Jefferson County

Divorce Records

Divorce Records 1835-1894 G & H

These  entries were taken from Index Book 1 of Plaintiffs in the
Circuit Clerk's office of Jefferson County, IL.
Submitted By: Mary Zinzilieta

Plaintiff				Defendant		Date

Griffith, Chesterfield 		vs. 	Jane Griffith 		1883
Gard, Benjamin F. 		vs. 	Florance Gard 		1888 
Garrison, Elizabeth 		vs. 	James K. Garrison 	Aug 1870 
Garrison, Nancy S. 		vs. 	Henry D. Garrison 	Sep 1852 
Garrison, Thomas W. 		vs. 	Cynthia Garrison 	May 1857 
Gaston, Stephen H. 		vs. 	Harriet J. Gaston 	Jul 1877
Gentle, Rebecca 		vs. 	William S. Gentel 	Aug 1875
Gibberson, William 		vs. 	Eliza Gibberson 	Mar 1840
Gibbs, Amasa 			vs. 	Nancy Gibbs 		May 1858 
Gibbs, Debby 			vs. 	George Gibbs 		Sep 1873 
Gibson, Emily 			vs. 	Henry Gibson 		1880 
Gilbert, Abigail 		vs. 	Eli Gilbert 		Feb 1876 
Gilbert, Philo 			vs. 	Lucy M. Gilbert 	Jun 1845
Gill, J. F. 			vs. 	Sarah E. Gill 		1893 
Gilligan, Martha A. 		vs. 	William Gilligan 	1882 
Glover, James W. 		vs. 	Harriet J. Glover 	1894 
Goetschius, Isaac D. 		vs. 	Elizabeth Goetschius 	May 1859 
Goldberg, Mary 			vs. 	Franklin Goldberg 	Sep 1876 
Goldman, Jesse 			vs. 	Margaret Goldman 	1891 
Goodman, Henry 			vs. 	Margaret Goodman 	Mar 1866 
Goodman, Lucinda 		vs. 	Godfrey Goodman 	Oct 1857 
Goodman, Richard 		vs. 	Elizabeth Goodman 	Sep 1856 
Gordon, Priscilla 		vs. 	Zachariah Gordon 	Sep 1876 
Gossett, Stephen 		vs. 	Nancy Gosset 		Feb 1879 
Gowenlock, Neone O. 		vs. 	David Gowenlock 	1893 
Graham, Anna 			vs. 	John Graham 		1885 
Graham, Thomas 			vs. 	Jennie H. Graham 	Jul 1874 
Gravatt, Margaret 		vs. 	William Gravatt 	Aug 1850 
Gray, Caleb 			vs. 	Mahulda Gray 		Aug 1848 
Gray, Harriet 			vs. 	Lewis Gray 		1887 
Green, Alexander 		vs. 	Martha F. Green 	Mar 1868 
Green, M. Annie 		vs. 	J. Calvin Green 	1893 
Green, Marion Naomi 		vs. 	Alfred N. Green 	Jun 1877 
Green, Marion 			vs. 	Alfred Green 		1879 
Green, Mary 			vs. 	William M. Green 	Sep 1855
Green, Naomi 			vs. 	James Green 		Sep 1829
Gregory, Eliza 			vs. 	Lemuel B. Gregory 	Feb 1877 
Gregory, Fanny 			vs. 	Calvin Gregory 		1881 
Gregory, George W. 		vs. 	Elizabeth Gregory 	1882 
Gregory, William 		vs. 	Luna Alice Gregory 	1885 
Griffin, George W. 		vs. 	Malinda Griffin 	Aug 1874 
Grimes, Sarah B. 		vs. 	James J. Grimes 	1883 
Grogan, John O. 		vs. 	Julia Grogan 		Aug 1870 
Groves, Minney (Winney) 	vs. 	George Groves 		May 1862
Goff, Mary 			vs. 	James Goff 		Mar 1867 
Grubbs, Cora M. 		vs. 	Francis C. 		May 1851
Guthrie, James 			vs. 	Lydia A. Guthrie 	Aug 1872 
Guthrie, Joseph H. 		vs. 	Sarah E. Guthrie 	Aug 1865 
Guthrie, Lydia 			vs. 	James Guthrie 		Aug 1872 

