Jefferson County

Divorce Records

Divorce Records 1835-1894 M & N

These  entries were taken from Index Book 1 of Plaintiffs in the
Circuit Clerk's office of Jefferson County, IL.
Submitted By: Mary Zinzilieta

Plaintiff			Defendant		Date

Malden, Rebecca 	vs. 	Isaac Malden 		Aug 1866
Malone, Nellie 		vs. 	Daniel Malone 		1893
Malone, William N. 	vs. 	Mary A. Malone 		1888
Malone, William 	vs. 	Elmira Malone 		Aug 1850 
Mandrell, Henry 	vs. 	Nancy Mandrell 		May 1856 
Manece, Parthena 	vs. 	Mathew B. Manece 	May 1861 
Maneese, Mary 		vs. 	Mathew B. Maneese 	Aug 1869 
Maneese, Mary 		vs. 	Mathew Maneese 		Feb 1876 
Maneese, Mathew B. 	vs. 	Porthena Maneese 	May 1864 
Manion, John 		vs. 	Nancy Manion 		1891 
Martin, Eliza A. 	vs. 	William T. Martin 	Jun 1868 
Martin, Franklin M. 	vs. 	Hannah Martin 		1882 
Martin, James 		vs. 	Rachael Martin 		Mar 1848 
Martin, Martha J. 	vs. 	John Martin 		1892
Martin, Martha 		vs. 	John Martin 		1892 
Martin, Samantha 	vs. 	William C. Martin 	1891 
Martin, Tabitha 	vs. 	Benjamin Martin 	Oct 1859
Martz, Catharine 	vs. 	Alexander Martz 	1894 
Massey, Emma 		vs. 	John A. Massey 		1883 
Masters, William M. 	vs. 	Sarah E. Masters 	1883 
Mathews, Abigah A. 	vs. 	Enoch Mathews 		1881
Maulding, Mary 		vs. 	Frank Maulding 		1894
Maxey, Lucinda 		vs. 	Samuel Maxey 		1883 
Mellott, Lydia 		vs. 	James Mellott 		Sep 1876 
Melton, Isaac 		vs. 	Emeline Melton 		Aug 1867 
Melton, John C. 	vs. 	Sarah H. A. Melton 	Mar 1869 
Menze, Augusta 		vs. 	Christian Menze 	1882 
Menze, Lizzie 		vs. 	Christian Menze 	1886 
Meredith, Daniel 	vs. 	Catherine Meredith 	1891 
Milburn, Lillie E. 	vs. 	William A. Milburn 	1883 
Miller, Charles W. 	vs. 	Eliza E. Miller 	Mar 1872 
Miller, Mary 		vs. 	John Miller 		1878 
Miller, Tabitha J. 	vs. 	James J. Miller 	1889 
Minson, Willis B. 	vs. 	Sarah Minson 		Aug 1867
Mitchell, Benjamin O. 	vs. 	Mary C. Mitchell 	1885 
Mitchell, Elizabeth J. 	vs. 	William H. 		Aug 1871 
Mofield, Cynthia 	vs. 	Johnson Mofield 	Oct 1858
Moore, Alexander 	vs. 	Rebecca Moore 		Aug 1868 
Moore, Elizabeth J. 	vs. 	Samuel H. Moore 	Sep 1873 
Moore, Martha 		vs. 	Thomas Moore 		Oct 1859 
Moore, Mary E. 		vs. 	James Moore 		1892 
Moore, Ransom 		vs. 	Cathern Moore 		1893 
Moore, William B. 	vs. 	Mary Moore 		Mar 1866 
Morefield, Cynthia 	vs. 	Johnson Morefield 	May 1856
Morefield, Johnson 	vs. 	Margaret Morefield 	May 1856 
Morgan, Laura 		vs. 	Harvey Morgan 		1890 
Morgan, Margaret 	vs. 	James Morgan 		1892 
Morgan, Robert 		vs. 	Emma Morgan 		1886 
Morgan, Sarah A. 	vs. 	Thomas N. Morgan 	1886 
Morgan, Thomas N. 	vs. 	Sarah A. Morgan 	1892 
Munsell, Lorenzo 	vs. 	Phydelia Munsell 	Aug 1869 
Munsell, Lorenzo 	vs. 	Phydelia Munsell 	May 1862 
Murphy, George M. 	vs. 	Larenia K. 		1883
Murphy, Sarah 		vs. 	Robert Murphy 		1889 
Musgrave, William 	vs. 	Tibitha Musgrave 	Oct 1864 
Musgraves, Samuel G. 	vs. 	Sila D. Musgraves 	Aug 1870 
Music, Delilah 		vs. 	Roland Music 		1878 
Myers, Henriette 	vs. 	William Myers 		1882 
Myers, John 		vs. 	Harriet Myers 		1889 
Myers, John 		vs. 	Martha E. Myers 	1885 
Myers, Sarah J. 	vs. 	John F. Myers 		Oct 1857 
McAdam, Maggie 		vs. 	John McAdam 		1881 U 64
McAtee Euma 		vs. 	Theodore McAtee 	1890
McBryan, Sarah 		vs. 	Ellis McBryan 		Sep 1878 
McCann, L. A. D. 	vs. 	Orlena McCann 		1885 
McClarin, Ora M. 	vs. 	Robert E. McClarin 	1893 
McClure, Thomas C. 	vs. 	Melviney McClure 	Aug 1865
McConnell, America 	vs. 	William McConnell 	May 1861 
McConnell, Lillis 	vs. 	William McConnell 	Sep 1878 
McCormick, Lienan 	vs. 	James M. McCormick 	1884 
McDaniel, Martha J. 	vs. 	Edward J. McDaniel 	May 1857 
McDermott, Sarah 	vs. 	Thomas McDermott 	Jun 1877 
McIntire, Laura M. 	vs. 	William M. McIntire 	1886 
McKelvey, Hugh A. 	vs. 	Naomi McKelvey 		Mar 1869 
McKelvey, Naomi 	vs. 	Hugh A. McKelvey 	Nov 1867 
McKinney, Mary E. 	vs. 	Oscar F. McKinney 	1883 
McKinnis, Sarah 	vs. 	James A. McKinnis 	Jul 1874 
McKnight, Eliza 	vs. 	John McKnight 		Sep 1878 
McKnight, John E. 	vs. 	Eliza McKnight 		1877 
McMahan, Martha 	vs. 	James R. McMahan 	Mar 1869 
McMeens, James 		vs. 	Elizabeth McMeens 	Mar 1838 
McMillan, General 	vs. 	Nancy R. McMillan 	Oct 1864 
McNeal, Margaret 	vs. 	George W. McNeal 	1889 
McReynolds, James T. 	vs. 	Sarah McReynolds 	Oct 1851 
McReynolds, James 	vs. 	Hattie McReynolds 	1881

Nagle, John vs. Hicksey Adeline Nagle Feb 1874 Nagle, Lizzie vs. George J. Nagle 1888 Newboles, James W. vs. Sarah E. Newboles Mar 1868 Newby, Asberry vs. Nancy V. Newby May 1862 Nichols, Ann vs. William Nichols Aug 1869 Nichols, Francis vs. Mary Nichols Mar 1869 Ninelist, Sarah vs. William A. Ninelist 1887 Norman, Laura B. vs. Joseph H. 1892


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