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Mt. Vernon IL Register (Weekly) - May 23, 1894
Submitted By: Mary Zinzilieta

Chancery Court

Sarah J. SNYDER 	vs. 	Zachariah SNYDER, 	dismissed
Danie TAYLOR 		vs. 	Andrew TAYLOR, 		granted
Margaret BAGLEY 	vs. 	John P. BAGLEY, 	continued
Mary E. MOORE 		vs. 	James MOORE, 		dismissed
Murray J. SPIVEY 	vs. 	Daisy SPIVEY, 		continued
Samuel BROWN 		vs.	Cinderella BROWN, 	dismissed
Hattie SNOW 		vs. 	Charles SNOW, 		dismissed
James KINGSTON 		vs. 	Lou KINGSTON, 		granted
Minnie IRVIN 		vs. 	Oscar IRVIN, 		dismissed
Oscar M. IRVIN 		vs. 	Lillie M. IRVIN, 	dismissed, one child
Effie FRANCIS 		vs. 	Sherman FRANCIS, 	granted
Malinda E. ENGLAND 	vs. 	William E. ENGLAND, 	dismissed
J. L. SPARKS 		vs. 	Jennie SPARKS, 		dismissed

Mt. Vernon, IL Register-News - Monday, November 10, 1947
Submitted By: Mary Zinzilieta

Two suits were filed in Circuit Court here late Saturday.

SCOTT vs. SCOTT - Charging adultery in the complaint, Nellie Lillian SCOTT, 
filed a divorce action against Homer R. SCOTT.  She also seeks custody of six 
children, alimony for support of the plaintiff and children and the household 

COLLINS vs. COLLINS - John H. COLLINS seeks a divorce from Madeline COLLINS, 
charging adultery in the complaint.  They were married August 28, 1938 and 
lived together until July 2, 1947, the complaint states.  
City Attorney Joe Frank ALLEN represents the plaintiff.


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