Jefferson County

Divorce Records

The Mt. Vernon Jeffersonian - May 6, 1853
Submitted By: Mary Zinzilieta

Petition for Divorce - May Term 1853

John N. TROUT   vs. Feroba TROUT
Elizabeth DAVIS vs. Jonathan DAVIS
Mary Ann ROLPH  vs. Steven ROLPH
Elizabeth DUGAN vs. John H. DUGAN
Jemima HIRONS   vs. James HIRONS
John N. ATKINS  vs. Malinda ATKINS
John PECK       vs. Malinda PECK


Circuit Court meets in this place on Monday next, Judge MARSHALL presiding; 
Jas. S. ROBINSON, Prosecuting Attorney; T.B. TANNER, Clerk; W. DODDS, Sheriff.  
We append a list of the Jurors, which may be of some interest to our readers.

Grand Jurors:  Nelson ANDREWS, Heny M. BOGAN, Toliver WILLIS, E. W. HARTLEY, 
Addison TROUT, William MOORE, Jacob REYNOLDS, Thomas B. LACY, David B. DAVIS, 
John W. SHELTON, John W. MILLER, John HAM, John KIRK, Jabez M. BLAKE, Jas. HUNT, 
Thomas COCKRAM, William M. JOHNSON, Jesse GREEN, H. B. NEWBY, Russel J. TYLER, 
Abram J. LEUTY, Thomas M. CASEY, Davil CAVIN.

Petit Jurors for 2d Monday May Term:  Samuel BALDRIDGE, George W. TREESE, 
William R. CHAMP, New. R. SINGLETON, Asa G. McKINNEY, Wm. G. W. HOW, Morgan SMITH, 
John HICKS, Robert COFIELD, William B. _______ , Charles B. ALLEN, Green H. W. LYNCH, 
Blackford CASEY, William KIRK, Joshua HOPPER, Jeremiah TAYLOR, Elisha WILSON, 
William HICKS Jr., Henry D. ALLEN, Wm. R. McLENDEN, Wesley RATLIFF, Wm. J. STEPHENSON, 
Joseph HAWKINS, Wesley YOST.

For 3d Monday:  William McCONNELL, William WOOD, Alfred GREGORY, Alex. J. ASHLY, 
John W. ESTES, William F. JOHNSON, Claiborn B. HARPER, William HUTCHISON, James S. BLISS, 
Edward McATEE. A,ps B/ BARRET. Christ'r G. VAUGHN, John ARNOLD, Thomas DAVIS, John B. LYNCH, 
Zach. SINKS, Allen WEBB, William SMITH, Henry FOHS, John MODGLIN, Jas. McCONAUGHAY, 
Samuel K. ALLEN, Joseph NORRIS, James DOLLINS.

