Jefferson County

Divorce Records

Divorce Records 1835-1894 K & L

These  entries were taken from Index Book 1 of Plaintiffs in the
Circuit Clerk's office of Jefferson County, IL.
Submitted By: Mary Zinzilieta

Plaintiff			Defendant		Date

Kaneski, Annie 		vs. 	Frank Kaneski 		1893
Kaneski, Frank 		vs. 	Anna Kaneski 		1894
Kaupman, Zilphia 	vs. 	Joseph Kaupman 		Oct 1857 
Keller, Susan 		vs. 	George Keller 		May 1864
Kelley, A. H. 		vs. 	Carrie Kelley 		1892
Kelley, Hester 		vs. 	Arthur Kelley 		Sep 1851
Kelley, John N. 	vs. 	Nancy M. 		1893 
Kelley, Minan 		vs. 	William Kelley 		Sep 1833 
Kelley, Parmelia 	vs. 	Shadrack Kelley 	Oct 1860 
Kelly, Felix 		vs. 	Marinda Kelly 		1882 
Kelly, Felix 		vs. 	Nancy Kelly 		1882
Kelly, Felix 		vs. 	Nancy Kelly 		1881
Kelly, Malinda 		vs. 	Shadrack Kelly 		May 1857 
Kenney, George M. 	vs. 	Polly A. Kenney 	May 1854 
King, Edward 		vs. 	Rachel King 		Aug 1848 
King, Edward 		vs. 	Rachel King 		Nov 1845 
King, Marcellus 	vs. 	Fidelia D. King 	1879 
King, Marcellus 	vs. 	Fidelia King 		Sep 1878 
King, Susan 		vs. 	Marcellus M. King 	Mar 1873 
Kingston, James 	vs. 	Lou Kingston 		1894 
Kirby, Jacob S. 	vs. 	Emma H. Kirby 		Mar 1871 
Kirk, Mary F. 		vs. 	Andrew Kirk 		Mar 1868 
Kirk, Mathew 		vs. 	Lois Kirk 		Mar 1848
Kirk, Mathew 		vs. 	Lois Kirk 		Aug 1847
Kirkman, Martha 	vs. 	William Kirkman 	Mar 1873 
Kite, Mary 		vs. 	Lew Kite 		1894 
Kleghorn, Harriet A. 	vs. 	George D. Kleghorn 	1894 
Klinker, Mathias 	vs. 	Maria C. Klinker 	1890
Knowles, Leander 	vs. 	Nettie C. Knowles 	Aug 1870 
Knox, John 		vs. 	Sarah Knox 		May 1862 
Kowalski, Cora 		vs. 	Julius Kowalski 	1894 

Lacey, A. vs. Victor F. Lacey 1886 Lacey, Adi vs. Victor Lacey 1883 Lacey, Eliza vs. Joshua Lacey 1885 Lacey, Nebraska vs. Fremont Lacey 1893 Lacy, Mary vs. Thomas Lacy 1848 Laird, James vs. Mattie Laird 1888 Laird, Joseph vs. Jessie Laird Oct 1857 Langley, Margaret vs. Francis 1890 Latham, Anna vs. James Latham Jan 1840 Lawson, Sarah A. vs. Andrew J. Lawson 1894 Leanord, Louella vs. Harry Leanord 1879 Lee, Addie vs. William N. Lee 1883 Lee, Nancy R. vs. James E. Lee 1880 Lee, Thomas vs. Jerusha Lee May 1862 Leedon, Mary L. vs. William Ledon Oct 1859 Leek, Jessie vs. Hezekiah Leek 1884 Lemke, Mary vs. Theodore Lemke 1881 Lennington, Isaac vs. Levina Lennington 1890 Lennington, Isaac vs. Louvina Lennington 1892 Levall, Martha M. vs. John J. Levall Mar 1873 Lewis, Thomas vs. Sarah Lewis May 1888 Lindsey, Glendora vs. Charles B. Lindsey 1893 Linsey, Margaret vs. Finis L. Linsey 1881 Linsley, Leona vs. Charles Linsley 1890 Linson, Mary vs. Joseph Linson 1882 Lisenby, John H. vs. Martha C. Lisenby Mar 1866 Lisenby, Rebecca vs. Robert Lisenby Mar 1866 Lively, John vs. Sarah Jane Lively May 1864 Lizenby, Elizabeth vs. Robert Lizenby Mar 1872 Locker, Sarah vs. Granville Locker Oct 1863 Logsdon, Margaret vs. Thomas J. Logsdon Oct 1863 Loman, Isaac B. vs. Ann Eliza Loman 1883 Loomis, Laura M. vs. William Loomis 1891 Lorcall, Elizabeth vs. Stephenson Aug 1867 Lowry, Mary vs. John Lowry 1891 Lynch, John vs. Margaret Lynch Mar 1849 Lynch, Sarah vs. Daniel Lynch Sep 1876 Lynch, Sophiah vs. William Lynch Feb 1846 Lyons, James H. vs. Alcesta V. Lyons 1882


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