly well fitted. He portrays in graphic style that which he would place in the reach of the patient reader. Mr. BURTON is a thorough gentleman and is ever faithful in all that which he undertakes. BAPTIST BANNER - The "Banner" is a new Baptist journal, edited in an able manner by Elder THROGMORTON. PRESIDENT MT. VERNON BANK - One of the old time men of the city is Noah JOHNSON. By strict business principles and honesty to all those with whom he came in contact, he has achieved a high social and financial standing in the entire community. He is now President of the Mt. Vernon BANK, a stanch financial concern of the city. Mr. JOHNSON was the first clerk of the Supreme Court, third grand division. ATTORNEY - Practicing at the Bar of Jefferson and adjoining counties we find C. H. PATTON, Esquire. Mr. PATTON is an old resident and has several times served the people in various capacities with credit to himself and honor to those he served. He is the owner of the PATTON block which is divided into several commodious and convenient offices and business apartments. Mr. PATTON is a prominent Knight Templar. MT. VERNON WEEKLY NEWS - Catering to the reading public we find a genial and courteous gentleman wielding the quill--no, that's too old--the latest style of pencil, in the office of the "Mt. Vernon Weekly News". The News has ever been a successful newspaper and welcome visitor. Recently it has passed into the hands of Mr. John W. GREAR, and it is predicted that the gems of wit and wisdom, the crisp paragraphs of which the young editor is capable of writing, will bring him a suitable and deserved harvest. GROCERY STORE - Among the grocery houses of Mt. Vernon, that of the PRICE Brothers attracted, by reason of the neatness and quality and quanity of goods displayed, the attention of the writer. All the needs of the culinary household is supplied over these counters in a courteous and business-like manner. TAILOR - In 1879 G. F. M. WARD established a gents' fine furnishing house and tailoring establishment in this city, and, in the time which has elapsed since then the gentleman has acquired a trade and achieved a reputation of which he is warranted in feeling proud. His store is well equipped, and old and young, poor and rich, are seen in all the cities of Egypt wearing Mr. WARD's goods. This in itself is a reputation.
HUDSPETH & COMPANY DRY GOODS - They have one of the finest retail dry goods houses in the state. Their goods are purchased direct from importers in the East, and their store is noted for the fancy goods and novelties always kept, in addition to a mammoth line of staple goods found in first class stores. The firm is composed of Mr. HUDSPETH, Frank BARBOUR, and Charles POOL. Messrs. BARBOUR and POOL, assisted by T. E. WESTCOTT and a number of other excellent clerks, accommodate in the most agreeable manner the numerous patrons of this elegant establishment. Mr. BARBOUR spends several weeks in the East each season buying stock for the firm, and he is also known throughout Egypt, Indiana and Kentucky as one of the most gentlemanly drummers that ever traveled in his territory. He has for years represented the wholesale house of HINKLE, NISBET & Company of Evansville, Indiana. PHYSICIAN - The oldest and one of the ablest physicians in Egypt is Dr. W. Duff GREEN. No man in Mt. Vernon has done more to advance the interests of Jefferson County than has this highly respected gentleman. At an early day he owned the greater portion of the present site of the flourishing city of Mt. Vernon, and hundreds of houses have been built in the old farm of Dr. GREEN, which is now the most popular portion of the city. Associated with the doctor is his son, Dr. Earl GREEN, a young physician of great promise, who enjoys a lucrative practice and is a graduate of Bellevue, New York college. STORE - Dealing in fresh fish, oysters, tobacco and cigars, N. C. MALONE was found located on the ______ side, where customers find him attentive and courteous. Mr. MALONE is entitled to be classed with the live business men of the city. STORE - The store of Charles HARVEY was visited, where was seen, arranged in tasty style, fancy and staple dry goods of every description. We also met there Mr. W. M. HARVEY, who owns an interest in the store and is the traveling salesman for the Alkire Grocer Company of St. Louis. The gentlemen are known for their strict business principles. LUMBER & LIVERY - A. R. MERRILL deals in lumber, lath shingles, lime, etc. He also runs a first class livery stable, where fine rigs are procured on reasonable terms. Everybody knows Ransom MERRILL as occupying the first base in the Commercial baseball club of Mt. Vernon, which during last summer made several conquests of note. HOTEL - J. E. M'GILLEY is the proprietor of the Commercial house, having recently removed here, and proposes to keep a first class hotel at reasonable rates. Those traveling will find mine host on the alert to please his entertainment. ABSTRACTING - POLLOCK & Sons are real estate and loan agents and do a general abtract business. The members of the firm are James M., William C., and James L. POLLOCK. Their office on the North West corner of the square. This is one of the reliable standbys of the city. PHYSICIAN - It was a pleasure to meet during our sojourn in the city Dr. Walter WATSON. No one is more generally or favorably known than this gentleman. By dint of commendable devotion to his profession he has achieved a desirable reputation as a physician. He was elected to fill the chair of surgery in the Cincinnati Medical College and performed his duties with distinguishing ability. Dr. WATSON is comfortably located in the Phoenix block. TAILOR - P. W. HERMAN is the well known merchant tailor doing business on the West side of the square. Mr. HERMAN is acknowledged to be learned in the calling which he for many years has sucessfully pursued. Everything in the way of neat and nobby suits are produced in this shop. BUTCHER - No city can get along without a first class butcher shop, and this want is supplied by William CAPPS, on the North East corner, everything delicious in the meat line is found here in