Mt. Vernon IL Register - November 19, 1884 Submitted By: Mary Zinzilieta The divorce docket is lighter than usual so far, there being ten couples that want to be unyoked. It is more than likely, however, that several more will file their applications before the court. Johnny SLAUGHTER wants to be divorced from his wife, Annie, and after charging her with desertion, also sets up that she has been guilty of the crime of adultery with divers parties, wherefore he prays the Court, through his attorneys, Potlock & Sons, that the matrimonial knot be dissolved. Francis M. CARROL, prays through his attorneys, Patton & Watson, a dissolution of the marraige vows between himself and his wife, Mary V. CARROLL, setting up in his complaint that she, without just provocation, has wilfully abandoned him. John W. REDMAN charges his wife, Louisa E., with desertion, and asks the Court to relieve him from further obligations towards her, and to give him possession of the child. W. T. Pave, solicitor for the plaintiff. Sarah E. CLARK claims in the declaration made by her attorneys, Norman A. Piercy and Wm. H. Green, that he husband Thos. A. B. CLARK, to whom she has been a faithful and obedient wife from the date of their marriage up to March 6, 1882, has wilfully deserted her and still continues in such desertion, wherefore she prays the Court to grant her a divorce. In her application for a divorce from her husband John RIGHTENOUR, Sarah E. RIGHTENOUR represents that she was married to John on May 29, 1881, and that she left him on July 28, 1882, because of ill treatment. Her life was rendered miserable, she says, and she was afraid to speak to any other man. She charges him with threatening to kill her and being afraid that he would carry his threat into execution, left him, and how asks the Court to liberate her from her marriage vows. Through her attorney, R. W. Carpenter, she prays a divorce. On the lst of July, 1880, Jessie Leek was united in marriage with Hezekiah LEEK, but by Dec. 1, 1880, she found to her sorrow that he was not the LEEK she wanted, as he then deserted her, although she had conducted herself as a faithful and affectionate wife. Through her attorney, R. W. Carpenter, she prays a divorce. Sarah E. ASPENWALL says she was married to Wm. W. ASPENWALL Sept. 20, 1881, at Benton, Ill., and from that time up to Aug. 5, 1882, she performed her duties of a faithful wife, when he without provocation wilfully abandoned and deserted her. She prays custody of child and a severance of the matrimonial knot. Lienan McCORMICK has bee deserted by her husband, Jas. M. McCORMICK, for two years last past, and on that ground she prays a dissolution of the marriage and custody of the two children. C. A. Keller, attorney. Maud COMBS complains that her husband, Samuel COMBS has deserted her, and failed to provide her with the actual necessaries of life; that two children have been born to them and she asks to be given custody of the cildren and a decree of divorce. R. F. Wingate, solicitor. Georgia SHAEFER wants a divorce on account of desertion, form her husband, Jasper SHAEFER. E. V. Satterfield, solititor. Idola ALLEN represents that on Feb. 29, 1880, she was married to Wm. L. ALLEN, and that soon after he commenced to neglect and abuse her, finally in Nov. 1882, deserting her. She, through Pollock and Sons, prays a divorce.
Mt. Vernon IL Register (Weekly) May 5, 1886 The divorce crop never fails. Every court finds a number of unhappy couples who come to air their respective grievances and asked to be released from further responsibilities in that direction. The coming term of court will have eight new cases of this character, as follows: Chloe L. C. CHAPMAN states in her bill asking for a divorce from her husband, Lorenzo M. CHAPMAN, that she married to him on November 7, 1882, and lived with him until November 15, 1885, when she became convinced of his infidelity to his marraige vows and left him. She charges him with improper relations with Belle FOSTER and other lewd women, and with inter-marriage and other bad actions. E. V. SATTERFIELD is Chloe's attorney. Robert H. WHITE is a colored man who finds the matrimonial yoke unpleasant and prays the court to release him from the vows made to Melvina WHITE in the county of Davis and State of Kentucky, in the month of September, 1871. For ten years they lived together happily, when Robert came to Illinois on the hunt of work, leaving the wife of his bosom in Evansville, Ind. When he found work he returned to Evansville to bring her to this State and Robert was surprised when she positively refused to accompany him and has since refused to live with him, wherefore he prays a dissolution of the marriage, through Judge PACE, his attorney. William CRIDER, of Moore's Prairie, was married to Cora FUQUWA January 30, 1881, and lived with her happily and peaceably for the space of six months, when, he says, without cause or provocation, the faithless Cora willfully absented herself from his home and still continues so to do. He wants a divorce and that right quick. PIERCY & WEBB will try and induce the court to accommodate him in this regard. Mrs. A. V. S. LACEY, through her attorney, R. W. CARPENTER, charges her husband, Victor F. LACEY, with wilful desertion for the space of two years or more and wants to be divorced. Wilful desertion is the cause assigned by Thomas ROLLINSON why he should be granted a divorce from Mahala ROLLINSON to whom he was married in March 1879. E. V. SATTERFIELD will plead his cause. Mary J. TAYLOR represents to Judge BOGGS that she was married to