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May 12, 1903


CIRCUIT COURT May 12, 1903 

Convened at 1 p.m. and Much Work Has Been Done Mt. Vernon Daily Register 

The May term of circuit court convened at 1 o'clock p.m. Monday, and a great many cases have been diposed of.

People vs. Amos Harvey, abduction of female; continued by defendant. 

People vs. Sidney Brown et al, (two cases) burglary and larceny; continued by the people. 

People vs. Ed Cameron, larceny; continued for service. 

People vs. Eliza Green, perjury; continued for service. 

People vs. James Green, perjury; continued for service. 

People vs. John Brumbaugh, larceny; continued for service. 

People vs. Sam Yearwood and Cleveland Mabry, obtaining money by means of confidence game; State's
Attorney enters noile pros. as to Mabry, and orders case off docket as to Yearwood with leave
to reinstate. So ordered. 

People vs. Lora Darnell, assault with intent to rape. W. T. Judd appointed to help with prosecuting. Con-
tinued by defendant. 

People vs. Millard Williams, mayhem; continued by the people. 

People vs. A. W. and Addie Harmon, appeal. Case dismissed. 

People vs. Frank Baldridge, rape; continued for cause. 

Same vs. Ellsworth and James Donaho,assualt with intent to commit murder; continued on motion of people 

Same vs. John C. Scrivner, prejury; continued. 

Same vs. Hardy Storment, rape;p same order 

Same vs. Philip Wilson, assualt with intent to commit murder; continued. 


Albert Shelton vs. Andrew J. Baldridge, trespass on the case; judgment as per stipulation on file 

McCormick Harv. Co. vs. Philo Snyder, attachment; dismissed and settled as per agreement on file. 

Jos. A. Estes vs. Court of Honor, assumpsit; plaintiff submits to voluntary non-suit. 

E. E. Ward vs Henry Robinson, appeal; on motion of defendent plaintiff is ordered to pay to clerk $4 docket fee. 

Edgar Bernard, use of G. W. Smith, vs. S. E. Brown, adm'r, and A.D. Webb, garnishment; continued. 

A. C. Tanner vs. City of Mt. Vernon, assumpsit; leave given to open deposition 

J. D. Norris vs. S. U. Gilbert, attachment; continued. 

P. M. Bledsoe, use Isabel Patton, vs. J. V. Maxey and R. L. Stratton, debt; continued. 


Mary Hughey vs. Hardy Hughey, divorce; continued for service. 

Wm. S. Creed et al. vs. Nannie E. Creed et al., partition; dismission by agreement at defendant's cost 

John M. Jones vs. Sarah M. Jones, divorce; answer and petition filed. 

Lenia A. Day et al. vs. E. W. Moore et al. partition; decree pro confesso of partition and dower. 

Phoebe C. Jaco vs. Jas. M Jaco, divorce; defendant makes default; divorce granted as prayed on payment of costs. 

McCormick Harv. Co. vs. C. C. Allen et al. , settled; off docket 

Malinda J. Toney vs. W. A. Toney, divorce; leave given to amend bill. 

Cathryn Lathrop vs. Jack Lathrop, divorce; due service shown; defendant makes default, proof heard, decree
denied, bill dismissed at complaint's cost. 

F. S. Wright vs. M. N. Wright, divorce; continued. 

Adaline Summers vs. Randall Summers, divorce; dismissed at complaint's cost. 

Arthur Evans et al., ex parte application for partition; continued. 

Theo. Lyons vs. Helen Bruce, bill to assign dower, dismissed. 

W. A. Smith etal, ex parte application for partition; prayer granted. 

Jennie S. Carpenter, et al., the same. 

Gertrude A. Crowder et al vs. Stephen Adams et al., partion; answer of Lillie E. Riggs filed. W. T. Pace ap-
pointed guardian for minor defendants who file their answer. 

Wm. H. Gardner vs. Ann Gardner, divorce. Divorce granted. 

Rosa Faulkner vs. Wm. Faulkner, divorce. Divorce granted. 

Nancy A. Garrod vs. G. O. Garrod divorce. Divorce granted. Maiden change of name as prayed. 

W. T. Willis vs. W. E. Manley and Chas. Roach, foreclosure; dismissed at complainant's cost 

Submitted by Sharlet Bigham LaBarbera 
Oct 6, 1997 

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