Jefferson County

Divorce Records

Divorce Records 1835-1894 C & D
These  entries were taken from Index Book 1 of Plaintiffs in the
Circuit Clerk's office of Jefferson County, IL.
Submitted By: Mary Zinzilieta

Plaintiff			Defendant		Date

Cattron, Adeline 	vs. 	Alexander Cattron 	Aug 1875
Crouch, George 		vs. 	Mary E. Crouch 		Mar 1871
Cheek, James A. 	vs. 	Mariah Cheek 		Mar 1869
Childs, Sarah A. 	vs. 	George W. Childs 	Nov 1875
Copeland, Obadiah 	vs. 	Borzillia Copeland 	Mar 1872
Casey, Elizabeth 	vs. 	Thomas J. Casey 	May 1861
Cole, Ira E. 		vs. 	Perlina Cole 		Nov 1869
Cameron, Duncan 	vs. 	Sarah Duncan 		Sep 1851
Camp, John 		vs. 	Sarah Camp 		1888
Campbell, Ellen 	vs. 	Ira Campbell 		1882
Campbell, Mary A. 	vs. 	James W. Campbell 	1880
Cantrell, Lewis 	vs. 	Francis Cantrell 	1886
Carless, Powell J. 	vs. 	Martha Carless 		Aug 1870
Carlock, Daniel 	vs. 	Elizabeth Carlock 	Oct 1864
Carlock, David 		vs. 	Rebecca Carlock 	Oct 1858
Carpenter, Robert A. 	vs. 	Nancy Carpenter 	1881
Carpenter, Ruth 	vs. 	Thomas B. Carpenter 	Aug 1867
Carpenter, William W. 	vs. 	Ellen Carpenter 	Aug 1850
Carroll, Francis M. 	vs. 	Mary V. Carroll 	1884
Carroll, Mary V. 	vs. 	Francis M. Carroll 	1882
Carter, Sarah 		vs. 	William H. Carter 	Oct 1858
Carter, W. E. 		vs. 	Mary Carter 		1891
Case, Matilda 		vs. 	Charles W. Case 	Aug 1849
Casey, Amey 		vs. 	William Casey 		Mar 1839
Casey, Green 		vs. 	Margaret Casey 		Sep 1829
Casey, Thomas F. 	vs. 	Sarah Casey 		May 1864
Caskey, Anna L. 	vs. 	Samuel A. Caskey 	1888
Chambliss, William 	vs. 	Ida O. Chambliss 	1891
Champ, Henry 		vs. 	Delamin Champ 		Dec 1839
Chance, Mary 		vs. 	William N. Chance 	Oct 1859
Chapman, Chloe L. 	vs. 	Lorenzo Chapman 	1886
Chapman, William 	vs. 	Susan C. Chapman 	Aug 1873
Chastain, John 		vs. 	Matilda C. Chastain 	Aug 1869
Church, Luna 		vs. 	Emery Church 		1887
Clapp, Nancy E. 	vs. 	Albert Clapp 		1881
Clapp, Nancy 		vs. 	Albert Clapp 		Sep 1877
Clark, Mary 		vs. 	Adam Clark 		Jun 1868
Clark, Mary 		vs. 	John Clark 		Feb 1877
Clark, Sarah A. 	vs. 	John C. Clark 		Aug 1870
Clark, Sarah E. 	vs. 	Thomas A. B. Clark 	1884
Clawson, George T. 	vs. 	Martha J. Clawson 	1887
Clemen, Nancy 		vs. 	John Clemen 		Dec 1875
Coates, Moss 		vs. 	Mary Coates 		1891
Cockrum, Lawrence 	vs. 	Cora Cockrum 		1891
Coleman, Richard 	vs. 	Annie C. Coleman 	1892
Combs, Maud 		vs. 	Samuel Combs 		1884
Cook, Aaron 		vs. 	Albina Cook 		1890
Cook, William E. 	vs. 	Margarete E. Cook 	Jul 1874
Cope, Mary 		vs. 	Hiram Cope 		Oct 1859
Copple, David 		vs. 	Cena Copple 		1883
Copple, Jennie 		vs. 	Charles Copple 		1888
Correll, Adam 		vs. 	Lucretia M. Correll 	Aug 1871
Cowger, Abigail 	vs. 	Albert Crise 		1883
Cox, Celia 		vs. 	William Cox 		Nov 1845
Cox, George W. 		vs. 	Mary E. Cox 		1878
Cox, William H. 	vs. 	Rose Cox 		1893
Craig, J. 		vs. 	L. Craig May 		1851
Crawford, Mary C. 	vs. 	James Crawford 		Feb 1874
Creagh, Ida 		vs. 	William Creagh 		Dec 1879
Creagh, Ida 		vs. 	William D. Creagh 	1880
Crews, Julia A. 	vs. 	Josiah Crews 		1881
Crider, William 	vs. 	Cora Crider 		1886
Crise, Cassandra 	vs. 	Jacob Crise 		1883
Crosby, Cloreen 	vs. 	Charles E. Crosby 	1883
Crosnoe, Reuben 	vs. 	Mary Crosnoe 		Aug 1865
Crosnow, George 	vs. 	Rachel Crosnow 		Mar 1841
Crowder, John B. 	vs. 	Mary E. Crowder 	May 1859
Cuningham, James 	vs. 	Rosa Cuningham 		1890
Curtan, Amanda 		vs. 	John Curtan 		Oct 1862
Curtis, Susan F. 	vs. 	Albert Curtis 		1891