Robert O. TAYLOR on Christmas Day, 1869; that she is now the mother of four children, ranging from 10 to 16 years of age; that on March 20, 1885, the said Robert wilfully took his departure from this State with one Mary ROSE and that she verily believes them to be living together at this time. She asks a dissolution of the marage contract, the care and custody of the unfortunate children and a sufficient sum of money to cover her support, etc. W. H. GREEN is her attorney. Caleb STEPHENS is asking for a divorce from his wife Jemima charges her with adultery with one Thomas ROACH, of Washington County, in July 1885, and with wilful desertion. He says she now resides in Centralia, and that she has charge of the two children resulting from their union. He prays the charge of the children and a dissolution of the duties of husband. John PATE wil attend to his interests. Mrs. Ollie FOWLER asks the court to dissolve the union between herself and Robert D. FOWLER on the ground of his having abandoned her within one hour of their marriage on the 8th day of February, 1886. She also charges him with various offenses not in the keeping with the actions of a true and faithful husband. She will be rrepresented by E. V. SATTERFIELD, while Robert is understood to be ready to take out another marriage license so soon as she shall have obtained a decree of divorce
Mt. Vernon IL Register (Weekly) - May 4, 1887 Unhappy Couples - The following divorce suits have been filed for the coming term of Circuit Court which meets next week: Eliza E. JONES represents unto the court that on February 23rd, 1869, she was lawfully married to one Edward T. JONES, that five children, two of whom are now dead, were born unto them; that she has always conducted herself towards him as a chaste, dutiful and affectionate wife. She then charges him with extreme and repeated cruelty and says that on divers occasions he has beaten, struck, kicked, choked, cursed and abused her; that he has reglected to furnish her with necessary food and raiment, and that in the month of January last he flew into a passion and struck her across the back and arms with an iron poker, which performance was repeated in February. It is further represented that during the past winter the plaintiff was compelled to go out among the neighbors and plead for assistance to keep starvation from their door, while the defendant, a stout able-bodied man, lay lazily coiled up in bed in the house, awaiting their return, and if their mission proved fruitless they were compelled to boil a little raw wheat and parch some common corn to eat, the latter being the principal diet of the family for the past winter. For these and other reasons assigned the plaintiff prays a divorce to be granted. It is further represented that the defendant is the owner in fee simple of $1,200 worth of realty and at least $100 worth of personal property, and an injunction and order restraining him for selling or emcumbering said property is prayed. Since the commencement of this suit the alimony question has been settled by JONES paying his wife $400 and giving her all the personal property. He sold his farm for $800, and has left the country. Norman H. MOSS represents the complainant. Otto W. WALLACE, through his attorney, Judge PACE, prays for a dissolution of the bonds of matrimony existing between himself and Elizabeth WALLACE, to whom he was lawfully married March 4, 1882, at the village of Belle Rive, this county. The declaration charges wilful desertion, which according to the bill occurred on the same day. Cannon SAWYER was married to Pernissa Ann SAWYER March 6, 1883, and continued to live with her as a kind and indulgent husband should until March 10, 1885, when he learned for the first time that William BAILEY, of Centralia, occupied a prominent place in the affections of his wife. That from and after that date he has refused to live with her, and therefore prays a dissolution of the matrimonial obligation. Norman A. PIERCY attorney for complainant. Loretta V. BONNETT was married to Henry BONNETT Nov. 15, 1868. For a time all was peace and joy, when a few years afterwards he commenced the excessive use of intoxicating liquiors and for over two years past has been guilty of habitual drunkeness; that he indulges in protracted sprees, neglecting his family and squandering his money. That he has absented himself the last time since May 16, 1886. She represents that they have four children, that he is a man of low, vicious and vulgar habits, wholly unfit to be entrusted with the care and custody of the children. It is further represented that he owns realty in this county and in Kansas worth $3,600 and a personal estate of the value of $1,500. The usual remedies are prayed. Ruth J. HOOTS charges that her hunband, Henry HOOTS, to whom she was married June 1, 1883, has been guilty of extreme and repeated cruelty towards her in that he has kicked her and struck her with his hands with such force as to leave the marks of violence upon her person. February 9, 1886, she represents that he assaulted her with an iron poker, at a later date with a pocket knife; that by reason of his repeated cruelty life has become burdensome to her. She charges him with other serious offenses unfit for publication, and prays a divorce through POLLOCK & Sons, her attorneys. Mary S. SYLVESTER, through her attorneys, Albert WATSON and George B. LEONARD, represents that she was married to Henry J. SYLVESTER in 1876, that he abandoned and deserted her in St. Louis, Mo. about 1882. She charges Henry with being a loose and