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Know all men by these presents that whereas Fleming Greenwood and onthe 10
day of November 1818 purchase the N. W. qr Section 12 in Township No 2S of
Range No 2 E in the district of Lands Office for Sale at Shawneetown which
tract or qr Section contains 160 acres and was sold to the said Greenwoodat
the rate of two dollars per acre now therefore be it known that the said
Greenwood having availed himself of the relief granted by the act of
Congress passed on the 2nd day of March 1821 entitled an Act for the relief
of the purchasers of the public Lands prior to the 1st day of July 1821 has
surrendered the original first certificate No. 2001 dated the 10 day of
November 1818 granted to the said Greenwood and filed a relinquishment No.
104 dated the 27th day of August 1821 in which he has relinquished E 1/2 of
said qr section and requested a further credit on sd being the part of said
qr section not relinquished.  Now therefore know all men that I Fleming
Greenwood for value received do hereby transfer sd over & convey unto Walter
Alexander of the county of Jefferson and state of Illinois all my right
title interest claims and demand whatsoever off in and to the above
described tract of parcel of Land.  In witness whereof I have subscribed my
hand and seal this 31st day of March in the year of our Lord 1823.
 Fleming Greenwood
 Thomas D. Minor


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