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West Long Prairie Christian Church

Submitted By: West Long Prairie Church The land the West Long Prairie Church is on was donated by George Rightnowar, in the 1800's. The first building of the Long Prairie Church was completely destroyed by fire on the evening of July 1, 1930. The building and it's contents were insured for $800.00 which was paid and used to rebuild another church building. Thursday August 28, 1930 approximatley one hundred people of the community met under "The Old Oak Tree" of the church yard and voted to rebuild the church. Three trustees were elected namely: Adam Rutherford, Opal Elliston and A.D. Rightnowar. After which a building Committee, consisiting of Orlie Rutherford, Ed Schmidt and Harve Wells was named. The new church was finished in the spring of 1932. The new building has a basement, some of the mean of the community would take a wagon load of barrels to the creek to fill with water to mix the concrete for the basement, a lot different than today's cement truck bring a load to the site and dumping it. Membership in the spring of 1932 was 28, with 2 elders and 3 deacons. Membership grew to 68 the first year. Revivials were held yearly, with steady growth, with a part time minister. There have been several building programs. The first being 14x40 classrooms in 1962. Remodel and extended auditorium a short time later, built an addition to house the baptistery about 1970. Built a new auditorium in 1997. Membership now is around 125 with an average attendance 75 to 80. We have 3 elders, 5 deacons, 2 trustees, a full time minister, and a youth minister, in 2006

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