Jefferson County

Divorce Records

These  entries were taken from Index Book 1 of Plaintiffs in the
Circuit Clerk's office of Jefferson County, IL.
Submitted By: Mary Zinzilieta

Plaintiff			Defendant		Date

Oakley, John W. 	vs. 	Mary E. Oakley 		1889 
Obrian, Mary 		vs. 	Philp Obrian 		Feb 1874 
Oliver, Sarah L. 	vs. 	George W. Oliver 	Jun 1868 
Osborn, John 		vs. 	Hethie 			1888 
Osborne, Mary M. 	vs. 	John M. Osborne 	1889 
Osborne, Mary M. 	vs. 	Lewis P. Osborne 	1890 
Ostrander, David A. 	vs. 	Acelia Ostrander 	Jul 1877 
Overton, Thomas J. 	vs. 	Mary R. M. Overton 	1892 
Owen, Mary A. 		vs. 	George W. Owen 		Mar 1869 
Owens, Samuel J. 	vs. 	Annie Owens 		1893 

Pace, Annie vs. William Pace 1879 Palmer, Branch vs. Partheny Palmer Sep 1874 Parks, Lucinda vs. Samuel Parks Mar 1866 Pashong, Michael vs. Eveliney 1880 Pasley, Kate vs. Channing Pasley 1893 Pate, Eveline vs. Lewis Pate May 1860 Patterson, Anna vs. Perry Paterson 1888 Patterson, Laura vs. Jefferson Patterson 1892 Patterson, Sarah vs. Lucus Patterson Mar 1847 Patton, Williams vs. Mollie Patton 1879 Pearson, Clarissa vs. Erastus Pearson 1878 Pearson, Thomas vs. Elizabeth Pearson Mar 1868 Pease, Similda S. vs. Frank Pease 1878 Peavler, Ida Evans vs. Hugh Peavler 1893 Perry, Hannah vs. James D. Perry Aug 1866 Petchong, Malissa vs. Michael Petchong Mar 1871 Peterson, James vs. Lucy Peterson 1879 Peterson, James vs. Nancy Peterson May 1869 Peterson, Nancy E. vs. James Peterson Oct 1860 Pettypool, Thomas vs. Margaret Pettypool Mar 1870 Phelps, Margaret vs. Marion Phelps Mar 1866 Phipps, Serena vs. Benton Phipps May 1860 Pickett, Ellen J. vs. James E. Pickett 1893 Pierce, J. F. vs. Mary A. Pierce 1890 Pierce, James F. vs. Mary A. Pierce 1892 Piercy, Sherwood vs. Jeanette Piercy 1889 Pigg, Henry vs. Sarah Bell Pigg Sep 1874 Pigg, Laura A. vs. Samuel D. Pigg 1888 Piper, James vs. Mary Piper Dec 1851 Piper, Merrie A. vs. Josephus Piper 1884 Pitchford, Laura E. vs. John M. Pitchford 1881 Pitchford, Sarah E. vs. P. J. Pitchford 1886 Pitchong, Mellisa vs. Micheal Pitchong Aug 1872 Platt, Dora L. vs. Joseph T. Platt 1893 Porter, Leah vs. Henry Porter 1894 Porter, Margaret vs. Richard Porter 1894 Porter, Mary F. vs. John A. Porter 1882 Poston, Harriet L. vs. J. H. Poston 1893 Purcell, John vs. Barbara Purcell Mar 1868 Purdue, Eddie D. A. vs. James Purdue Aug 1868
Quick, Margaret E. vs. George Quick 1889 Quinn, Joseph C. vs. Laura A. Quinn 1880
Rains, James vs. Emily Rains 1883 Rains, Ticy vs. John Rains Oct 1861 Rash, Martha E. vs. William D. Rash 1880 Rearden, Glendora vs. Arthur Rearden May 1881 Redfern, William H. vs. Sarah C. Redfern 1889 Redman, John W. vs. Louisa E. Redman 1884 Reece, Littleberry vs. Sarah Reece May 1859 Reece, Richard vs. Lou Reece 1885 W 267 Reed, Emma vs. Marvin Reed Feb 1879 Reed, Frances M. vs. William H. Reed 1882 Reed, Frances M. vs. William H. Reed 1883 Reed, William vs. Frances Reed 1887 Reynolds, Alvin W. vs. Mary E. Reynolds 1890 Reynolds, Green B. vs. Priscilla Reynolds Oct 1857 Reynolds, Samuel W. vs. Lucretia Reynolds Mar 1866 Reynolds, Sarah vs. Samuel Reynolds Oct 1864 Reynolds, Zadoc C. vs. Charlotte Reynolds 1885 Reynolds, Zadoc C. vs. Mary D. Reynolds 1890 Reynor, Richard vs. Nancy Reynor 1878 Riddle, Carrie E. vs. James Riddle 1883 Rightnowar, Mary vs. George Rightnowar Jul 1874 Rightnowar, Matilda vs. Samuel Rightnowar Sep 1876 Rightnowar, Nancy R. vs. Reason L. Rightnowar Nov 1867 Rightnowar, Sarah vs. John Rightnowar 1884 Riley, Lavina C. vs. James R. Riley 1880 Roach, Marlenadell vs. William E. Roach 1893 Roberts, Kate vs. Grant Roberts 1893 Roberts, Mary vs. James M. Roberts 1883 Robertson, Edward vs. Angeline Robertson Aug 1874 Robinson, Dernay A. vs. Demaris Robinson Oct 1858 Robinson, Frank N. vs. Eva E. Robinson 1890 Robinson, Janette vs. James Robinson 1883 Robinson, Louvina vs. George Rose 1890 Robinson, Nancy vs. Amos Robinson May 1854 Robinson, Nebraska vs. William A. Reed 1883 Robinson, Sarah vs. Benjamin Robinson 1893 Rodgers, David vs. Amilea Rodgers Sep 1839 Rodgers, Nellie vs. John Rodgers 1890 Rodgers, Oneda vs. John R. Rodgers 1890 Rogers, Charles vs. Mary E. Rogers Mar 1870 Rogers, Joseph L. vs. Frances Rogers Jun 1874 Rollins, Mary L. vs. Thomas M. Rollins Jun 1868 Rollinson, Thomas vs. Mahala Rollinson 1886 Rose, Emma F. vs. Isaac N. Rose 1882 Rose, George vs. Nancy M. Rose 1885 Rose, Louvina vs. George Rose 1890 Rosenburg, George W. vs. Fanny J. Rosenburg Ross, Matilda vs. William R. Ross Dec 1874 Roth, Jacob vs. Josephine Roth 1889 Roth, Josaphine vs. Jacob Roth 1887 Ruff, Sarah vs. Mathew Ruff 1881 Rush, Rebecca vs. John Rush Aug 1865 Russell, James M. vs. Mary A. Russell 1882 Russell, James M. vs. Mary A. Russell 1883 Russell, Sarah vs. George Russell Jun 1843 Rutherford, Nettie A. vs. Henry A. Rutherford 1892 Ryns, James vs. Mary S. Ryns 1878


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