both quality and quantity to suit the most epicuring taste. Mr. CAPPS and his business is a credit to the city. GROCERY STORE - W. J. HIX is one of the prominent business men of the city and is chief salesman in the grocery store for M. M. GOODALE. HOTEL - Harlow TAYLOR is the boss hotel keeper in all Egypt. He is the proprietor of the TAYLOR house and the way he feeds makes a fellow feel on good terms with everbody "to-wunst". Mr. TAYLOR has fitted up his house in a neat and attractive manner. He gives a good square meal and throws in the sweetests strains of a brand new music box of the latest pattern. With the traveling public HARLOW is and will ever be popular. GENERAL MERCHANDISE - On the South East corner of the square was found the old reliable house of G. W. YOST and Company, composed of Captain YOST and Van MAXEY. This firm does a smashing business in general merchandise, and it is a by-word with those who supply their tables with the good things of the season and the needs of the public in the latest novelties in boots, shoes, notions, hats, caps, dry goods, etc. Captain YOST has once or twice served Jefferson County in the capacity of sheriff and made a faithful and efficient officer. Mr. MAXEY is a well known gentleman of an old family and is one of the staunch business men of Mt. Vernon.
CLOTHING STORE - For twelve years the people of Mt. Vernon have appreciated the advantage of having such men as D. H. WISE in their midst. The business place of this gentlelmen is a credit to the city and is not surpassed by any house in the same line in Southern Illinois. His line of clothing and gent's furnishing goods, and the display on his shelves and counters indicate that the gentleman has no peer in the selection of good goods, and his growing trade tells of satisfaction and popular prices. HARDWARE STORE - R. L. STRATTAN & Company have the finest hardware store in Mt. Vernon and it will compare favorably with any in Egyptian territory. They sell all kinds of stoves and furniture and deal in farming implements of every description. This is a most reliable house, the firm being made up of R. L. and S. T. STRATTAN, who have been closely identified with the various industries of the city. REPUBLICAN - While in the city the "Republican" man was introduced to Dr. J. H. WATSON of Woodlawn, this county. He has during the period which he has practiced medicine, made many friends, who know him as a skillful physician and surgeon. He is a member of the district pension board and, as all good men do, he takes the daily and Sunday "Republican". GALLERY - While here I visited the gallery of Mr. and Mrs. HITCHCOCK, where several specimens of their artistic skill were displayed. The character of work done by these people needs no encomium from any paper. It tells the story itself. The HITCHCOCKS have just finished a very fine crayon of General LOGAN, which is greatly admired by the many friends of the dead chieftain. BANDS - The Mount Vernon Independent Silver Cornet Band is known all over the state for its fine instruments, handsome uniforms and the handsome and popular gentlemen who compose it and for excellent character of their music. GROCERY STORE - On the North East corner of the square the "Republican" representative had the pleasure of meeting two of the best young business men of the prairie state. HOWARD Brother's grocery store is a perfect model, and their trade is in proportion of their splendid stock. Joe and George HOWARD are first class gentlemen, and are identified with all the public enterprises. They certainly deserve the profitable trade they have by honorable dealing acquired. Both gentlemen occupy an enviable place in Mt. Vernon society, where they acquit themselves as gracefully as they are handsome. LUMBER COMPANY - E. M. WALKER and Company carry a large line of hard and soft lumber, and do a magnificent business annually. Their stock is a credit to the city. Many of the elegant homes of this city have been built from the commodious yards of this firm. The firm is composed of E. M. WALKER and Van WILBANKS, who is absent in California. The business manager is Smith JOHNSON, who, by his devotion to business and strict business principles, has done much to bring the firm to its present standing. STABLE - The stables of S. A. PATTERSON is one of the best equipped in the state, and it is a pleasure to ride behind some of his stock. He has some very fine horse flesh, and is constantly buying and selling horses and mules. He leaves for New Orleans with a cargo in a few days. THE REGISTER - Morris EMMERSON is the editor and proprietor of the "Register", which paper is issued once a week brimful of all that goes to fill a sound and enterprising journal. The "Republican" correspondent remembers the call made at the "Register" office, and is complete master of the enterprise of which he stands at the head. The "Register" is issued weekly, and is a typographical beauty as it rolls off a CAMPBELL cylinder press. Success to Morris and the "Register". ATTORNEY - Norman H. MOSS is an honored member of the Jefferson County Bar. He has his office in the PATTON block, and is at all times genial and pleasant to all who have the pleasure of his acquaintance. He takes an active part in politics and is an ardent devotee of the Republican cause, and gives promise of a useful career. SURVEYOR - Kirby SMITH is the county surveyor and is a young man of much ability in the avocation he has chosen. He was elected to office by a handsome majority. CIRCUIT CLERK - There is, perhaps, no man in Jefferson County who, to a greater degree, commands higher respect than Uncle Johnny BOGAN. He has been Circuit Clerk here for thirty one years. Few men have held such an office for as many consecutive years. At three different times he polled within a few votes of the entire vote of the county. Uncle Johnny is authority for all matters pertaining to court affairs of the county. There were few men who could hold a candle to him, and they are dead. He is still hale and hearty, and though gray with the snows of many winters, he still performs duties in a manner which provokes only sentiments of praise.
