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The building is located on the southeast corner of South Hickory Hill cemetery.  
In the late 1800's the church was called Wolf Prairie Christian Church, before 
they moved to the current site, and changing their name to South Hickory Hill 
Christian Church in 1891.  
When it was Wolf Prairie Church, there was two other churches who met in the same building.  
Every third Sunday, each church would have their service. There were other times when all 
three churches would meet on the same Sunday, but have services at different times on Sunday.  
The new auditorium was erected in 1995, along with two classrooms, a foyer, two bathrooms and 
a nursery, with a bathroom connected to the nursery. This new structure was added onto the 
traditional building. Overall, there is an auditorium that seat 120.  A fellowship hall, 
five restrooms, 5 classrooms (fellowship hall and auditorium are used as classrooms), which 
makes 7 classrooms, a kitchen, two foyers and a nursery.  
At the end of 2008, the church was running around 80 in morning attendance. Around the mid 
50's for Sunday School. And about 55-60 for Sunday night activities.  
The church's preaching minister is Nathan Boldt. The church has 6 elders. South Hickory 
Hill puts on a Vacation Bible School every summer. 

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