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Death Dates from Probate Records

Death Dates from Probate Records
Submitted By: Mary Zinzilieta

KIRK, John T.  		died intestate 	March 7, 1875
COCKRUM, Milton H.  	died intestate 	September 13, 1855
PEARSON, James M.  		died intestate 	October 15, 1865 

McGINNIS, James  		died intestate 	February 16, 1874; 
February 25, 1876 - List of widow & heirs: Elvira McGinnis, widow; 
Thomas D. McGinnis; James A. McGinnis; Richard F. McGinnis; 
Administrator of Estate of Mary J. McGinnis; Guardian of Nancy J. McGinnis; 
Ginsey McGinnis; Abraham E. McGinnis; Martha A. Adams; Heirs of Margaret Samples.  

MARTIN, Julia Edna  		Died intestate 	May 12, 1874
LLOYD, James D.  		died intestate 	December 24, 1872
HARRIS, Nancy  		died intestate 	September 15, 1864
WAMMACK, Watson C.  	died intestate 	November 9, 1871 


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