DEPUTY SHERIFF - C. G. VAUGHN is at present deputy sheriff. He was formerly sheriff, and has been an attache of the courthouse for the last twenty years. Uncle "Kit" is known as the boss horse thief catcher, and woe to the fellow who leaves the county with anyting in the shape of horse flesh without being able to prove property. SHERIFF - Samuel COOPER is the present sheriff of Jefferson County, and has been the jailer for upwards of twenty years, during which there has been little complaint and no escapes. He has been a faithful servant in all things pertaining to his duties, and enjoys the confidence of all with whom he comes in contact. DRY GOODS STORE - One of the stanch business houses of the city is that of STRATTAN, FERGUSON and Company, whose fine store was visited, on the South East corner of the square. This house has built up a heavy business in dry goods, groceries, carpets, boots, shoes and novelties, etc. They also run an extensive woolen mill in connection with their business. The firm is composed of S. T. STRATTAN, James E. FERGUSON, V. A. RAYMOND and J. Hill WILLIAMS. They enjoy an enviable reputation in the transaction of business on time honored principles. PHYSICIAN - Dr. F. W. PATTON is a rising young physician of this city. He is careful and successful in his chosen profession, and has been honored by the government in being appointed as a member of the pensioning and examing board of this city. He is also physician for the Louisville and Nashville Railroad Company. COUNTY JUDGE - Honorable William T. PACE is the young and highly efficient County Judge. He was a deputy sheriff when he was 20 years old, and read law with Judge CASEY, being admitted to the bar when he was 24. He was appointed special master in chancery to sell lands belonging to the BREEZE estate, and effected the largest sale ever made in the county, amounting to $33,000. In the last primary election he waxed two competitors, and was elected to the office which he so creditably serves the people. PHYSICIAN - J. H. MITCHELL, than whom no man can boast of a more satisfactorily record in the practice of medicine, preceded by a father thoroughly versed in the science of the Medical world, and skilled by years of practice. Dr. MITCHELL inherited and acquired the good qualities necessary to cure the sick. He has in the past seven years built up a practice that mothing but merit could command. He is a prominent Mason. He neglects neither his patients or his office, and is a hard student. GENERAL MERCHANDISE - C. W. PAVEY & Sons--The name of PAVEY is so well known in all Southern Illinois that few words are required to notice this firm. They do a spanking business in general merchandise, having a large and commodious store on the South West corner of the square. The firm is composed of General Charles W. PAVEY and his two sons, Louis and Gene. General PAVEY has ever been identified with the interests of Mt. Vernon, having resided here for many years. He owns a fine stock farm just outside the city, and his thoroughbred stock is in demand all over the country. He is at present the president of the Illinois Association of Ex-prisoners of War, and was confined in all the prisons of the Confederacy. He is also senior vice-commander of the Southern Illinois Soldiers' Association. For many years he was Internal Revenue Collector of this district. All know General PAVEY for his genial and generous dispostion, as a brave and faithful Union soldier. BUSINESS MAN - J. W. BAUGH is a thorough business man, and ably fills the postion of express agent and Justice of Peace. At odd times he makes abstracts and sells real estate, writes insurance, and does whatever he undertakes successfully. For many years he was employed in the Circuit Clerk's office, and many of the records are wholly or in part written by him. Such men as Squire BAUGH make things go ahead and a prosperous city. SECRET SOCIETIES - Knights of Pythias, Odd Fellows, Mason, Grand Army of the Republic, and Locomotive Engineers. Mt. Vernon has also a first class fire department. CHURCHES - Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist, Episcopal, and Catholic. I mentioned the following names which must ever be placed in the history of the upbuilding of Prosperous Mt. Vernon: Honorable J. M. PACE, Dr. W. Duff GREEN, Colonel G. W. EVANS, Captain S. T. STRATTAN, John R. ALLEN, R. F. PACE, S. H. WATSON, J. E. FERGUSON, Honorable G. H. VARNELL, Judge GRANT, Judge CASEY, Lieutenant Governor CASEY, Noah JOHNSON, Tazewell B. TANNER, John DODDS and others. In closing this article I beg to acknowledge the generous assistance of the genial and accommodating Charles H. BURTON, Esquire; of the editors of the "News" and "Register"; of Senator SATTERFIELD, the prominent attorney and sage of Mt. Vernon; of Postmaster HINDMAN and J. O. CHANCE of the Supreme Court. Signed GRAFF