Hacket, Sarah L. vs. Chas. M. Hacket Aug 1871 Hail, William vs. Martha Hail Mar 1850 Hails, Alfred M. vs. Mary A. Hails 1884 Hale, Leander J. vs. Amanda l. Hale Mar 1871 Hale, Mary vs. John M. Hale Mar 1869 Hancock, Daniel vs. Sarah J. Hancock Jun 1874 Hardenburg, John vs. Amanda Hardenburg Sep 1873 Harlan, John vs. Jemima Harlan Sep 1876 Harlow, Overton vs. Minerva Harlow May 1856 Harper, Charles vs. Clara Harper 1884 Harper, Louise vs. Thomas Harper 1879 Harpool, Adam vs. Fanny Jane Harpool Aug 1870 Harris, Charles H. vs. Malissa Harris 1890 Harris, James S. vs. Mary B. Harris 1892 Harris, Mart vs. James Harris 1879 Harris, Martha E. vs. Abigah N. 1881 Harris, Sarah vs. Henry Harris 1890 Hart, Elizabeth vs. William Hart Apr 1842 Hartshorn, Rolen vs. Ursual T. Hartshorn 1858? Harvey, Caroline vs. John W. Harvey May 1863 Hayes, Carrie vs. John James Hayes Sep 1874 Hays, Lear L. vs. William Hays 1891 Hazlip, Nancy M. vs. King H. Hazlip 1892 Heck, Joseph vs. Tempa Heck Dec 1887 Henson, Mary A. vs. Milton C. Henson May 1864 Herrington, Mary vs. William Herrington 1883 Herrington, Mary vs. William Herrington 1882 Hess, Nancy Ida vs. John Hess 1885 Hicks, Amanda vs. James Hicks Mar 1867 Hicks, Baraba vs. Jesse M. Hicks May 1856 Hicks, Mary vs. John A. Hicks 1891 Hicks, Thomas vs. Elizabeth Hicks Oct 1863 Hill, Isaac vs. Lucy Hill 1879 Hill, Jane vs. Samuel Hill Mar 1851 Hill, Mary D. vs. Isaac Hill Aug 1865 Hirons, Jamima vs. James Hirons May 1853 Hodge, Willis G. vs. Martha E. Hodge 1883 Hodges, Lucy M. vs. Guy C. Hodges 1886 Hodges, Nancy A. vs. John H. Hodges Mar 1871 Holt, Margaret A. vs. Jesse Holt Mar 1849 Hoots, Henry vs. Elizabeth Hoots 1883 Hoots, Ruth vs. Henry Hoots 1887 Hopkins, James vs. Mary Hopkins Feb 1877 Horton, Dora A. vs. Oscar C. 1891 Horton, Malvina vs. William Horton Oct 1857 Howard, Thomas vs. Norah Howard 1879 Howell, John A. vs. Nancy Howell Aug 1872 Howell, Joseph T. vs. Alive V. Howell 1887 Howell, Mary vs. Johnson Howell May 1877 Huff, Addie E. vs. Joseph Huff 1888 Huffinze, Daniel vs. Elizabeth Huffinze 1883 Huffstutle, Emily vs. Edward Huffstutle May 1852 Huffstutler, Mary vs. John Huffstutler 1891 Hughes, Charles vs. Clarinda Hughes 1891 Hughes, John vs. Nettie Hughes 1887 Hughes, Joseph D. vs. Mary Hughes Mar 1871 Hughes, Olive vs. Edward Hughes 1891 Hunt, John M. vs. Mary F. Hunt Aug 1871 Hunt, Milly C. vs. John Hunt Mar 1871 Hunter, Deanthia vs. Cornelius Hunter Mar 1869 Huston, Ada M. vs. James Huston 1881 Huston, Charlotte vs. John Daniel Huston Aug 1867 Hutchison, Amelia vs. Hughey Hutchison 1892 Hutchison, Henry vs. Sarah Hutchison 1890 Hutchison, Lillie M. vs. Johnson Hutchison 1886 Hutchison, Sarah Ann vs. Hugh Hutchison Feb 1876 Hutchison, Sarah vs. Daniel J. Hutchison Mar 1867 Hyatt, Almira vs. Thomas J. Hyatt Feb 1874


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