Jefferson County

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I James T. Hadden of the county of Jefferson and state of Illinois do hereby
grant convey and transfer to the trustees of schools Township four south of
Range three East in the county and state aforesaid for the use of the
inhabitants of said Township the following described real estate to wit the
South West fourth of the North West quarter of Section fifteen in Township
county & state aforesaid containing forty acres together with all the rights
privileges and appurtenances thereunto belonging which real estate I declare
to be in mortgage for the payment of fifty dollars loaned to me and for the
payment of all interest that may accrue thereon to be computed at the rate
of eight percentum per annum until paid and I covenant to pay the said sum
of money in Two years from the date hereof and to pay interest on the same
at the rate aforesaid half yearly in advance  I further covenant that I have
a good and valid title to said estate and the the same is free from all
encumbrances that I will pay all taxes and assignments which may be levied
on said estate that I will give any additional security that may at any time
be required by said trustees of schools and if said estate by sold to pay
said debt or any part thereof or for any failure or refusal to comply with
or perform the conditions or covenants herein contained I will deliver
immediate possession of the premises--  And in consideration of the premises
Rachael, wife of James T. Hadden doth hereby release to the said trustees of
Schools all her rights and title of dower in the foregranted premises for
the purposes aforesaid .  In witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands
and seals this 12th day of January A. D. 1848

     James T. Hadden   {seal}
     Rachael  X  Hadden   {seal}


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