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List of Delinquents and errors presented to County Court for 1851 - Box 1
(I am sure I didn't get some of these right as they are hard to read.)
Submitted By: Mary Zinzilieta

ROBINSON, James A. - Washington Co., IL
BENNETT, W. W. -  (Line drawn through.)
MUNROE, James - Runaway
STEPHENSON, Delila - No Property
BLACK, James - McLeansboro
JOHNSON, Geo. W. - Kentucky
MAYHALE, Henry - Hamilton Co., IL
VANOVER, Wm. - Kentucky
ROARK, Isaac - Gallatin Co.
WIMBERLY, Geo. W. - Missouri
ALLEN, Wm. (Heirs) - 
BOSTICK, John W. - Insolvent
HILLHOUSE, William L. - Wayne Co.
BAILEY or DAILEY, Joseph - Wayne Co.
HAWKINS, Jesse - Oregon
HAWKINS, Benjamin Jr. - Oregon
PHELPS, Joel - Not found in county.
MASTICKS, John - (Line drawn through.)
GATES, Wm. (Line drawn through and say all out but Michael.) -
WOOD, Vanda - Wayne Co.
SLEDGE, ZEB - Wayne Co.
McLANE, Rebecca - Insolvent
CORNSTUBBLE, Uriah - Wayne Co.
HOLADAY, Levi - Wayne Co.
CULLUP, Matilda - Wayne Co.
WEBBER, SARAH - Wayne Co. (Line drawn through.)
BRUCE, A. W. - Wayne Co.
BYERS, Nancy - Wayne Co.
BLAKE, A. T. - Wayne Co.
WINGO, Nett___ - 
WINGO, Rowland -
ESTES, A. J. - Error
CAULEY, G. D. - Calafornia
SLULLON, John Y. - Wayne Co.
LAIRD, Wm. - Runaway
MAGILL, Alfred - Hamilton (Line drawn through.)
CAPER, John - Madison Co. (Line drawn through.)
REYNOLDS, James - Missouri
BELT, G. H. - Hamilton Co.
GILBERT, Jno. - Missouri
CONELY, A. - Gone
NANDLE, Monroe - 
CUMMINS, Jacob - Green Co.
CUMMINS, Hezekiah - Green Co.
CUMMINS, Alexander - Green Co.
BRADFORD, Wm. - Missouri
WILBANKS, James - Franklin Co.
BRAYFIELD, Sam'l - Franklin Co.
MOSS, W. H. - North
BOWMAN, James H. - Calafornia
BELLSNORD, I. - Missouri
CLEMONS, James - Missouri
MATTERSON, Mary - Died and property gone.
HERRING, Ransom - Washington Co.
AMES, G. W. - Calafornia
LACY, Elijah - Gone preaching.
MARGRAVE, Wm. - Gone
MARGRAVE, Celia - Gone with him.
CREEL, Farris M. - Washington Co.
PATE, Wm. - Washington Co. (Line drawn through.)
SLERONCE, John - Perry C0. (Line drawn through.)
CASEY, Thos. - Missouri
LANHAN, Pleasant - Gone to Missouri.
DAVIS, Jno. - Marion
MORRIS, D. D. - North
REDMAN, Thos. - North
McDONALD, Henry C. - North
LAURENCE, Benjamin - Moved off.
CALDWELL, Joseph - Error
EDWARDS, Grant - Vacant
TAYLOR, Billington - Vacant
DEPRIEST, Green - Listed twice.
BUTLER, SHADRAC - Error in calculation.
GATES, Wm. - Wayne Co.
GASTIN, Sam'l - Wayne Co.
BLANKENSHIP, Rachel - Gone
GATES, Valentine - Wayne Co.
MATTHEWSON, Mary - Dead and no property.
DIAL, Charles - Morgan
SCRIVNER, F. - Wayne Co.
VICKORY, Levi - Wayne?
CROSS, Wm. - Don't know him.


June 8, 1852


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