Jefferson County

The Appellate Court House

The Appellate Court House

The Supreme Court records, Illinois Reports, Vol. 27, page 64, shows that 
on November 18 and 19, 1859, Abraham Lincoln appeared in the Southern Division 
of the Supreme Court at Mt. Vernon as the attorney for the Illinois Central Railroad 
Company in the case of The State of Illinois vs. Illinois Central R.R. Company. The 
case was heard on Friday and Saturday during which time Lincoln remained in Mt. Vernon. 
Pictures on this page and the following information has been submitted 
By: Allen Moore

In mid 60s I lived in Mt. Vernon and attended Lincoln Elementary. My best 
friend was the son of the County Clerk. They lived in the Appellate Courthouse 
and my friend's room was the same room that Lincoln stayed in... in fact, the 
bed he used was supposedly the same bed that Lincoln slept in. That memory inspired 
a poem which I wrote many years ago.    

Lincoln's Bed I once slept In Lincoln's bed His pillow lay 'Neath my head His lanky figure Roamed the halls His portrait proudly Graced the walls The courthouse rang His stately word A giant man The nation heard Where would we be For naught this man Of firmest spirit And gentle hand Yes, I once slept In Lincoln's bed The very place He laid his head.

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