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Victory Christain Center Pastor: Bob Meyer Submitted By: Victory Christian Center
Brief History
	Victory Christian Center was born in the heart of Mrs. Betty Fredrick. After the death of 
her husband in 1975, while visiting Mt. Vernon, she felt the Lord wanted her to start a work 
ministering to people spirit, soul and body and to build unity in the body of Christ. She began
having fellowship meetings at 1719 Broadway and named the ministry The House of Refuge.

	Those early meetings were mainly oriented toward worshipping God, getting people reconciled 
to God, and to teach them how to live a victorious, Christian life.  Whatever the need was, those 
at The House of Refuge would apply the Word of God the best they knew how to set people free. 
Early on, there was extensive fellowship with other churches and ministries. At that time the 
direction was that The House would be placed of camaraderie. In the following years, responsibility 
and leadership changed - but the vision remained the same.

	The church began with one building and a small cottage. Through the years the original building 
has been remodeled to accommadate more people. In addition, we began acquiring various pieces of 
property on the block. We now own thirteen pieces of property.

	In 1983, The House of Refuge began with approxiamtely fourteen people. By 2002, we had about 
175 in attendance. Currently, we have about 150 in attendance.

	Victory Christian Academy opened in the fall of 1988 with six students ranging from first 
through fifth grades in one room. Since then V.C.A. has steadily grown to include kindergarten 
through twelfth grade including additional programs and services. Our vision continues to expand 
as we make plans for new facilities that will allow us to increase our student body.

	In order to properly cover all outreach ministries contained in the Statement of Purpose, 
The House of Refuge was re-chartered in November 1988. 
The name was changed to Victory Christian Center. The vision and outreach is the same today: to 
minister to people in all walks of life and to build unity in the body of Christ. Emphasis is 
placed on worshipping God, soul winning, discipling, and building unity in the body of Christ.

	The very foundation for this work has been laid, kept stable, and will remain steadfast 
through the prayers of those who gave themselves to the Lord and this ministry.
Pastor: Bob Meyer

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