Jefferson County, IL Divorce Records D Dale, Cynthia vs. John Dale Aug 1836 Daniels, Andres vs. Eliza Daniels 1883 Daniels, Charles vs. Nancy Daniels Dec 1879 Dare, Nettie vs. James Dare 1885 Davidson, Harriet vs. Andrew Davidson 1878 Davis, Charity vs. Isom Davis Mar 1870 Davis, David B. vs. Christina Davis May 1856 Davis, Elizabeth T. vs. William Davis Oct 1864 Davis, Elsie vs. Alexander Davis 1892 Davis, Florence vs. S. A. Davis 1891 Davis, Ida vs. Alexander Davis 1893 Davis, Jane vs. Presley Davis Sep 1877 Davis, Jonathan vs. Elizabeth Davis May 1853 Davis, Narcissa vs. Thomas Davis Oct 1857 Dawson, Emma vs. Julian Dawson 1894 Day, Emaline S. vs. Benjamin A. Day Aug 1871 Dement, Mary Ann vs. Austin Dement May 1860 Denwoody, Martha vs. Owen Denwoody 1883 Dezier, Jane vs. William Dezier Sep 1832 Dial, Joseph vs. Elizabeth Dial Jun 1874 Dial, Martin vs. Lethe Dial Sep 1853 Dickens, Isaac vs. Nancy J. Dickens May 1860 Dillon, Sarah M. vs. William K. Dillon Sep 1874 Dixon, Elizabeth vs. Eliza Dixon Jul 1869 Dobbs, Mary F. vs. Lafayette Dobbs 1884 Dobbs, Mary F. vs. Lafayette N. Dobbs 1882 Dodson, John M. vs. Matilda Dodson 1888 Dodson, Samuel vs. Martha Dodson 1888 Donaho, James vs. Dicey Donaho 1880 Donahoo, James A. vs. Dicy Donaho 1881 Dorris, Absalom vs. Harriet Dorris May 1863 Douthit, Belvretta vs. John Douthit 1889 Downes, Charles W. vs. Martha E. Downes 1890 Drake, William vs. Nancy Drake 1891 DuBois, Lillie vs. Sharon DuBois Dec 1889 Dudley, Mary Jane vs. Elijah H. Aug 1870 Dufer, Sophia vs. Abel L. Dufer Mar 1869 Dugan, Elizabeth vs. John Duggan Sep 1853 Duncan, Alice vs. Phillip Duncan 1879 Duncan, William vs. Hannah Duncan Feb 1875 Dwyer, Elizabeth vs. James R. Dwyer Jul 1875


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