Jefferson County

Court Records
March - April 1911


Docket is Being Rapidly Cleared and Adjournment Looks Near - Transactions are Recorded 

The March term of county court convened Monday morning and from the manner in which the docket is being cleared, by Judge A. D. Webb, adjournment seems almost in sight. The transactions follow: 

People vs. Reuben Tucker, gaming; fined $10 and costs. 

Same vs. Jno. Fyke, assault and battery; discharged. 

Same vs. Dago Raney, gaming; discharged. 

Same vs. Jennie Bond, selling liquor; discharged. 

Same vs. Benj. Laur, jr., carrying concealed weapons; discharged. 

Same vs. Amos Poole, selling liquor; continued. 

Same vs. Chas. Simmons, racing; discharged. 

Same vs. Virgil Yates, larceny; continued. 

Same vs. Jno. Richardson, assault with deadly weapon; discharged. 

Same vs. Wm. Lovin, disturbing the peace; continued. 

Same vs. Cal Smith, assualt with a deadly weapon; discharged. 

Same vs. Guy Chilton, wife abandonment; parties living together, case dismissed. 

Same vs. Earl Pasley and Claude Rice, gaming; off docket with leave to re-instate as to Claude Rice. 

Same vs. Alva White, carrying concealed weapons; continued. 

Same vs. Geo. Alexander, racing; continued. 

Same vs. Pat Smith, selling liquor in anit-saloon territory; discharged. 

Same vs. Fred Brown, wife abandonment; parties living together; case dismissed. 

Same vs. Bertha Shipman, false pretenses; off docket with leave to re-instate. 

Same vs. Jack Brim, gaming; discharged. 

Same vs. Lena Henson, disorderly conduct; discharged. 

Same vs. Joe Beal, racing; continued. 

Same vs. Ray Eses, larceny; dismissed. 

Same vs. Allen W. Skinner, false pretenses; off with leave to re-instate. 

Same vs. Clyde Chapman, disorderly conduct; continued. 

Same vs. Reed Howell, larceny; continued. 

Same vs. Thos. Maynor, malicious mischief; discharged. 

Same vs. Robt. Topping, gaming; discharged. 

J. D. Norris vs. J. R. Black, appeal judgment against plaintiff for costs in J.P. court and against defendant in this court. Execution awarded. 

March 20, 1911 Mt. Vernon Register News 

Grand Jury Empaneled and A. J. Cook Made Foreman - Many Cases Continued - Some Dismissed 

The April term of circuit court convened Monday morning, with Judge W. H. Green on the bench.
The grand jury was empaneled and A. J. Cook of Opdyke, was made foreman.
Among the transactions of the first day, the following are given. 

People vs. Claude Rainey - burglary and larceny - off with leave to reinstate. 

Same vs. Sam Holloway - horse stealing - continued. 

Same vs. John A. Hill - forgery - continued. 

Rufus Willoughby vs. O. J. Hagebusch et al - case - continued by agreement. 

E. E. Ward vs. I. B. Loman - covenant - dismissed. 

Silas L. Wood vs. City of Mt. Vernon - case dismissed. This suit is where the city was defendant in a damage suit on account of a dog that had been shot by a city official, and crawled under the house occupied by Wood, where it
died. Wood alleged that he was compelled to move his family from the house and claimed damages. 

Allie Mecum vs. Mollie Killian - case - dismissed. 

Emma Dedman vs. A. J. Dedman - divorce - dismissed. 

Grace Pickett vs. B. H. Pickett - divorce and custody of children - dismissed by complainant. 

Henry L. Roberson vs. John L. Cuneo et al - quit title - Arthut T. French appointed guardian ad litem for infant defendants. 

April 10, 1911 Mt. Vernon Register News
submitted by Sharlet Bigham LaBarbera 
Oct 6, 1997 


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