dissolute character, in the habit of becoming frequently intoxicated, and that he failed to provide for herself and two children, wherefore a divorce and custody of the children is prayed. Lillie FLICKER was married to one James Austin FLICKER July 1, 1886, and it only required three months for Lillie's love to flicker out entirely, when she returned to her father's house. She charges him with extreme and repeated cruelty in that he was of a very violent and ungovernable temper and frequently cursed and abused her, threatening to beat and kill her. That during the three months they lived together he expended the sum of fifty cents for food, and that her husband finally solicited her to become a lewd woman, and proposed to various other men in her presence to sell her honor for money, and force her to sacrifice her virtue and lead an unchaste life. We are glad to say James Austin FLICKER is a Wayne County beast and does not belong to Jefferson. Nonegh M. BURGESS wants a divorce from Ephraim L. BURGESS on the ground of continued desertion since January 10, 1884, while Logan SAWYER asks for a divorce from Elzinia SAWYER on same cause. Margaret M. BRUCE prays on the same basis for a divorce from Jefferson D. BRUCE, and William H. REED pleads desertion as a reason for dissolving the matrimonial tie between himself and Frances M. REED Hester A. VANCE says she was married to John VANCE August 24, 1884, and it only required one month for her to ascertain that she and John could not get along together. John went down into Franklin County in September and while there was guilty of certain performances not consistent with his marriage vows and which greatly displeased Hester, wherefore she is willing to part company. Sarah L. WITHEM was united in marriage with Francis M. WITHEM Nov. 18, 1885, and conducted herself in a becoming manner until Jan. 1, 1887, when she ascertained that Francis had wholly given himself over to the bad, and there being no prespect of his reformation she wants the alliance declared at an end.
Mt. Vernon IL Register (Weekly) - December 21, 1887 Four unhappy couples unmated in the Circuit Court last week, and thereby licensed to go and render some other mortal unhappy. Lina E. CHURCH procured a decree of divorce from Emery F. CHURCH and her maiden name restored to - Lina E. KNOX. Mathias FAHR was divorced from Salone FAHR. Matilda E. WATSON was granted a decree of divorce from William WATSON, while John ALLEN and Mary E. ALLEN were legally separated, the custody of one child, Andrew, being awarded the father, and the other, Walter, being given the mother.
Mt. Vernon, IL Daily Register, December 14, 1893 UNHAPPY COUPLES....Twenty-Four of Them Will Air Their Troubles in The CIrcuit Court Tomorrow. Judge Youngblood announced this morning that tomorrow would be devoted exclusively to the hearing of applications for divorce. The following cases are on the docket. Mary E. Moore vs. James Moore W. K. Whitlow vs. Elizabeth J. Whitlow Malmadell Roach vs. Wm. E. Roach Nebraska Lacey vs. Fremont Lacey Sarah J. Snider vs. Zack P. Snider Dora L. Platt vs. James T. Platt Annie Kaneski vs. Frank Kaneski Murrey J. Spirey vs. Daisy Spirey Samuel Brown vs. Cinderella Brown Kate Pasley vs. Chas. Pasley Ora M. McLarin vs. Robert E. McLarin Alva D. Whitlock vs. Geo. E. Whitlock Amanda Badgett vs. J. H. Badgett Nellie Malone vs. Dan Malone Clara B. Berry vs. Charles Berry Maggie Clifton vs. Benjamin Clifton Sarah Robinson vs. Benjamin F. Robinson Charles Aldrich vs. Rebecca Aldrich James Kingston vs. Lou Kingston Mollie Patterson vs. John P. Patterson Edna Fitzgerrell vs. Wm. J. Fitzgerrell Glendora Lindsay vs. Chas. B. Lindsay Florence E. Flora vs. Samuel B. Flora
I am not sure why these divorces listed in the newspaper are not in the Circuit Court Index of Plaintiffs. Mt. Vernon, IL Register (Weekly) - December 4, 1895 - The Divorce Mill Twenty-two cases for divorce and two for separate maintenance will be on trial at the December term of circuit court, and the list may be enlarged in the next two days of service time. The cases docketed are: Laura TATE vs. Alexander TATE James B. STORER vs. Laura M. STORER Mary H. RADATZ vs. Charles RADATZ Maud S. PERRITT vs.Henry PERRITT Lenora FROST vs. Samuel FROST Charles H. WILSON vs. Mary M. WILSON Emeline SHRUM vs. Jasper SHRUM Alexander COPPLE vs. Lavinia COPPLE J. S. BOSWELL vs. Malissa BOSWELL Eva C. SCOTT vs. George W. SCOTT Dora B. KNAPP vs. Henry C. KNAPP Cordia ELLIOTT vs. D. R. E. ELLIOTT William F. TAYLOR vs. Hattie L. TAYLOR Harriet A. HITE vs. Isaac M. HITE Minnie HILL vs. John HILL Agnes KEELE vs. Woodson KEELE Rosa I. FORBES vs. James M. FORBES Dicey M. WILLIAMS vs. Robert Williams Malinda E. ENGLAND vs. William H. ENGLAND, separate maintenance J. L. SPARKS vs. Jennie SPARKS Helen RAINEY vs. Reason RAINEY (Helen's suit against Reason would seem to show that it was against reason that she married him.) Addie E. PALMER vs. Charles PALMER Annie TAYLOR vs. Ellis W. TAYLOR Mary A. WARD vs. Benjamin L. WARD December 18, 1895 - The following unhappy couples were released from the matrimonial obligations so far as the civil law is concerned by Judge YOUNGBLOOD today. J. S. BOSWELL vs. Malissa BOSWELL Alexander COPPLE vs. Lavina COPPLE Charles H. WILSON vs. Mary M. WILSON Maud PERROT vs. Henry PERROT Cordia ELLIOTT vs. D. R. E. ELLIOTT (gambling, she lives Murphysboro, IL) Harriet A. HILL vs. Isaac M. HILL Agnes KEEL vs. Woodson KEELE Dicey M. WILLIAMS vs. Robert WILLIAMS Rosa FORBES vs. James M. FORBES


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