Jefferson County

Divorce Records

Divorce Records 1835-1894 A
These  entries were taken from Index Book 1 of Plaintiffs in the
Circuit Clerk's office of Jefferson County, IL.
Submitted By: Mary Zinzilieta

Plaintiff			Defendant		Date

Ables, Nancy J. 	vs. 	Aaron F. Ables 		Aug 1875
Adams, Martha 		vs. 	Abram 			Sep 1876
Adams, Abram 		vs. 	Elizabeth Adams 	1886
Adcock, Jesse C. 	vs. 	Harriet Adcock 		Sep 1873
Adkins, Christina 	vs. 	William A. Adkins 	Aug 1867
Ainsworth, Evalina 	vs. 	Leroy Ainsworth 	1881
Aldrich, Charles 	vs. 	Rebecca Aldrich 	1893
Allen, Henry D. 	vs. 	Isabel Allen 		Aug 1867
Allen, Thomas J. 	vs. 	Carrie Allen 		Aug 1872
Allen, Lotta 		vs. 	Charles H. Allen 	May 1879
Allen, John 		vs. 	Mary Allen 		1887
Allen, Edna C. 		vs. 	Charles E. Allen 	1892
Allen, Samuel K. 	vs. 	Amy Allen 		Sep 1877
Allen, Idola 		vs. 	William L. Allen 	1884
Amann, George 		vs. 	Mary Amman 		1892
Amman, Mary 		vs. 	George Amman 		1890
Anderson, Martha 	vs. 	James A. Anderson 	Mar 1868
Anderson, William 	vs. 	Tabitha Anderson 	Aug 1865
Annis, Mary 		vs. 	George Annis 		May 1851
Arnett, Aley 		vs. 	George Arnett 		1882
Ashworth, Louisa 	vs. 	David Ashworth 		1880
Aspinwall, Sarah 	vs. 	William Aspinwall 	1884
Atchison, David I. 	vs. 	Louisa Atchison 	1892
Atkins, John W. 	vs. 	Malinda Atkins 		May 1853
Atkins, Emma 		vs. 	James Atkins 		1891
Atkinson, E. M. 	vs. 	Margaret Atkinson 	1891
Auxer, Bertie 		vs. 	Benjamin F. Auxer 	1889


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